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Lovesick Recap

Continuing from the last episode, Hank is patching up his father (Eddie) who is impressed at what he and Evan have accomplished. The check he gave them didn’t cover the whole amount that he took, but Evan is certain that his father will cover it. Hank is not convinced and tells his father to leave. Eddie stumbles around and Hank worries he might have a concussion. Hank and Evan insists that he stay the night. The next morning, there is no sign of Eddie and Hank finds some packages with painted mugs and bobble heads in them. Hank knows it is Evan’s idea. Evan is excited that they are there and he says that people will want to buy them. Eddie is still nowhere to be found and Evan is certain that he will come back.

At a top client's welcome back party for their daughter, Hank meets with Jill and Ms. Newburg. Jill reveals that they are no longer seeing each other and Ms. Newburg introduces her daughter Blake to Hank. Blake meets with her new yoga instructor boyfriend James, and Blake tells him she is used to her mother trying to set her up. As Jill and Hank walk on the terrace, they see Divya and Raj together and remark how they are making their arranged engagement work. Hank finds a Hank MedHead, as Evan calls it, and tells Evan to destroy them all. Jill says that the bobble head would sell nicely at her yard sale and enlists the HankMed crew to help. James rushes up and tells Hank that Blake is in trouble. They find her lying on her side hyperventilating.

Hank examines Blake and her lungs and heart sound normal. James explains that they were doing a yoga pose and a little “extra routine” and it happened. Hank advises her to take it easy. The crew is at Jill’s yard sale and everyone is getting into the spirit. Evan buys a couple of belts from a woman named Sherrie, but his flirtatious efforts are thwarted when he discovers she is married to a big muscled police officer named John. Jill and Divya are discussing Divya's love life and Divya admits that their culture doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. Jill tells her that she needs to find out their compatibility before they are married. As they are driving away, Evan tells Hank that he can see the chemistry Hank has with Jill when a police officer pulls them over. It is the same police officer from the yard sale, John. He tells Hank to step out of the car and go to the squad car. He tells Hank that he has a rash and doesn’t want his wife Sherrie to know. They schedule a time for John to meet at Hank's office.

Blake is doing yoga when Ms. Newberg reminds her about her follow up with Hank. Hank sees that Blake has a rash on her neck and she tells him that it was probably a reaction to a pheromone cream she is using. She also tells Hank that she has been taking diet pills, sleep aides, and anti-depressant pills. Hank sets Blake on a treadmill and says that they are going to monitor her heart for 24 hours. On the way out, Hank gets a call about his father. They find him in a car and he appears either passed out or dead. Hank breaks the back window and Eddie wakes up. He says that he took an Atavan and that he was sleeping in the car because he did not want to waste another dime until he paid back Evan and Hank. They tell him he can stay one more night at their house.

John arrives for his appointment to get his rash examined. Hank gets a call from Jill and it turns out that Sherrie also has a rash, and in the same area. Meanwhile while jogging, Divya wants to talk to Raj about their “compatibility” and Raj says that he has been thinking about signing a prenuptial agreement. This is not what Divya had in mind but she agrees. Hank visits Blake again to get the readout from the heart monitor. She admits that she has not been wearing it, but agrees to wear it after Hank scolds her. Evan is home with Eddie and they talk about what happened to their money. Eddie says that it was an investment that he gambled on but it went sour. He says that they will get their money in a week or so. Hank enters and says that he doesn’t want to ever want to be like his father. Eddie tries to say that his mother was his life too, but Hank says that Eddie left when Hank’s mom got sick. Eddie leaves to “take care of some business”. Evan is upset that Hank can’t give up his grudge against their father. Evan says that Eddie is a great father and that he is trying to make up for his past mistakes. He tells Hank that it was 20 years ago and that he forgives him, but Hank won’t.

John is meeting with Divya when Sherrie arrives. She followed him and thinks he is having an affair with Divya. Divya objects to this, and then Hank walks in. He has their test results and it came back as a positive for Syphilis. They are both certain that one cheated on the other and Sherrie leaves. Meanwhile, Evan is trying to rekindle the father and son relationship with a round of golf with Eddie. However, Eddie is going to be playing with two important people who have health problems and want to help Hank and Evan get new clients.

Divya meets with Blake and removes her heart monitor. Blake receives a text message from James and he says that he has to break up with her. Blake is devastated and she runs to Ms. Newberg for sympathy, who had just entered with finger sandwiches. Meanwhile, Hank is helping Jill move furniture around in her garage and they sit down and share a beer. Hank and Jill look into each others eyes and start kissing. Hank closes the garage door and his phone rings. It is Ms. Newberg and Blake has had a heart attack. She is rushed to Hampton’s Heritage against Ms. Newberg’s opinion and Hank says that it was not a heart attack but “broken heart syndrome” brought on by a lot of stress. Divya meets with Raj and says that she doesn’t want to prepare for a divorce when she isn’t married yet, talking about the prenuptial agreement. Divya then tells him that the compatibility she was talking about was physical compatibility.

Back at the house, Hank is puzzling over the syphilis test that John and Sherrie took. Hank recognizes Evan’s belt when he comes in announcing that he just signed two big clients. Evan tells Hank that the belt is Armadillo. Hank puts the pieces together and announce they have “Hansen’s Disease” also known as Leprosy. Back at the hospital, Hank gives Blake his prescription and tells Ms. Newberg and Blake that they need to get along better. Evan is watching a video he made for HankMed when an envelope arrives. It is a check from Eddie with the balance of the money that he owed. Hank and Evan go to Ms. Newberg’s “Thank You” lunch and she tells them that Blake went back to cooking school. She declares that she has stopped playing matchmaker for Blake and focused on finding someone for herself. She reveals she met a man a couple of days ago. Hank and Evan meet the man, it is Eddie.

Written by pentar on May 21, 2016

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