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The Path to War (1): The Gathering Political Storm Recap

Luke admits to Laurel that he thought that he'd lost her. Dean arrives and Gustav detects the signal from him indicating that Dean is infected. Rochelle isn't convinced and tells Gustav to get closer, but Paige hears the app and tells Gustav to find a way to silence it. As Gustav scans Dean, Dean turns and says hello to Laurel's friend. The signal goes dead and Gustav claims that it's a speaker system. Rochelle says that they should go, Out in the hallway, Gustav wants to tell Laurel that her father is infected, and insists that his app just stopped but isn't broken.

Red is watching a broadcast of the torture vote where all of the infected senators raised their hands. He has Gareth bring up the Capitol security footage and checks the hall outside of the committee room. Red spots Gustav and Rochelle leaving, and Gareth confirms that they were there looking for information on the intelligence meeting. His superior claims that they're terrorist sympathizers and tells Gareth to print out the images and have it ready for the intelligence community meeting.

Once he's alone, Gareth goes out in the hallway and passes Laurel. They turn to each other and go outside, and Laurel tells Gareth to forget what she said about brain-eating bugs. Gareth assures her that nothing will go in their way, and warns her that Gustav and Rochelle are in trouble. He admits that he doesn't know what Red will do about them.

At Rochelle's office, Gustav insists that the app is working and the bugs changed their frequency because they knew that they were onto them. Laurel comes in and she realizes that something is up, and Rochelle hesitantly says that they picked up a signal from Dean. She warns that it isn't certain of anything, and Laurel says that she has to go. As she leaves, she warns them that Red is onto them.

In the committee meeting, Senator Diane Vaynerchuck begins the discussion concerning the CHDs. Red insists that they're explosions, and Luke mocks him, suggesting that he raises both hands. Diane calls for Red, who says that he has a witness. Ahmed Kadhimiya, a former freedom fighter with the Re'id. He testifies that he created a methane-based compound which would cause a human head explode. Ahmed says that he did it with the approval of the Iranian government, and Luke points out that only the President can conduct international affairs. Red insists that only Congress has a right to declare war.

Dean is at home watching the broadcast when Laurel comes in. He complains about Republicans wanting to start a war, and Laurel asks how his hearing is. She tests his hearing and Dean insists that he's not as old as she thinks. Laurel figures that he couldn’t hear her, but Dean passes it off, saying that he can always hear his daughter and goes out running.

Rochelle goes to her apartment. A man in a suit, Kevin, follows her inside and in her apartment, Rochelle realizes that her kitchen knives are gone. She grabs a turkey leg and defends herself as Kevin attacks her with a knife. She knocks him out with the turkey leg and then calls Gustav and says that she caught one.

At the committee meeting, Ella insists on questioning Ahmed and asks if he blames America. He says that an Iranian drone killed his mother, and Ella asks why he hates America. Ahmed says that he hates it because of his equality, and Ella launches into a speech about the 1-percenters. She says that the America created him.

At home, Laurel is in the bathroom and sends Rochelle photos of some of Dean's pills to Rochelle. She says that they've caught one of the infected. Gustav has taped him up, and Kevin says that he attacked her because she startled him when he was stealing her knives. They put a helmet on his head and explain that it's to block high-frequency signals, and Rochelle checks his ears. Gustav wants to know what the bugs' agenda is, and Kevin figures that they're nuts. Rochelle finds some ear damage but it's scarred over. Kevin says that if they let him go then he won't press charges, and Rochelle points out that he broke into her apartment.

In Luke's office, Laurel asks her brother if Dean has Parkinson's. He closes the door and asks what Dean said, and Laurel says that she was looking through Dean's medicine cabinet. Luke admits that their father does have Parkinson's, and he found out from their mother Liz. It's terminal and Dean has six months to a year to live, and he wanted Laurel to come home so he can spend time with her. As Laurel takes it in, Luke says that Dean loves her. Out in the hallway, Laurel breaks into tears.

At the meeting, Red reviews Ahmed's research program. Ahmed says that first he blew up the heads of zoo animals, including pandas, and Red says that he cares about pandas. Luke insists that getting the truth is more important, but Red demands to speak and has Ahmed testify that they're going to test on baby seals.

Laurel arrives at Rochelle's apartment, and Gustav plays "You Might Think" backwards to see how it affects Kevin. Gustav threatens to cut Kevin's fingers off if he doesn't tell them the truth, and Laurel and Rochelle pull him away. He insists that it could be the end of the world, but Laurel says that they should hold off until they find out who Kevin is. She asks her friends if Parkinson's could have made the app give a false positive, and Rochelle admits that it's positive. Rochelle asks if Dean has given up drinking or sex, and Laurel goes to talk to Dean's mistress, Terri Finkbeiner.

At the Jefferson Memorial, Laurel finds Terri giving a tour. Once they're alone, Terri asks if Dean is all right. Laurel says that he is and asks when the last time they had sex was. Terri says that she guessed that Dean had Parkinson's, and went with him to the doctor. Dean then called Laurel to hear her voice. Laurel asks if Dean's behavior has changed and he's stopped coming to her, and Terri admits that Dean hasn't be says that it's temporary. As Laurel walks away, Terri says that she wishes that they could talk sometime, and insists that she loves Dean. Laurel agrees, thanks her, and walks away.

Laurel goes home and finds Dean trying to pick up a pen despite his tremors. She says that he's infected and points out a book, Forever Juice, that he's reading. Laurel figures that Dean is faking the tremors, and Dean says that he has Parkinson's. His daughter says that she talked to Terri, and Dean says that he stopped seeing Terri. He tells Laurel that they should talk and leads her out to the patio. Dean figures that she's afraid of something different, and insists that "he" is still there. The bugs cured him of Parkinson's, and he tells Laurel that it's inevitable and the bugs want to help humanity by living beside them. Laurel says that Dean can come back and she did it, and reminds him of her childhood. Dean asks her if she wants him to go back to having Parkinson's, and Laurel says that she wants her dad. H tries to give her a hug, insisting that it's him, and Laurel pulls away and walks off.

Gustav tries to give Kevin drink, and he claims that he's with AA and two years' sober. They don't believe him and force him to drink.

Gareth preps Dr. Ragheb Samira for his committee testimony, and Samira says that he approved the testing on zoo animals. Gareth points out that the Council Samira claims to have gotten approval from doesn't exist. Red comes in and provides the proper name, and Samira hastily agrees. Gareth talks to Red privately and warns that Samira is lying. Red dismisses it as PTSD on Samira's part, and Gareth asks why Red wants a war. His superior says that he doesn't want a war but doesn't want to shy away from one if it's necessary.

That night, Gareth meets with Laurel and she eats a burger. He tells her to tell Luke that Samira is lying, but doesn't say how he knows. When he says now is when she should have ketchup on her lips and he'll wipe it out, Laurel smears some on her lips. They kiss, go home, and end up in bed. After sex, Laurel asks Gareth if he's close with his parents. He says that he is and they make it work even though they have nothing in common. Laurel says that Dean has had the same mistress for 15 years and Liz has her friends, and they kiss. She then sits up and says that she needs to see Liz.

Laurel goes to Dean and says that she's going to stop him from infecting Liz. Dean asks what she's going to say, and Laurel runs into her parents' bedroom and throws the cherry blossoms out the window as Liz comes in. Dean comes in and insists that they're fine, and Laurel tells Liz that Dean isn't who he says that he is. She says that Dean is still seeing Terri and Liz needs to move out. Dean tries to deny it, but Liz calls him a bastard.

Samira testifies before the committee, and Red asks him if war is the only thing that would stop the Syrians. The doctor says that it is, and Luke asks him if he's wearing his own lab coat. Samira admits that it isn't and confirms that Red gave it to him. Red objects but Luke confirms that Samira has never been in Syria. An aide tells Diane something and she calls for a break. She has Red, Luke, and Ella stay behind, and CIA agent Sid Tellefsen testifies privately that there is no chemical program in Syria. The witnesses they interviewed were frauds, but he can't testify further. Red says that he understands.

Gustav continues feeding Kevin alcohol, and he starts rambling about the bugs and how they want a place to stay. When they make people extremists, it makes it harder for people to fight them. Rochelle asks him why they all like "You Might Think", and Kevin says that it's the most beautiful song ever written and it sounds like their home planet. He refers to Laurel, Rochelle, and Gustav as "us," and they realize that he's infected.

Ella visits Red and the queen bug crawls out of Red's ear. Her bug crawls out of her ear and the two queens circle each other. Meanwhile, Ella tells Red that he knows that they want it. She tells him to take it all, just as the two queens mate. They go back to their hosts' heads and Ella leaves while Red adjusts his clothing.

At Rochelle's apartment, Kevin says that the bugs need to multiply. He says that they're going to have to let him go, because it's not in their nature to kill other humans. Kevin insists that he's still alive even with half his brain gone.

Misty interviews red and asks about the CIA briefing. He insists that he can't repeat what was said. However, he says that the briefing stunned him. Luke is watching with Diane, and she points out that Red didn't break confidentiality. She warns Luke that she can't do anything, including contradict Red, without breaking confidentiality. As Luke suggests that they team up with Ella to censure Red, Ella joins Red and says that she was also shocked by what the CIA told them. They both confirm that they're pushing for a non-binding War Powers resolution, and Ella shows Misty a photo of a baby seal.

Gustav cuts Kevin loose and says that he's been outvoted. Kevin takes off... unware that Rochelle is following him. He goes to the Capitol and enters a locked room, SRB-54.

Luke calls Laurel in and says that he's trying to figure out whether to leak. Dean is with his son, and says that it will hurt Luke's Presidential chances in 2020. Laurel says that Luke can leak the information to stop a war, and Luke tells them that he'll think about it. Once they're alone, Dean asks Laurel if she's going to fight him all the way. Laurel asks him what he thinks.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 15, 2016

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