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Pilot, Part 2

The team goes after Savage's operation in Norway in 1975, but the mission goes bad when Savage detonates the nuclear warhead he is trying to sell. Atom loses a piece of his suit's technology, and Martin contacts his younger self in 1975 in the hopes of finding it. Meanwhile, Carter and Kendra learn of a dagger that can kill Savage for good, but Kendra has to recall her first life in order to use it.

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By Gadfly on Jan 29, 2016

Waverider arrives in Norway, and Gideon brings them in to land. The team confirms that they're still in 1975, and Rip goes through Aldus' notebook. Kendra suggests that they go back in time and save Aldus, and Rip warns that they can't go back and change events that they were involved with. Gideon confirms that there is a large terrorist meeting looking to buy illegal arms. The team figures that Len and Mick can earn their keep, and Rip directs them to the fabrication room to get suitable clothi…

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Episode Discussion

deadhead posted 8 years ago

It's an okay show. gonna have to watch more to get a better judgment of it

JuanArango posted 8 years ago

The show kicks some serious ass :)

LucasScianca posted 8 years ago

Sooo much better than Part 1. Great to see where this series is headed.

Sandrosaurus posted 8 years ago

I like 'squad' but 'justice' isn't fitting what about 'The Legend Squad'?

JAGUARDOG posted 8 years ago

I have been thinking about this subject for awhile now and I have decided that this group of good guys needs a team name. In the vein of DC's groups the Justice Society & the Justice League I hereby dub this group the Justice Squad. On the Arrow his little group of good guys I dub the Arrow Squad. Any objections to my 2 team group names please lodge them now or forever hold your Peace, Justice & the American Way!

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