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As Reese and Shaw race to catch up with Finch, he infiltrates a maximum-security government facility in a desperate mission which could mean the end for not only Samaritan, but for himself and The Machine as well.

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By Gadfly on Jun 15, 2016

The Machine asks Finch how they got to where they are, and points out that he's commandeered the world's most lethal computer virus. It asks if he's considered all the ramifications of what he's going to do, and Finch insists that it's the only way to stop Samaritan. The Machine says that his friends have always been aware of the risk, but it started with Finch when he created the Machine. The AIS wonders if he's considered what would have happened if he hadn't created it, and says that the worl…

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HaraldFauland posted 6 years ago

The best episode this season!

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