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Shade Recap

At home, Wally tells Joe that he dreams of racing through the city as Kid Flash. He insists that it feels real, and Joe points out that Frankie experienced the same thing. Wally wonders if his powers are manifesting, but Joe isn't convinced.

At the police lab, Julian is doing a DNA analysis of a new husk and warns Barry that just because they shared a case and a drink doesn't mean that they're partners. Cecile comes in and tells Barry that he's been reassigned to metahuman crime scene investigation so they can figure out the husk problem. She tells them that if they have any concerns, they should tell Judge Hankerson. Joe comes in and Cecile says that she's looking forward to their date the next night. Once she leaves, Barry realizes that Joe has invited Cecile over to movie night. Joe says that there's something more important and describes Wally's dreams. Barry recognizes the name "Kid Flash" and figures that he's in trouble, but says that they'll figure it out.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, HR tells Cisco and Caitlin that he thinks he has something to justify his presence on their earth. He says that people are soon going to figure out that they're working with Flash. HR suggests that they reopen Star Labs as a museum with himself as the public face. Cisco points out that people think HR is Harrison and he's a known murderer, and if he's steps outside then they'll arrest him. HR figures that he has a problem and says that he'll figure it out. Cisco notices that Caitlin is distracted and asks if it's about her visit with her mother. Caitlin says that she's not sleeping well and Cisco goes to get coffee.

At the house, Barry tells Wally that he was Kid Flash in Flashpoint. He explains that Wally and Iris were a crimefighting team, and reminds Iris that she didn't want to know about her Flashpoint life. Barry says that Rival hurt Wally, and Wally wonders if Barry is telling the truth. He figures that Joe and Iris are okay with Barry running into trouble but they won't give him the same leeway because they don't trust him. Joe has no answer for his son, and Wally walks out.

That night, a broker is walking down the street and talking onto the phone to a client. He catches a glimpse of a shadow apparently moving nearby but dismisses it as his imagination. As he stops, his shadow moves up behind him. When the broker turns, he sees his shadow and it grabs him and snaps his neck before disappearing.

The next day, Julian and Barry examine the crime scene. There's no DNA evidence, and Barry invites Julian to come with them to movie night. Julian says that he's seeing his girlfriend and walks off. Joe comes over and asks Barry if he's seen Wally. Iris is out looking for him, but Wally won't return their cools. Joe admits that he doesn't trust Wally with superspeed, and Barry tells him to talk to his son.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco asks Caitlin if she's seen HR. She hasn't, and he pages HR over the intercom. Cisco says that HR is being stupid about going through his stuff, just as a man comes in. He says that he's HR, and deactivates the transmorgifier over his face. HR explains that he's using the likeness of his partner, Randolf Morgan, and brought a transmorgifier with him. Cisco pockets it and says that he'll return it when he gets his power-dampening cuffs back, and HR says that he doesn't have it.

Barry calls them to the Corte and tells them about the broker's death. Cisco brings up a CCTV of the area at the time of the death, and HR says that it looks like Shade, a metahuman on his world. Shade could vibrate at such a high frequency that he looked like a shadow. Cisco figures that they're metahuman is doing the same thing, and slows down his molecules when he attacks. Barry asks them to work on it right away so they can focus on Alchemy, and explains that Wally is having dreams.

Back at the station, Joe finds Wally waiting for him. They talk privately and Joe admits that he treats Barry differently than Wally. He explains that Wally takes risks, but he doesn't trust is what is going on. Wally says that he gets it, and they head for S.T.A.R. Labs. He goes into convulsions as he has a vision of fighting Rival at Flashpoint, and collapses to the ground.

Caitlin tells Cisco that she took his cuffs and demonstrates her ice powers. She asks Cisco to vibe her future and see if she becomes Killer Frost. Cisco insists that she won't, but Caitlin isn't convinced. If she sees that she's going to turn evil then she has to leave and never come back. Cisco takes her hand and gets a future-vision of himself as Vibe and Killer Frost fighting. He comes out of and lies, telling Caitlin that he didn't see anything. They hug and Caitlin swears Cisco to secrecy.

The next day, the team checks Wally and confirms that his vitals are fine. He explains what his vision was, and Barry figure that they're more than dreams and Alchemy caused the. HR suggests that they lock Wally in the pipeline so that they can control the situation. Wally agrees and Joe says that he's going to cancel his date with Cecile. Iris and Wally both tell him not to cancel, and Barry says that he'll stay with Wally. Cisco offers to go with them and Caitlin says that she wants to be with him. HR demonstrates his transmorgifier and says that he'll go as well. He adjusts it so that they'll see his face while everyone else sees Randolf. Joe reluctantly agrees and they leave.

Joe, Cisco, Caitlin, and HR go to the movie in the park, and Cisco gives him money to get snacks. Once he goes, Caitlin knows that Cisco is lying to her. He admits that she's Killer Frost and he saw her fighting Vibe. Cisco tells Caitlin to tell the team, but she figures there's nothing they can do and refuses.

Joe and Cecile get popcorn and he casually calls her gorgeous. He keeps glancing at his phone, and Cecile points it out. Joe puts it away and explains that his so is going through some changes. Cecile suggests that they postpone and explains that she has a daughter who will be going off to college.

Wally sits in the pipeline cell while Iris and Barry watch him from the Cortex. Iris says that all Wally wants to do is help people, and it bothers him seeing Barry do it every day while he can only watch. Barry wonders if she feels that way, and Iris admits that her contributions to the team are limited. He says that he couldn't do it without her,

Joe and Cecile meet the others. HR starts flirting with her while Joe watches, irritated. The movie starts and Shade appears on the screen. Joe realizes who it is and orders everyone to get out, and Cisco signals Barry, who speeds to the park.

In the cell, Alchemy mentally contacts Wally and says that the time has come to restore what was taken from him and set him free. Wally is overwhelmed by more visions of Flashpoint. Iris runs to the cell door and tells him to fight through the pain, and after a moment Wally gains control of himself. A screeching noise sounds in his head, and Alchemy says that if Wally finds him then he'll make him whole again. Wally yells at Iris to let him out.

At the park, Shade advances on Joe and Cecile. Flash gets them to safety and then returns to battle the metahuman. Shade manages to grab him and slam him to the ground. The others get to the van and Cisco figures that if they light the place up then it will slow down Shade's molecular structure. Cisco hacks into the onboard computers of the nearby computers, and Caitlin removes the cuffs and takes them to Flash to put on Shade.

Shade punches Flash again and Cisco turns on the headlights. Caitlin tosses him the cuffs, and Flash puts them on shade as he reverts to is human form.

Wally collapses in pain again and Iris opens the door. She goes in and he shoves her aside and tells her to get out of his way. When she goes after him, Wally swings at her. She ducks and knocks him out. When the others return, Iris shows them Wally back in his cell. HR figures that Alchemy sent Shade as a distraction, and Barry tells Joe that Alchemy can't get to Wally if they keep him in the cell. Iris warns that ignoring the problem won't make it go away, and Cisco echoes the words to Caitlin. Caitlin refuses to discuss it, but Cisco persists and Caitlin demonstrates her cold powers. Cisco says that he made her tell because he cares about her, but Caitlin says that she's turning evil and will have to leave soon. Once she leaves, Cisco explains that he saw himself fighting Killer Frost in the future.

Barry finds Caitlin and blames himself for what's happening because of his trying to alter the past. Iris comes in to tell them that Wally is up. They talk to him in the medbay, and Wally tells them to follow him to find Alchemy. He gets up and the pain starts again. Caitlin gives him a sedative for his seizures but warns that he could suffer from permanent brain damage. Joe reluctantly agrees with Wally, and says that they'll all stay there.

At the station, Joe gets a task force together and tells the commander that they know Alchemy's next target. Barry is there with Wally, and says that Julian didn't come in and isn't answering his phones. As Joe takes Wally out, he says that he was never as brave when he was a kid.

As Cisco tracks Wally, Caitlin apologizes to him and says that she's glad that she told everyone. She admits that she's not good at asking for help, and she's terrified that if she keeps using her powers then it will be impossible to stop them. Cisco assures Caitlin that they're the experts on the impossible.

Flash joins the task force and they go to an abandoned subway station that Alchemy is using as a hideout. Alchemy mentally calls to Wally again, and they proceed downward. As they go, Flash assures Wally that it's okay to be scared and he's scared. Wally goes on ahead and reaches the main chamber. Alchemy is waiting for him along with several other figures standing in the shadows. When Wally describes what is happening to him, Alchemy says that he can give it to Wally and end his pain.

Wally says that he wants all of them gone, and Alchemy realizes that it's a trap. Flash speeds in and handcuffs the hooded figures, and Alchemy blasts him with his laser stone. He says that Wally has been chosen and Flash can't interfere. Joe shoots the stone out of Alchemy's hand, and the SWAT team moves in. Wally looks at the stone, and Flash tells Alchemy that it's over. Alchemy says that they have no idea what is to begin, and the entire station shakes. Someone moves through the chamber so fast only Wally can see it. The being starts killing the task force officers and knocks Flash down. The stone calls to Wallace, telling him to take his power. Flash tells him to stop, but Wally picks up the stone and he's covered in a husk.

The figure grabs Flash and stops moving. Flash stares at the metallic figure as it sprouts metal claws, and says that he's Savitar, the God of Speed.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 16, 2016

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