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Chapter 2

Matt and Shelby find a revealing videotape in a hidden cellar. Meanwhile, Lee's daughter Flora makes a new friend, and the mysterious events continue.

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By Gadfly on Sep 22, 2016

Matt figured that it couldn't get any worse. The scalped man approaches Shelby, who screams as a woman approaches her holding the bloody scalp. As Shelby runs off, the woman she ran over--The Butcher--says that she is the queen of the hive and the spear of the battle. She then drives a spike into a man's crotch as he hangs on a cross. Shelby finally stops to catch her breath and get her bearings. Something moves in the forest and Shelby goes back to see the worshippers gathered around a fi…

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Episode Discussion

Chrelle66 posted 6 years ago

Wow, that was incredibly uninteresting.
They really need to pick it up, if they want me to keep watching.
At this point even "Freak Show" was more interesting.

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