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White Knights

The team gets a lead on Vandal in 1986, and travels to Russia to discover what he's trying to create. While Len and Ray try to get close to the lead scientist, Rip entertains an offer from the Time Masters Council.

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By Gadfly on Feb 11, 2016

Waverider arrives above Washington, DC in 1986, and Gideon immediately cloaks the ship. The AI explains that it has a new lead on Vandal's location, thanks to an intercepted telefax. It's heavily redacted so the team has come to 1986 to steal the original file. They fly to the Pentagon and Rip has the ship's Fabricator create the necessary disguises and credentials. Roy and Len go in posing as janitors, and Rip directs Sara and Kendra--posing as military officers--to the secure records room w…

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Episode Discussion

JAGUARDOG posted 6 years ago

Yes I agree with both points Captain Cold is awesome and he was also awesome in the old FOX series Prison Break that is coming back again, hooray! The rating I agree is way too low, what dorks didn't care for this episode anyways, stop watching already?

JuanArango posted 6 years ago

Yes, Captain Cold is really fun to watch :)

Sandrosaurus posted 6 years ago

This episode was fantastic, don't get the rating at all. This deserves to be around 8,5 or more. Captain Cold makes this show. Poor Atom such a dork.

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