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After ignoring the advice of locals, Joel and Ellie descend deeper into dangerous territory in search of the Fireflies – and Tommy.

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Episode Discussion

TheFringe posted a year ago

Where did the horses appear from, for Joel and Ellie to ride on after being confronted?  Magically?  Beside that point it should be well known, by anyone in medicine, that if you are impaled by something you do not pull it out immediately.

bebop-cola posted a year ago

The university part was rushed compared to the game. Severe lack of violence in the show but I do still enjoy it.

LeonKennedy posted a year ago

Quite shocked to see Joel's soft side. Loved every bit of it.

Somi posted a year ago

Joel has become attached to Ellie and he's having panic attacks because he can't fathom losing her like he lost his daughter Sarah. He is constantly having memories of his daughter and briefly thought he saw her in a young woman who resembles his daughters hair texture.

 My favorite quotes from this episode are the following:

"Why are you still here, if your gonna ditch me...ditch me."

"Everybody I've cared for has either died or left me, except you."

"You gonna shoot this thing or you gonna get it pregnant."

"Be careful who you put your faith in...the only people who can betray us are the one's we trust."

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