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The Darkest Place

While Cadmus captures Supegirl and Mon-El, Guardian and Winn go after a murderous vigilante that is letting Guardian take the blame for his murders. Meanwhile, Alex and Maggie have issues.

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By Gadfly on Nov 22, 2016

Hank attacks Supergirl in a hallway, and says that it's time for her to die. 24 Hours Earlier Winn and James join Kara and Alex at the alien bar, and the news is running a story about Guardian. Kara is less than thrilled, complaining that National City is putting its trust in Guardian too easily. Earlier Guardian takes on the crooks in the armored car robbery. The Bar Kara isn't convinced that Guardian is trustworthy, and points out that he hides behind a mask. Alex figures tha…

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Episode Discussion

LeonKennedy posted 7 years ago

It was an awesome episode, wish that jon can regain his health back :(

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