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Bad White Recap

In a lab at Harlem, a team of scientists are experimenting with captive strigoi and strigoi corpse. They extract the white "blood" from the strigoi and try to work on an antidote. One scientist, Dr. Wilson Kerry, warns the other that they'll be lucky to end up in jail. The assistant scientist, Dr. Amanda Edmonson, is unconvinced. They introduce the "cure" into an old woman suffering from vascular dementia. The test subject convulses and spikes, and Kerry shoots her in the head before she can transform into a strigoi.

At the NYPD task force HQ at the Mayfield Hotel, Vasiliy meets with a government soldier, John Custinell, who reports that a recovery team only found one of the team's bodies at the church after the Master's attack. Vasiliy wonders when they'll get more troops, and Custinell warns that they're pulling out of NYC to try and control the outbreak in DC. Custinell offers to get Vasiliy out, but Vasiliy says that he has no desire to save DC. Once the man leaves, Vasiliy orders another double. A woman sits next to him and orders for him. She asks if Vasiliy has noticed the strigoi are getting better, and figures that they'll never take the city back. Amused, Vasiliy drinks with her and offers a toast to that night.

They soon end up in Vasiliy's room having sex. The next morning, the woman, Kate Rogers, wakes up and finds Vasiliy dressing. He says that he needs to check on a friend, they agree to maybe meet that night, and Vasiliy wishes her happy hunting as he kisses her and then leaves.

Eph drives to the abandoned club that Quinlan is using as a residence and calls to Vasiliy and Abraham. Quinlan easily subdues him and asks how he knows them, and Vasiliy arrives and says that Eph is a friend. He helps Eph up and takes him to Abraham. Eph explains that Nora didn't make it and the strigoi deliberately derailed the train out of NYC. Abraham agrees that the attack was planned, and Eph says that Kelly turned Nora so Nora deliberately killed herself rather than become a strigoi. The doctor says that he doesn't know if Zach was turned, and Abraham warns Eph that if Zach is still human then the Master plans to use the boy against Eph. The old man tries to take his pills and Vasiliy has to help him when Abraham's hand shakes too hard.

Zach is in his new room throwing a ball at the door when Kelly comes in. She hands him his books and asks if he'd like to read them together. Zach hesitantly agrees, and Eph stares at his throat. The boy says that he wants to get out for some fresh air, and Kelly says that he will soon. Her son points out that she's said it before and it's never happened, and he misses Eph. Kelly assures him that they're all part of the Master's plan... even Eph.

On Kent Street, Dutch and a group of hackers go to a skyscraper. The hacker's leader Braden figures that his uncle had food stored away. Dutch warns that the building hasn't been cleared of strigoi yet, but Braden figures that they need to take greater risks. When Dutch reviews the procedure to clear the building and avoid contact with strigoi, Braden points out that she used to be fearless. Dutch says that she isn't anymore, and Braden figures that they can change the world. She says that there is no restart button and the entire human race is becoming extinct, and it's not the beginning of anything.

At the Stoneheart building, a doctor advises Eldritch that he's in no condition for the meeting. Eldritch warns her never to give him orders, just as Eichhorst arrives. Once the doctor leaves, Eichhorst says that he misses coco. Unimpressed, Eldritch says that what is done is done and shows Eichhorst the blood types of the people who have registered at the Freedom Centers. Reviewing them, Eichhorst is disappointed with the lack of success and tells Eldritch to influence Justine to speed the process. He immediately agrees and Eichhorst notices Coco's heart on a jar on the mantle. He picks it up and Eldritch tells him to put it back. He gasps for breath and Eichhorst asks if he's feeling all right. Eldritch says that he needs the white, and Eichhorst tells him that he must prove his lesson, finds Abraham, and recover the Luman. When the millionaire agrees, Eichhorst says that he wonders about his sincerity and leaves.

The hackers head up through the skyscraper to the uncle's apartment. They open the trapes and find the food, while Dutch looks out on the city in flames. Two of the hackers, Kimberly and Ron, check the bedroom. Ron looks under the bed and a strigoi stings him. Another one attacks Kimberly from behind and she screams. Dutch and the others hear the noise and run in. While Dutch shoots the strigoi, another one charges in and stings Braden in the hand. He gets the other hackers out while another strigoi comes at Dutch. She finally cuts off its head with a silver sword and leaves… only to discover that the hackers have fled. She leaves but a strigoi grabs her and Dutch cuts it in the throat with a silver knife and then tosses it into the sunlight. Dutch gets outside and breaks into tears, sobbing.

Abraham and Vasiliy tell Eph about the Luman, and Vasiliy realizes that there's a reference to what may have taken out the soldiers over their comm units. Eph warns that they can't rely on magic, but Abraham figures the book is written in metaphor and they need to expose the Master to more sunlight and the event that hurt him before must take place during an occulation. Vasiliy has confirmed that the next occulation is in 2024, and figures that Abraham will work out a solution from the Luman. Eph isn't convinced and walks out.

Kerry shows Eldritch a video of the woman at his lab, and warns that every use of the white has resulted in death rather than healing. Eldritch insists that he's seen it work, and Kerry demands the evidence. He insists that strigoi blood is toxic to human beings, and refuses to continue the research.

Eph is raiding the liquor cabinet when Quinlan comes in and wonders why Eph waited so long to share the news. He asks what prompted Eph to find Abraham a week later, and figures that he deliberately stalled. Eph wonders how Quinlan could be half-human and half-strigoi, and Quinlan wonders if Eph is trying to distract him from his true purpose. Unimpressed, Eph offers him a drink and asks if he believes in the wisdom of the Luman. Quinlan says that he's developed a keen nose for treachery and wonders why Eph is there, and Eph says that he wonders the same about Quinlan.

The three surviving hackers break into a café and raid the kitchen. Braden insists that overpopulation caused the strigoi and figures that humanity deserves it. They hear someone outside and find Dutch in the dining room. She complains they left her behind, and grabs her share of the food. Dutch then checks Braden with a UV light and confirms that he's infected. She tells the other two hackers that Braden is there problem now and they can deal with it. When Braden says that she only cares about herself, Dutch cuts off his head, says that it's done, and leaves.

Abraham makes Eph a meal, and Eph suggests that he might still get Zach back. The old man agrees, but warns that the Master knows of his desire and Eph could be playing right into his hands. He says that he'll do what he can to assist Eph, and figures that once he deciphers the Luman then they can destroy the Master and recover Zach. Vasiliy comes in and says that Fonescu wants to meet with Abraham. Abraham tells Eph to stay and finish his meal while he meets with Fonescu.

Vasiliy and Abraham go to the rendezvous spot and Vasiliy suspects an ambush. A black SUV pulls up and Eldritch gets out. Abraham has Vasiliy lower his gun, and Eldritch says that he wants to strike a deal. He'll remove himself from the game and withdraw all of his support from the Master. In return he wants the formula for the white that Abraham uses to maintain his vigor. Abraham says that he remembers Eldritch's betrayal decades ago, and Eldritch says that he hopes to make amends. The old man doesn't believe him and tells Eldritch to go to hell.

As they drive back, Vasiliy asks Abraham how long he's been taking the white. Abraham admits that he's been doing it on and off for 41 years, and a vampire hunter he knew gave it to him. The white will extend his life a few years, but it doesn't give immortal life. Vasiliy says that they need to tell Eldritch that, and Abraham says that they may be able to manipulate him.

Kelly brings Zach food and he hugs her. When she's not looking, he puts some tape over the door lock. Kelly offers to read with Zach, who says that they can do it later when he's less tired. Zach asks when he can see Eph, and Kelly merely says, "soon." She says that they have to be patient and hugs her son, listening to his pulse. Kelly pushes him away after a moment and Zach says that he's going to bed. Once she leaves, Zach opens the door and tries to find a way out of the building. He hears something from a nearby room and looks in, and sees Kelly feeding on a man. Zach runs away and Kelly goes after him. He comes to a dead end and has an asthma attack. Kelly arrives and Zach begs her for help. She hears his pulse and starts to sting him, but then gets control of herself. The Master steps out of the shadows and gives Zach a drop of the white while Kelly holds her son's mouth open. Zach's breathing quiets as the white takes effect.

Eph goes to Abraham's library and finds the Luman in a vault guarded by UV lights. The door is locked, and Quinlan comes in and warns that the Master won't keep his end of the bargain. He says that there's another option with a better chance of success: he'll kill the Master when he comes for the Luman. Quinlan only says that his grievance with the Master is personal, and he's been preparing for their encounter for a thousand years. He instructs Eph in how to turn off the lights, and says that together they can save the world... and Zach. After a moment, Zach turns off the lights.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 5, 2016

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