While Barry tries to deal with a new metahuman, Shade, Alchemy tries to convince Wally to join him and gain the powers that he had in Flashpoint.


By Gadfly on Nov 16, 2016

At home, Wally tells Joe that he dreams of racing through the city as Kid Flash. He insists that it feels real, and Joe points out that Frankie experienced the same thing. Wally wonders if his powers are manifesting, but Joe isn't convinced. At the police lab, Julian is doing a DNA analysis of a new husk and warns Barry that just because they shared a case and a drink doesn't mean that they're partners. Cecile comes in and tells Barry that he's been reassigned to metahuman crime scene investi…

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pentar posted 2 years ago

Why does all of the Scooby gang assume Caitlyn will be evil if she acquires powers? Can't she do good things with them since she is a good person in this reality?

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