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Season 2 of 'The Mandalorian' coming Fall 2020

Jon Favreau confirmed via his twitter account that 'The Mandalorian' will return for season 2 in Fall 2020. Follow the link to read the original tweet.

News Discussion

Billo0255 posted 4 months ago

Not too surprising. It seems this is the vehicle that will finally explain (after several decades of waiting) what planet Yoda is from. Given the secrecy that surrounded the first season it wouldn't surprise me if Disney isn't already prepared and doesn't have the story mapped out for 3 or 4 seasons. Then again, I thought Disney would have had merchandise out by Christmas.

If they continue the trend, the dialog will be pretty sparse and pretty basic. Writing grunts and one or two word responses doesn't require much time With a couple of exceptions the characters aren't very deep and the dialog for the characters that do speak is pretty predictable. This is an action series with lots of fights and shoot outs. That's what will eat up the time filming.

Real-Frosty posted 4 months ago

With a whopping 8 total episodes for season 1, I wonder how he can commit to a fall 2020 deadline for season 2.

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