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The Path to War (1): The Gathering Political Storm

Laurel takes steps to confirm if her father Dean is infected or not. Meanwhile, Gustav and Rochelle capture a man that they suspect is infected by the bugs and employ extreme measures to determine the truth. In a committee meeting, Red will go to any means to push for war with Syria.

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By Gadfly on Aug 15, 2016

Luke admits to Laurel that he thought that he'd lost her. Dean arrives and Gustav detects the signal from him indicating that Dean is infected. Rochelle isn't convinced and tells Gustav to get closer, but Paige hears the app and tells Gustav to find a way to silence it. As Gustav scans Dean, Dean turns and says hello to Laurel's friend. The signal goes dead and Gustav claims that it's a speaker system. Rochelle says that they should go, Out in the hallway, Gustav wants to tell Laurel that her fa…

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