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Offerings of Blood

The battle-weary King Saul struggles to defend his Kingdom from one of Israel's ancient enemies, the Philistines, by marrying off his daughter, Merav, to Mattiyahu of Judah. All are hopeful this strategic marriage will unify the twelve Israelite tribes. In the midst of the wedding preparations, the prophet Samuel beckons Saul and relays a message from God that he must destroy the Amalekites, another of Israel's ancient enemies. Saul dares to challenge the Prophet Samuel, setting in motion a series of calamities that will threaten his rule of the kingdom. Meanwhile, the shepherd, David, is determined to settle his family's debts. He travels to the King's palace in Gibeah with his cousin Yoab and makes the bold proposition that he can kill the lion hunting his flock. Queen Ahinoam scoffs at David, but daughter Michal thinks he just might accomplish this dangerous feat,

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Episode Discussion

pentar posted 6 years ago

What was ABC thinking? We have become a nation that enjoys shows like Big Brother or the Bachelor, or mindless cop shows like NCIS. Who is going to spend the time to learn all these characters with the strange names, that all look similar in appearance, set in a time period thousands of years ago?

Ratings for the premiere episode were terrible, I predict 3 episodes then the axe falls.

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