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As Finch's virus spreads, destroying both Samaritan and the Machine, Samaritan makes one last desperate attempt to preserve itself and the team undertakes one last mission to stop it... and not everyone will survive.


By Gadfly on Jun 22, 2016

Financial markets plunge after the computer virus proliferates, spreading across the world. The Machine continues to lose operating capacity. Finch goes out on a rooftop and looks at the sky. When he hears something behind him, he turns, gun in hand, but no one is there. The Machine says that it's there but its mind is beginning to slip, and it wonders if it's actually talking to Finch or it's one of its memories. Finch says that as far as he can tell, it is reality. The Machine says that…

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Episode Discussion

kanza posted 2 years ago

Aahh sad that it ended , even after this last episode i think there was like half a season worth of material left.

jerry1970 posted 2 years ago

Sad that it's the end but it was a great ending. Glad the series got a more serial story after S02, that's when it became really good.

JuanArango posted 2 years ago

A very satisfying ending to a great show :) @pentar what did you call ? :)

JCuervo_a posted 2 years ago

A great ending to a great series!. Congratulations to the creators, producers, actors and everyone who was involved in this brilliant show.
I hope they make a spin off about Shaw... C'mon Netflix!, make it happen.

PS: Fuck you CBS.

Akturk posted 2 years ago

Finished :( i'm sad and happy same time. i'm obviously sad because its finished. i'm happy because it's not became bad series due to soo many episodes.

jleclanche posted 2 years ago

Completely agreed. I haven't been disappointed a single time by that series.

I started watching, like many initially thinking it was a run of the mill cbs crime procedural. It started slow, on a good premise, so I kept watching. What I found was a truly high quality series which respected and never talked down to its audience. The Season 1 finale was so incredibly good, I never saw it coming. But what I truly didn't expect was for the series to transition into science fiction before my eyes, in such a smooth fashion too.

Every episode better than the last. What a finale to it all. I cannot recommend it enough and even though I'm sad it ended, I'm also very glad it didn't overstay its welcome like a lot of other high quality shows have.

I can confidently say that Person of Interest has been the best TV experience I've ever had, beating even highly praised Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

Thank you, Johnathan Nolan and everyone else who worked on it. I look forward to Westworld (

teros posted 2 years ago

After the unbelievable ill treatment of the show from CBS, this is the end of one of the best shows i ve ever watched. The plot, the actors, everything was perfect.Great times we had with John, Harold, Root, Fusco, Sameen and the rest!. If a show deserves a spin off, this is the one. I really hope someone will notice that and act accordingly. Congrats to the creators!

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