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Wingman Recap

At Lux, Maze is watching a stripper and a man, Sergei Bok, watches Maze from across the crowd. Maze finally looks at Sergei and goes upstairs to the office. Sergei follows her in and finds Maze in the hot tub. She invites him in and he joins her. Sergei starts to kiss her, and Maze directs him below the water. She holds him under for a few seconds until he starts to drown, and then pulls him up. Lucifer comes in and greets him by name, and demands to know his wings. When Sergei insists that he doesn't know anything about them, Maze holds him under again. When she brings him up, Lucifer repeats his question. Sergei swears that he doesn't have them, and Lucifer suggests that perhaps they're going about it wrong. He figures that they need the help of a professional and reminds Maze to pull Sergei back up.

The next day at the station, Chloe finds Dan as the other officers glare at her. He says that Malcolm's wife decided to pull the plug on him, and points out that Chloe is still investigating Malcolm for corruption. Dan advises his ex to stay away from the station because the police holding a living wake for Malcolm. He advises Chloe to close the investigation, warnings that the investigation could cost Malcolm his benefits. Chloe refuses to drop it, and Dan tells her to do something in the next 24 hours or let Malcolm's family move on.

At home, Chloe goes over the evidence from the Palmetto shooting. Lucifer comes in and asks for her help. She tries to usher him out, but Lucifer realizes that she's upset. Chloe finally tells him that they want her to drop the Palmetto case. Lucifer tells her to do it anyway and then says that he has a case he needs her advice with. He asks what she does when she gets stuck, and Chloe says that she gets someone to look at the case who will tell her the truth. She offers to help Lucifer... and discovers that he's gone.

Lucifer goes to the beach and meets with Amenadiel. The Devil points out that they landed five years ago on the beach when he abandoned Hell, and had Maze sever his wings. He explains that his wings have been stolen and he needs the angel's help getting them back. Amenadiel points out that he's had to patrol Hell since Lucifer quit, and the wings are too powerful for humanity. The angel wonders why Lucifer held onto the wings if he hated them, and suggests that Lucifer kept them because he regretted his decision to abandon Hell. Lucifer insists that he just wants his property back, and Amenadiel tells him to fix his own mess for once.

Back at Chloe's home, Lucifer suggests that they help each other. She demands to know what the case is about, and Lucifer admits that the stolen container held something else personal. He finally says that his angel wings were in there, and Chloe doesn't believe him. She finally realizes that he's serious, but agrees to help him if it's important to him. Chloe then says that they can use Lucifer's help on the Palmetto case, and Dan comes in. Lucifer is less than thrilled.

The trio goes to the warehouse on Palmetto, and Chloe reenacts the shooting. She explains that her and Malcolm were following Nikolas Aoudi, a French drug trafficker. Chloe arrested one of Nikolas' guys, and Nikolas finally agreed to talk to Malcom. She snuck in and watched Malcolm meet with Nikolas and his bodyguard. It looked like they were making deal, and Malcolm was holding cash. Chloe accidentally made a sound and Malcolm heard her, but didn't say anything. Then people started shooting and when she looked out, Nikolas and his man were dead and Malcolm was bleeding out.

Dan assures Chloe that there was nothing she could do. Lucifer says that Nikolas would have had no reason to kill Malcolm, and Chloe wonders if someone else was there. Dan points out that the police found no one, and suggests that she might be wrong. He gets a call and tells Chloe that the station got a hit on her APB for angel wings.

Chloe and Lucifer meet with FBI Agent Pitts, who has learned that the wings are being pawned off at a black-market antiquities auction. It's being held under the veil of a charity event at Crimson Hall. The FBI is going to raid the auction that night, and Pitt insists that they have jurisdiction. If Lucifer can prove the wings' provenance then he should have no trouble getting the wings back in 30 days.

That night, a tux-wearing Lucifer drives to Crimson Hall and senses Amenadiel inside. The angel steps out and admits that he's following Lucifer to make sure that he doesn't screw it up. Amenadiel says that the wings belong in the Heavens where they were created if Lucifer doesn't want them, and Lucifer agrees. As they go in, Lucifer explains about the FBI wings and tells Amenadiel that he has to get over his ego.

Lucifer and Amenadiel approach the bodyguard and Lucifer tries to bribe the man. The guard refuses, and Lucifer holds up his devil's coin to the camera. The people inside call the guard over his earbud and tells him to usher them inside.

Dan convinces Chloe to go to the hospital. Malcolm's wife Melanie and his son are sitting with their father, and Melanie glances over and sees them. She comes out and insists that Chloe has no right to be there. Chloe offers her condolences and Melanie tells her to go.

The auctioneer, Carmen, has his man Klause examine the devil's coin and confirms that it's authentic. Carmen insists that he respects his clients' beliefs but doesn't share in them. Amenadiel takes offense, and Lucifer tells Carmen that the coin isn't for sale. He admits that he used it to gain access to Carmen, and demands his wings. Carmen says that isn't how it works, and his men go for their guns. Amenadiel dares Carmen to shoot despite Lucifer's warning, and Lucifer sits Amenadiel down. He then tells Carmen that he's more than happy to buy the wings with cash. Carmen agrees to let him bid and dismisses him.

Outside in the auction hall, Amenadiel and Lucifer check the items and Amenadiel wonders why Lucifer is scared of guns. Lucifer explains that he bled, and Amenadiel figures that all he has to wait until some human thug ends Lucifer and then he'll go back to Hell.

Carmen comes out and welcomes everyone, and then starts the bidding on the Chains of St. Paul. Lucifer announces that the Chains are fakes, but everyone shushes him. Chloe comes over and warns Lucifer that the FBI will raid the place in five minutes. Lucifer introduces her to Amenadiel, and she's taken back by his good looks. Amenadiel turns on the charm, and Lucifer quickly interrupts them.

Next, Carmen brings out Lucifer's wings and everyone stares in awe. The FBI breaks in and Carmen ducks backstage. Chloe goes after him, while Lucifer asks Amenadiel for some help. Amenadiel slows down time and Lucifer goes to the wings... and realizes that they're fake.

Chloe find the secret door that Carmen ducked through. She then goes back to Lucifer, who explains that the wings are fake. He figures that there's a connection between the wings' theft and Carmen putting them up for bid a week later. Chloe wants to go back to Palmetto, but an irritated Lucifer says that he's done with it while his wings are still out there. Angry, Chloe points out that he isn't fulfilling his end of the deal and walks off. Amenadiel comes over and asks Lucifer what their next work, and Lucifer says that what he has to do next is the Devil's work.

Back at the Palmetto warehouse, Chloe takes Dan in and says that she's been reconsidering the case. No one could have shot Malcolm and escaped without her seeing them, so someone must have left through a secret door. As they talk, they step on a hidden trapdoor. Dan pries it open and finds stairs leading down. They go down and find a tunnel that leads up to the street. There's a LAPD-issued 999 key on the floor, and Chloe points out that Malcolm had his on him... which means another cop shot him. Dan says that they both need to figure it out.

Carmen is relaxing in his home when the doorbell rings. He finds Lucifer at his door, and Lucifer barges in. Carmen says that Lucifer doesn't understand, but Lucifer figures that when Carmen saw the wings, he finally believed and couldn't part with real divinity. The wings are mounted in a case, and Carmen says that someone tipped him off. He begs Lucifer not to take them away, saying that he can't live without them. Lucifer's eyes turn red and he says that the wings are his. He demands to know who tipped Carmen off.

Later, Lucifer is sitting on the beach on top of his wings. Amenadiel arrives and says that it's his duty to return the wings where they belong. He asks Lucifer if a part of him longs to go back to where he belongs. Lucifer tosses his cigarette on the wings and sets them afire. Amenadiel runs to them, and Lucifer says that he knows that Amenadiel tipped off Carmen. The angel insists that he had no choice, and Lucifer admits that his plan almost worked. Amenadiel wonders why he destroyed the wings, and Lucifer admits that he did leave himself an out. However, he says that he doesn't need them because he's never going back to Hell. Furious, Amenadiel attacks him and Lucifer tells him to keep hitting him and fall like he did. The angel stops and backs away, and warns that it's far from over. He promises that he'll do whatever it takes to get Lucifer back to Hell, and walks away.

At the living wake, Anthony talks about his partner Malcolm. He sees Chloe and Dan in the back, and reminds her that she's not welcome. Chloe asks to say a few things about Malcolm, and says that Malcolm was a hero who got shot doing what they all do. She promises that she won't let his life or death go in vain. Chloe apologizes for any pain that she's caused Malcolm's family, and says that she's closing the case against Malcolm. She offers a toast to a good cop, and Dan joins in. After a moment, Anthony and the others do as well. Dan talks to Chloe privately, and Chloe says that it's best if the dirty cop doesn't know that they're looking.

Lucifer is playing the piano at Lux when Maze comes over and says that she cleaned up his mess on the beach. He says that Earth is where he has to be now, and Maze says that she's with him from now until the end. Lucifer agrees and takes a drink, and Maze tells him to get some ice for his bruises. Once she leaves, Chloe comes in and asks what happened to his face. Lucifer says that he had a fight with his brother, and Chloe says that she doesn't like how they left it at the auction. Lucifer avoids apologizing, and Chloe explains that she can't understand how much the wings to mean to him. However, it's enough being friends to know that they did mean something. Lucifer dismisses the wings as old news, a relic worth just as much as someone wanted to pay for them. He doesn't know what changed, and asks how the Palmetto investigation went. Chloe says that she found something without providing more detail, and Lucifer offers a toast to their enigmatic futures.

On the balcony above, Maze considers a single angel's feather in a gold case. She put sit back after a moment, closes the case, and walks away.

At the hospital, Melanie has the doctors turn off Malcolm's life support. He flat lines... and then comes back to life. At the room's window, Amenadiel watches for a moment and then walks away.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 8, 2016

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