Unable to reveal the truth without admitting to Chloe that he lied, Lucifer asks Amenadiel to help him recover his stolen wings. Meanwhile, Chloe and Dan try to determine what really happened in the Palmetto case.


By Gadfly on Mar 8, 2016

At Lux, Maze is watching a stripper and a man, Sergei Bok, watches Maze from across the crowd. Maze finally looks at Sergei and goes upstairs to the office. Sergei follows her in and finds Maze in the hot tub. She invites him in and he joins her. Sergei starts to kiss her, and Maze directs him below the water. She holds him under for a few seconds until he starts to drown, and then pulls him up. Lucifer comes in and greets him by name, and demands to know his wings. When Sergei insists that he d…

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