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The Seventh Hand

Samantha Crawford stakes Bret for $20,000 in a high-stakes game of poker against some leading businessmen. When robbers take all their money, the businessmen suspect Bret set the whole thing up and Bet sets out to recover their money... with Samantha's "help".


By Gadfly on Aug 18, 2019

At a hotel in Kansas City, a messenger tells Logan that Bret on his way down. Logan quickly leaves hides, and Bret comes down Samantha Crawford approaches Bret and greets him, and Bret says that he's considering cutting his stay short now that he knows she's there. Sam ignores him and asks him to take her out to dinner, claiming that she likes him. Bret agrees to dinner at 7 that night and Sam leaves. That night at dinner, Bret says that he knows Sam didn't run into him by "accident". She adm…

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