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Blood Ties

With Waverider undergoing repairs in 1975, Sara and Rip set out to check the bank where Vandal keeps his money. Meanwhile, Ray and Martin try to save Kendra's life, and Len, Mick, and Jax take a trip to Central City.

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By Gadfly on Feb 9, 2016

Ancient Egypt A robed assassin attacks Vandal in his chamber. He fails and pulls back his hood, and Rip says that he's there to kill him. Leipzig: 1975 Waverider lands and Gideon reports that it is Vandal's current location. She summons Rip to the medbay and Martin accompanies him there. Kendra is going into convulsions and calling for Carter. Ray comes in as the medbay sedates Kendra, and Martin figures that she's getting worse. After running a medical analysis, Rip tells the team t…

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Episode Discussion

pentar posted 4 years ago

So the receptionist is pointing her Beretta right at Sara and still lets her throw her knife? Sigh....

johncymru posted 4 years ago

@jaguardog, yes, I used my first shortly after leaving college in the early 70s which I accessed remotely using a teletype keyboard attached to a mainframe via a 75 baud modem. For mainframe and mini computers for military, scientific/research and commercial use had been around since the 50s. The first build it yourself 8 bit micros, e.g. the Apple I, came out in the mid 70s with the Apple II out in 1977. But what you saw in the episode, e.g. the one in the bank, looked, or at least was meant to look like, more of a dumb terminal attached to a mini or a mainframe, which did all the actual work, rather than your standalone IBM type PC which came out around 1981.

Gadfly posted 4 years ago

Yep, they had computers in the 1970s. I used a few myself.

JAGUARDOG posted 4 years ago

Did they really have computers in the 1970's?

JAGUARDOG posted 4 years ago

Yes The Legend Squad is a better name then I tried to use of "The Justice Squad" but maybe it should have an s in it "The Legends Squad" instead?

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