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The Seventh Hand Recap

At a hotel in Kansas City, a messenger tells Logan that Bret on his way down. Logan quickly leaves hides, and Bret comes down Samantha Crawford approaches Bret and greets him, and Bret says that he's considering cutting his stay short now that he knows she's there. Sam ignores him and asks him to take her out to dinner, claiming that she likes him. Bret agrees to dinner at 7 that night and Sam leaves.

That night at dinner, Bret says that he knows Sam didn't run into him by "accident". She admits that she's been looking for him and shows him $20,000 in her purse. Sam gives him a list of names and Bret recognizes them as high-stakes poker players. She explains that she's staking Bret to play in a poker game against them. Bret asks where she got the $20,000, and Sam finally says that she came by it honesty. She offers Bret a 50/50 share and tells him that he's going to claim that he's the world's greatest poker player and they'll come to prove him wrong. Bret reluctantly agrees, figuring that she's the only one who can lose. Sam says that she sent the telegrams inviting the men before dinner.

Later, Sam lays out the poker table in the motel room. Logan arrives and asks if everything is going to be all right, and Sam assures him that it will. She warns that he could ruin everything, and asks if Logan wants to back out. Logan assures her that he doesn't and tells her that he's going to be watching her. Bret comes in a minute later and asks her if she'd told him everything. Sam claims that she has and gives him the $20,000. He warns her that they're all equally skilled which means it's a game of luck, and that they could be broke in an hour.

Two men, Pritchard and Welles, come into the hotel. They see Logan and he sees them, and they come over and introduce themselves. They sit down and ask if it's ready. Logan says that it has to be done a little later, and tells them that he's got somebody else watching them. Pritchard agrees and Logan tells them that it should be starting anytime now.

In the hotel room, Bret plays against the other men while Sam serves drinks and counts the money. Pritchard and Wells put on masks and kick in the door, guns drawn. They take the players' wallets and then grab the poker money that Sam is holding. Bret glares suspiciously at Sam, and the two men leave. One player, Tabor asks Bret if they're friends of him. Bret grabs his gun and goes out in the hall, but the robbers are gone. When he returns, the other players accuse him of arranging the whole thing. The players say that they don't want word to get out, but tell Bret to stay out of their territories and warn he'll have a hard time finding a game.

Once the players leave, Bret asks Sam who else knew about the game. Sam denies it and says that Logan gave her the money and had her set up the game because he knew Bret wouldn't take it from him. She gives Bret Logan's room and they head there. Bret draws his gun and goes in, but there's no sign of Logan. He tells Sam to take him to Logan, and Sam says that she has no idea where he is. She explains that Logan offered her 10% of the profit, and gives Bret a description. Sam swears she knew nothing about the holdup, and figures that it was Logan's idea. Bret figures that Logan will probably take the train, locks Sam in the room, and leaves. Once she's alone, Sam smiles.

Bret confirms with the clerk that Logan checked out 20 minutes ago and there's a train leaving as they talk. Going back to Logan's room, Bret discovers the door open and the lock picked. There's an envelope from Sam with a hairpin inside.

The next morning, Logan, Pritchard, and Wells get off the train at the next stop. Bret arrives a few minutes later and boards the train, and asks the conductor if he's seen Sam. The train stops to stock up on wood, and Bret spots Sam boarding covertly boarding the train. Bret huddles down so she doesn't see him, and she takes a seat next to him. He greets her and figures that she took the train because she wouldn't do the obvious. Bret realized that she would look for Logan, and Sam admits that he's right. Bret says that Logan, Pritchard, and Wells took a train west, and points out that Sam could be joining Logan for her cut. He insists on keeping Sam with him, even though the train is moving.

The train continues to Logan's home in Wyoming, and Bret and Sam get off at the station. They go to the saloon and Bret sits Sam down at a table while he asks questions. The bartender directs him over to Anita, and he invites her to join them. She reluctantly does so despite Sam's presence, and Bret claims that Sam is his sister. Bret questions Anita about Logan, who worked there, and says that he was engaged to Sam and left her waiting at a church. Sam reluctantly plays along, and Anita admits that Logan did the same thing to her that he did to Sam. Logan borrowed money from her, and then left and said he was coming back with more. He had $20,000 and lived in a room out bank so he wouldn't have to pay rent, and pinched pennies to save the $20,000. Logan came back two days ago and told Anita that he didn't have any money. He said he had $100,000 and he was going after the two men who stole it from him. Sam claims that Logan is the only man she'll ever love, and Anita tells them that he went to Deadwood and then coming back for her.

Outside, Sam tells Bret that she's through. Bret insists that they're going after Logan together. He admits that he's starting to believe her story, and Sam admits that she's wondered what it would be like being married to Bret. The couple take a stage to Deadwood.

Logan rides into Deadwood before them and asks the hotel clerk if he's seen Pritchard and Wells. The clerk says that they're not there and shows him the ledger, and Logan gives him a description of the men. When the clerk identifies them and tells Logan what room they're in, Logan takes a room next to them. Once Logan goes upstairs, the clerk quickly leaves.

Logan breaks into the robbers' room, gun drawn, and finds a man he's never seen. The man, Sloan, asks what he wants, and Logan says that he's looking for a couple of friends. The clerk arrives with the sheriff, who takes Logan's question and explains that one of them is dead. Logan insists that he didn't kill anyone and the sheriff explains that Pritchard killed Wells. He tells Logan to get out of town in an hour, and Logan confirms that Pritchard is still loose but headed into Sioux territory. The sheriff figures the Sioux will save the town the price of a hanging.

Logan sits down and Sloan asks if he wants to catch Pritchard. Sloan says that he knows the territory and demands $500. When Logan tries to dicker, Sloan asks for $1,000 and Logan agrees.

Later, the clerk tells Bret and Sam where Logan and Sloan were heading. They ride out on the trail after the two men, and catch up to them at their camp. Bret trains his gun on them and says that they're going to have to trust each other, and holds his coffee and pours some coffee.

The next day, the quartet rides after Pritchard. They come to a Sioux camp and Bret confirms that the Indians have captured Pritchard and have him in one of the teepees. Logan wants to get Pritchard, but Bret says that they should wait until nightfall. Bret settles down to get some sleep, and Sam comes over and asks him if he really saw Pritchard. He assures her that he wouldn't try to outsmart her, and smiles at her once she dozes off.

That night, Logan slips into the camp first, and then Sloan. Sam suggests to Bret that they call it off, but Bret figures she isn't afraid of anything and goes down with the others. They cut their way into the teepee where Pritchard is prisoner, and Logan accuses Pritchard of double-crossing him. Bret puts Logan on guard duty and asks Pritchard where the money is. Pritchard claims that he lost it, but Logan doesn't believe him. Bret warns Pritchard that they'll leave him if he doesn't tell them where the money is. An Indian comes in and Bret knocks him out, and then tells Pritchard that the rest will come. Pritchard says that he buried the money and will take them to it, and Bret cuts him free.

As they go, Bret gets an idea and cuts his way out to the side. He comes up behind Logan and draws his gun on the man, who is preparing to pistol-whip him. Bret tells them to head back.

Later, Bret is playing poker with the five businessmen again while Sam serves drinks. The businessmen apologize to Bret for their suspicions and glances over at Logan, who is watching them. Sam glances at Bret's hand and smiles.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 18, 2019

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