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Night Flight to Andorra Recap

At a villa in Andorra, Spain, McGill surveys the heavily-guarded fence.

Inside, Radek meets with his head of security, Luis, reviews the Intelligence visitors who will be coming to bid on what he’s offering. He tells Luis to make sure that no one else gains admission and to make their guests as comfortable as possible.

A van driver pulls up to the compound gate and the guards check his delivery of flowers. Once they’re satisfied, they l0065t him through.

Radek tells Luis that the microfilm of an anti-missile system that he has will cost one of their visitors a great deal. He then dismisses his man and tells his attending girlfriend that it’s worth millions.

Later, McGill meets with the team that he’s assembled and shows them a model of the compound. One of them, Eddy, wants to blast through the electrified fence but McGill points out that it would set off the alarm. He warns the electrician, Rafael, that they can’t bypass the power because it’s provided from the inside. When Eddy wonders what Radek is so determined to protect, McGill says that Radek has an art collection worth a half-million pounds, and they need to stick with the plan they’ve got.

Outside, the team’s other three men are preparing a small glider for flight. The pilot, Buck, lifts off with the aid of a car. McGill and the others watch as the glider clears the mock fence that they’ve set up. Everyone drives over as Buck gets out, and McGill says that he’ll have to bring it a little closer. Buck assures McGill that he has nothing to worry about from his end.

Later back at the abandoned farm they’re using as a base, McGill assures Eddy that Buck will do fine. Rafael will deal with the fence once they’re inside, but Eddy isn’t convinced. Eddy isn’t convinced and wants to do a trial run. Rafael explains that there’s a substation nearby and they can cut the current off except for the fence..

Rafael then goes out and paints a land rover to make it look like an official electric company vehicle. As Eddy goes out to inspect Rafael’s work, a car pulls up. Rafael moves the land rover out of site, and the car parks at the villa. An English archaeologist student, Anne Weeks, gets out and honks the horn. Eddy comes out and Anne claims that she ran out of fuel. Rafael joins them and draws a knife, smiling. When Anne screams, McGill hears her and runs out. Rafael claims that he was just showing her his knife, and McGill tells him to put it away. Anne explains her situation and McGill suggests that they just give her the fuel. Eddy demands answers, and Anne says that she’s studying murals and Spanish primitives. The other team members arrive with the camouflaged glider. McGill tells Anne that they’ll try to make her comfortable and makes it clear that she isn’t going anywhere

Once McGill locks Anne in a room, he calls an English agent who is drinking champagne in his car. The agent, John Maxted, says that he’ll check on Anne’s background. He advises McGill to kill Anne to cover their tracks, but McGill refuses and complains about the crew that they gave him to work with. Maxted reminds McGill that he’s being paid to do what they’ve assigned him to do, and that the operation will proceed as planned.

Eddy brings Anne food and warns her that some of the others wanted to kill her. Anne points out that she wouldn’t have come in if she suspected anything, but Eddy isn’t convinced. He figures that she wants him to help her escape, just as McGill comes in and sends Eddy on his way. Once they’re alone, McGill says that they won’t keep her more than a few days. He wants her to write a letter of authorization to get her things from her hotel, but Anne refuses to cooperate. McGill tells her to let him know if anyone bothers her, and Anne agrees to write the letter.

McGill drives to the nearby village and gets Anne’s things. He tells the proprietor that Anne will be staying with them for a few days and return to England, and settles her bill before driving off.

Once McGill checks Anne’s bag, he radios her passport information to Maxted. Maxted says that they’ll meet as arranged at the villa, and McGill says that they’re going to look around that afternoon.

Later, Rafael poses as a worker and takes out the power, Radek complains to Luis and tells him to restore the power immediately. He then checks the menu for the guests and assures his butler that he’ll get the electricity back.

Rafael drives up to the gate with McGill and presents their IDs. The guards let them through and escorts them to the main house. Luis takes them in to examine the main fuses. He talks about how they’re expecting guests, and Rafael overhears him. Meanwhile, Luis calls the electric company to verify their credentials. One of McGill’s people intercepts the call and assures the security chief that everything is fine.

Once Luis tells McGill and Rafael that they checked out and leaves, McGill looks around. He spots a vault door and inspects it, and then quickly steps away as the butler enters the hallway. The butler figures that McGill is lost and takes him back to the fuses. Rafael says that the fault is at the substation and they leave.

Buck grabs Anne and drags her out, saying that she’s leaving. He drags her to the kitchen where Eddy is waiting, and they drag her outside. McGill and Rafael arrive, and Buck draws a gun. He tells McGill that they both know it’s too dangerous to keep Anne there, and Rafael agrees... and then disarms Buck. McGill beats Buck and tells him to relax, and asks Eddy if he’s in or out. Eddy has no chance but to agree.

Inside, Rafael tells Eddy about Radek’s guests. He demands answers, and McGill claims that the guests are art dealers and Radek is going to sell his art that night. Eddy isn’t happy that McGill kept them in the dark.

Tomas is standing watch and spots a police jeep approaches. He warns the others and Buck and his assistant Bruno quickly get the glider out of sight and then hide. Inside, Eddy goes for his gun but McGill yanks it away and warns that if they shoot the police then they’re all dead. Tomas brings the police officers in while Eddy hides the model. The head officer address McGill by name, and knows about him from the hotel proprietor. He says that he needs to speak to Anne personally since she hired the car and took it without paying, and McGill goes to get her while Rafael and Eddy come in.

McGill tells Anne that he needs her cooperation. He insists that there are good reasons for what he’s doing, and if she doesn’t help then there’ll be a shootout and a lot of people will get hurt. She agrees and McGill takes her to the police officer. McGill offers to pay but Anne tells the officer that she’ll pay it herself with a loan from McGill. Once the officer leaves, McGill thanks Anne for helping. And she says that she only did it to save the police officer. She demands an explanation, pointing out that she displayed good faith, and realizes that McGill doesn’t want to cross Eddy.

Buck and the others come into the kitchen and McGill has Bruno take Anne back to her room. The team doesn’t believe that Anne is a student, and McGill says that she only cooperated because she knew Eddy had a gun. Rafael says that he can blow open the vault with explosives, and McGill wonders if Eddy is afraid of the art dealers. He insists that nothing has changed.

That night, the first two “bidders” arrive at the compound. Rafael and Tomas watch and call in to McGill. McGill tells Tomas to keep watch while Rafael meets with Buck and Bruno.

At the farm, Anne watches the others load up gelignite onto the jeep. She asks McGill if she can come along, pointing out there isn’t much else to do, and he gives her her passport back. However, he tells her to stay there until Rafael comes to let her go. As McGill goes, Anne tells him to be careful. Once she’s alone, Anne pushes the key out of the door and uses a magazine to catch it on the other side.

McGill, Rafael, and Eddy drive to the gate. Meanwhile, Buck takes the glider over the fence and kills a guard. Meanwhile, McGill fires a shot into the air to distract the guards at the gate. Buck tackles one, and stops him from setting off the alarm. Eddy charges the other guard but gets taken down until McGill saves him.

Radek meets with his bidders and shows them the microfilm and starts the bidding at a million pounds.

McGill, Eddy, and Buck get to the door and McGill rings the bill. He poses as one of the guards, and the man inside opens the door. Once he does, McGill takes him out as the butler and maid come in. Buck locks them up with the unconscious guard and then grabs some coins, while McGill and Eddy go the vault door and rig the explosives.

Maxted bids two and a half million.

One of the gate guards wakes up and fakes unconsciousness. Once Rafael moves off to check the cars, the guard shoots him in the back.

Eddy triggers the explosive and McGill bursts in as Radek continues the bidding. Radek tries to hide the microfilm but McGill finds it... and Eddy knocks him down, grabs the microfilms, runs out, and jams the vault door closed behind him.

The guard goes inside and finds the butler and maid Eddy runs through and the guard draws on him, but Buck gets the drop on the guard. The door guard shoots Buck, and Eddy runs outside. McGill arrives and knocks out the gate guard, then runs outside after Eddy. Eddy fires at him, forcing him to take cover, and gets into the land rover. Luis drives after him in a jeep, but McGill closes the gate and the jeep plows into the electrified fence. Meanwhile, McGill runs down the road and finds Anne waiting in her car. She offers him a lift and he accepts.

Anne and McGill drive after Eddie, and she assures him that they’ll catch Eddy eventually because the road up ahead is block. Meanwhile, Eddy comes to a fallen tree and skids off the road. Anne pulls up and McGill gets out, and Eddy calls from hiding and tells McGill to drop the gun because he’s taking Anne’s car. McGill ducks for cover and shoots back, then runs into the woods He gets behind Eddy and is surprised when Anne draws her own gun and fires at Eddy.

As Eddy returns fire, McGill waves to Anne to stop. She ignores him, and McGill jumps Eddy. Once he recovers the microfilm, he goes over to Anne and thanks her. Anne draws her gun on him and asks where the microfilm is, and says that her orders were to make sure McGill carried out his orders to burn the microfilm. Chuckling in relief, McGill suggests that they build a fire, and together they burn the microfilm.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 11, 2016

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