Eddie R. has returned and has brought half the money that he owes his boys and Hank is having a hard time letting go of a grudge. Meanwhile, Blake Newberg is having heart palpitations and winds up in the hospital with "broken heart syndrome". Evan is trying to still get HankMed back in business with every scheme he has. A policeman John and his wife are in danger of a disease but like always the medical doctor is there to save the day. The crew at HankMed fight their own battles and each come to a interesting conclusion. Plus, Eddie R. gives the rest of the money back to Hank and Evan.


By pentar on May 21, 2016

Continuing from the last episode, Hank is patching up his father (Eddie) who is impressed at what he and Evan have accomplished. The check he gave them didn’t cover the whole amount that he took, but Evan is certain that his father will cover it. Hank is not convinced and tells his father to leave. Eddie stumbles around and Hank worries he might have a concussion. Hank and Evan insists that he stay the night. The next morning, there is no sign of Eddie and Hank finds some packages with painted m…

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