The Runaway Dinosaur

While Barry is trapped in the Speed Force, his friends desperately try to bring him home... only to discover that he may not want to leave. Meanwhile, the particle experiment reanimates one of the team's old foes, who is obsessed with finding Iris.


By Gadfly on May 11, 2016

The team takes in the fact that Barry is gone. Harry apologizes for miscalculating, but Cisco insists that Barry is out there somewhere. They call for Jesse and Wally but get no answer, and find them unconscious in the hallway. Wally wakes up while Harry confirms that Jesse's heart has stopped. He yells at his daughter to wake up, and she gasps for breath. Joe goes to get Henry, and Iris tells Wally that Barry is gone. In the breach room, Joe tries to get Henry's attention but he's staring of…

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Episode Discussion

Gozmic posted 3 years ago

Not the best episode , but it had to be done so Barry had a chance to understand his powers.

SilverSurfer posted 3 years ago

Mommy died, I miss her. BooHoo! Sack-up, put on the big boy pants and get on with it ... be The Flash, stop making stupid decisions or walk away and go back to being a faceless CSI.

akitikkx posted 3 years ago

**May contain spoilers**
It was evident that there was new direction in this episode as Kevin Smith took the helm. The episode definitely took a emotional route and slowed down to focus on Barry and help him realize the truth behind his powers. The tone continued from the "Back to Normal" tone and in a way took too long to get to Barry doing what he had to do and realize what he had to realize in order to return back as The Flash. The acting from the supporting cast seemed a bit weird - the awkward humor between Wells and Cisco ("Plan H") didn't help the "unnatural-like" Team Flash. Things did take a positive turn when Barry finally showed up and the episode became as we know it. There definitely is a delay to get to the final duel between Barry and Zolomon as the viewer is being given a "it all comes down to this" build up. Well they have us hooked and wishing its the finale already, at least in my view. The episode "The Runaway Dinosaur" was sadly a 7/10.

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