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The Darkest Place Recap

Hank attacks Supergirl in a hallway, and says that it's time for her to die.

24 Hours Earlier

Winn and James join Kara and Alex at the alien bar, and the news is running a story about Guardian. Kara is less than thrilled, complaining that National City is putting its trust in Guardian too easily.


Guardian takes on the crooks in the armored car robbery.

The Bar

Kara isn't convinced that Guardian is trustworthy, and points out that he hides behind a mask. Alex figures that Guardian has a partner.


Winn guides Guardian on his crimefighting exploits,.

The Bar

Alex figures that Guardian has a sidekick because he's always one step ahead. Kara figures that vigilantes are not, and James suggests that she's afraid of the competition. Maggie comes over and Alex introduces her to the others. The detective talks to Alex privately and wonders why she hasn't returned her calls. She asks if everything is okay with them, and Alex reminds her what of what she said. Maggie assures her that it's nothing personal, and asks if they're still friends. Alex says that they are and goes back to the others. She wonders where Mon-El is, and Kara figures that he's with one of his women.

In a cell at the Cadmus facility, Mon-El tries to talk to his guard without success. When the guard gets too close, Mon-El jumps him, grabs his key card, and knocks him out. As he runs, the head Cadmus scientist steps out with Hank. Hank tells Mon-El to run, but Mon-El surrenders and the guards take him back to his cell.


Megan visits Hank, who says that he's at 100% since her blood transfusion. She offers him some Martian tonic, and Hank has a brief memory of his family. He then says that he has to get back to work.

Guardian captures a robber running out of a bodega, and the robber demands a lawyer. The vigilante heads off to a hostage situation, and a new vigilante, Barrage, arrives and kills the robber.

The next day at CatCo, James hears from a staffer that Guardian murdered a criminal. James talks to Snapper, who says that a police source sent them security footage of Barrage killing the robber. Snapper. When James defends Guardian, Snapper figures that he's in the tank for superheroes. Winn calls James away and says that they're screwed, and warns that Guardian is now public enemy #1. He's worried that he'll go to prison as an accomplice and says that they should the whole thing down. James says that he has a lead on a drug shipment coming, and they can capture the drug lords and the copycat and clear their names.

Supergirl finds Hank performing a kata in the DEO training room. He tells her that he keeps seeing his wife and daughters, and Supergirl suggest that it has something to do with M'Gann. She describes how when she was a teenager, Alex told her that her parents were part of who she was and she didn't feel alone. Supergirl assures Hank that having M'Gann in his life means that he can feel whole, not that he's losing his family.

That night on the docks, Guardian attacks the drug dealers. Barrage guns one of them down and says that he's keep the city safe. The dealer runs and Barrage attacks Guardian. The two men fight and Barrage says that Guardian isn't willing to do what needs to be done. He slips into the shadows as the police arrive and order Guardian to surrender. Guardian uses a flash bomb to leave.

Supergirl is heading for the docks in response to the police report when the Cadmus scientist contacts her via ultrasonics and invites her to their facility. She says that they have Mon-El prisoner and he will die if she warns anyone or brings them along.

Supergirl smashes into the facility and Hank approaches her. He says that he should have locked her up when he had the chance, and Supergirl realizes that it's the real Hank Henshaw. Henshaw says that he survived but J'onn stole his life. Cadmus saved Henshaw and now he works for them ending alien life on the planet. Supergirl punches him but Heywood shrugs it off and throws her down the hallway with super-strength. She fights back and heat-visions him in the face, burning away part of his skin covering to reveal that he's a cyborg. Heywood punches her away and says that now he's Cyborg Superman.

The next day, Maggie gives a press statement that they've issued an arrest order for Guardian. Alex visits Winn at CatCo and asks if he's heard from Supergirl. He suggests that Alex tell Maggie to lay off Guardian, and Alex points out that Guardian is now a murderer. Winn insists that he isn't, and Alex wonders if he knows something about Guardian. When she threatens him, Winn quickly admits that James is Guardian. Alex starts to call Kara, but Winn insists that James is innocent and they both know he isn't a murderer. After a moment, Alex puts her phone away, slaps Winn in the head, and walks away.

Supergirl wakes up in a cell next to Mon-El and explains who Henshaw is. She tells him about Cadmus and figures that they kidnapped Mon-El to get to her.

Alex meets Maggie and says that she's targeting the wrong guy. She refuses to go into detail, saying that it's classified. When Maggie says that they're friends, Alex tells her that they're not. and She describes how she came out to her sister because she was sure of her feelings, and was proud to come out because of her feelings for Maggie. Now Alex feels is pain because Maggie doesn't want her. She doesn't want to hear Maggie's explanation and walks away.

Later at the DEO, Alex asks Hank if he's heard from Supergirl. As they talk, Hank hallucinates seeing a White Martian and draws his gun. Alex calms him down and Hank tells her to run some tests on her.

The Cadmus scientist, Lillian Luthor,, visits Supergirl and Supergirl recognizes her from Lena's office. She says that she's Lena's friend, but Lillian says that Superman said he was Lex's friend but then convinced the world that Lex was evil and imprisoned him. She then explains that she needs Supergirl to be human after she expelled enough of her heat vision to exhaust her cells. Lillian has a guard bring in a helmet to drain Supergirl's energy and uses lead--a Daxamite's one weakness--to threaten him. Supergirl agrees and puts on the helmet, which her drains the solar energy in her cells. Once it's done, Supergirl collapses and Lillian slaps her and has the guards take her away.

The Cadmus guards strap Supergirl down andv Lillian prepares takes a blood sample from her.

At CatCo, Winn points out that James only targeted the drug dealer buying the drugs but not the man selling it. He's checked the buyer's background and discovered that he was released from prison on a technicality. The man that Barrage killed earlier was also released on a technicality, and Winn has checked other criminals released on technicalities. One man was released after killing Julie Karnowsky, and her husband Phillip is an ex-SEAL who disappeared months ago. The killer turned up dead several weeks ago, and Winn figures that he knows who Phillip's next target is.

Alex is taking a blood sample from Hank, and she says that the blood work came back showing it was normal. She runs a new check and discovers that his hematocrit levels are down. Hank recognizes what's going on.

That night, Hank confronts Megan as she leaves the bar. He knows that she's a White Martian and demands to know what she was doing. Megan says that she's not like the others and wanted to protect him, and explains that she was the White Martian who couldn't bear to watch another innocent die. She tried to get as many Green Martian to safety as possible, but the guards came after her and she barely escaped. Hank orders her to show herself, and Megan reveals her White Martian form as Hank transforms as well.

The guards toss Supergirl back into her cell, and she tells Mon-El that they took her blood. She asks him to tell Alex to keep living her life on her own terms, and that she wasn't scared. Mon-El wonders why he was the only one who survived Daxam, and wonders if he deserves to die. Supergirl tells him that he deserves to survive, and Mon-El starts to tell her about Daxam. Before he can, Jeremiah comes in and tells Supergirl that she has to come with him. She hugs him and he frees Mon-El, who collapses.

Jeremiah prepares to remove the lead bullet that Lillian shot Mon-El with, and tells Supergirl that he's proud of who she's become. He removes the bullet as the alarms go off, and tells Supergirl and Mon-El to go ahead without him. Jeremiah says that he's been there 15 years and can survive, and they hug once more before she goes with Mon-El.

J'onn attacks M'Gann and she strikes back with super-speed and strength They revert to their human form, and Hank tells her to take her true form so he can look his family's killer in the eyes. Megan tells him that it's who she wants to be, and

Guardian finds Phillip's target, and Barrage steps out and attacks him. When he opens fire, Guardian takes cover and Winn directs him back to the battle. When Barrage tosses a grenade, James loses his mask and is temporarily stunned. Meanwhile, Barrage prepares to shoot the killer. Guardian renews his attack and the two vigilantes fight. Phillip finally removes his helmet, and Guardian tells him that his wife wouldn't have wanted him to kill anyone. He says that he understands loss because he lost his father, but he's honoring his memory rather than destroy it. Phillip says that he's a fool and opens fire, but Maggie and Alex arrive and take Phillip down. Maggie tells Guard to get out, and heaves as reinforcements arrive.

Later, Alex and a DEO squad arrive at the Cadmus headquarters only to discover that they've cleared out.

Hank visits Megan in her cell and says that he spared her so that she can rot there forever. She warns him that he's still sick because of her blood, and the White Martians found a way to exterminate the Green Martians. Megan's blood is turning her into a white Martian and there's nothing he can do to stop it. As Hank walks off, his hand briefly transforms into a White Martian's.

That night, James, Alex, and Winn bring pizza and pot stickers to Kara's apartment where she's tending Mon-El. Kara has her powers back, and the news is running a story that Guardian has been cleared of all charges. When Kara wonders who is under the Guardian mask, Alex says that he'll reveal himself soon enough. Once she sits down with Mon-El, Kara tells him that he was brave even though he was scared. Mon-El says that any courage he has, he learned from her. Alex calls Kara to the kitchen to heat up the pizza, and Mon-El asks James and Winn if Kate is mated to anyone. They tell him that Kara isn't mated and hasn't chosen anyone yet, and Mon-El claims that he's just studying Earth customs.

Maggie arrives at the apartment and Alex steps out into the hallway to talk to her privately. Maggie tells her that she cares about Alex a lot, and she hopes that one day they can be friends. Alex tells her that she'll meet Maggie for pool the next night and goes back inside. She tells Kara that they're just going to be friends, and Kara promises that they'll find Jeremiah. They wonder if Lena knows that Lillian is with Cadmus, and what she wants with Kara's blood.

At the Fortress of Solitude, Cyborg Superman enters and pours some of Kara's blood on his hands. He inserts it into the machinery and Kelex recognizes him as Kara. Cyborg Superman tells it to tell him everything about Project Medusa.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 22, 2016

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