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Last Call Recap

Ash remembers driving in the Delta and taking care of it, while Pablo and Kelly nervously watch. their leader.

At the high school, the local teenagers sit in the Delta and admire that Tyler stole it from Ashy Slashy. . Emery's daughter Lacey is worried that her father won't be happy if she's caught, Tim says that once they'll get done smoking Ashley's stash, they'll dump the Delta. Blake, Lacey, and their friend Marcus eave Tyler and Amber in the back to make out alone... unaware that the Necronomicon is on the back floor.

The others go to the grandstand and Lacey insists that Ash and her mother was just friends.

In the Delta, Amber sees the Book and opens it, and recites a verse from it. The Deadites slam into the car and the girl leaps on Tyler, kissing and undressing him . and then bites off his penis, possessed.

At the trailer, Ruby tells the others that it's time to get the Book back. Ash says that chasing the Book is a waste of time, and gets out the recipe for a drug named Pink Funk with a lot of ketamine in it. Ash's friend Chet Kaminski makes it, and they go to the bar where Chet works. Ash explains that they threw parties in high school and everyone drinks some Pink Funk. Kelly starts hallucinating and Ash suggests that they throw one of their parties. Pablo realizes that the kids who stole the Delta will show up, and even Ruby admits that it's a good idea.

The trio goes back to the Delta and finds blood on the back seat, but no sign of Tyler and Amber. Tyler staggers out of the darkness, clutching at his bloody groin, and the Delta starts on its own. Lacey is already inside and the car door slams on her, cutting off the fingers on Marcus's hand. It starts up on its own and chases after Marcus, and a hubcap goes through his chest and kills him. The Delta then turns and heads for Blake and Tyler.

At the bar, the party starts and Brock and his friends Burt and Roy come in. Ash tells them to beat it, but Brock insists that it's his bar and they've been coming there every Saturday for forty years. Ash is more worried about getting the Delta back than the Book. He tells Ruby to distract Brock while he tries to find the kids who stole his car.

Tyler and Marcus keep running and take refuge behind a Caterpillar. The Delta searches for them, looking for the two boys. It stops and Tyler panics and runs. The Delta chases after him.

Ash proposes a drinking game with some students where they say the worst thing they've ever done and everyone else has to say if they've done it. None of them have stolen a Delta, and Amber comes in and asks if she can play. She accidentally pulls her hair out as she flirts with Ash.

Kelly asks Pablo if he's okay, and he tells her that he's terrified that he'll have another vision. Chet overhears him and says that he's been through the same thing in the Army. He pours three drinks for himself and tells Pablo to deal with his problems one at a time and deal with them. Once he staggers off, Kelly says that Pablo can drink and ignore it, or stand up and fight it. Pablo figures that he should be strong like Kelly, and says that she just rolls with the punches and doesn't need a boyfriend or a home and its' impressive. Kelly isn't convinced and starts drinking.

The Delta tries to run Tyler over, but Kelly hits the brakes and it stops. However, it then wraps the seat belts around Lacey and leaps on top of Tyler... and stops in mid-air. It then runs a wheel, grinding his skull; in before driving off.

At the bar, the Deadite Amber keeps flirting with Ash. She says that she broke up with boyfriend earlier. Meanwhile, Brock flirts with Ruby but she's busy watching Ash. When Brock touches her leg, Ruby sticks her fingers in his nose and demands that he apologize. Ash sees them and goes over, and Ruby says that from now on Ash has to deal with Brock on his own. Once Ruby leaves, Brock complains that she was leading him on and Ash suggests that they settle their differences like men. The two men get on the mechanical bull over Pablo's objections, and Ash gets on first. He stays on for 15 seconds and everyone cheers. Brock takes a drink and gets on next.

As Ruby leaves, she finds Kelly out on the sidewalk. She wonders why Kelly is there, and Kelly says that she's trying to come up with another plan to work out her frustrations. Ruby sits down and says that they go after the Spawn. She invites Kelly to come with her, and Kelly wants to know why she needs help. Ruby figures that she was meant to call Kelly, not Ash. After a moment, Kelly agrees.

Brock mounts up and grabs Amber. He pulls her aboard and hangs on longer than Ash. The bull burns out and Brock smiles in satisfaction. Once they get off, Amber grabs Brock's butt and Brock says that he lost Ash the day that Ash went to the cabin and killed the kids... and his daughter Cheryl. Ash insists that he didn't kill his own sister, and Brock tells him to take some responsibility. Ash tells his father that he's a miserable SOB and that's why his wife left him, and Brock goes to the bathroom with Amber. As she goes, her eyes turn white and Ash and Pablo realize that she's a Deadite. Pablo wonders what Ash is going to do, and Ash gets a drink at the bar.

The Delta toys with Blake and then speeds up, sending him flying onto the windshield. As Lacey tells Blake that she loves him, the Delta brakes, throwing Blake ahead. It then speeds back up and runs him over.

Pablo tells Ash that he can't just let Brock die. When Ash complains that his father thinks that he's the monster, Pablo knocks the drink out of his hand and tells him that he has to confront his demon. He reminds his mentor that he's El Jefe and he has to introduce Brock to his heroic self, and a drunken Brock staggers into the bathroom.

In the bathroom stall, Amber transforms into a Deadite and Brock screams for help. Ash arrives and chainsaws her through the stall wall, and then kicks in the door. Amber throws Brock across the room and attacks Ash, slamming him back into the stall. He slams her head into the toilet and then cuts her head off, then shows the head to Brock and says that it's his day job.

A teenager comes in and screams "Ashy Slashy," Ignoring Brock, the boy runs out and says that Ash is going to kill them all. He comes out with the severed head and everyone runs while Brock insists that his son is a hero. Surprised, Ash asks if he means it, and he says that wasted years being wrong about him. Brock admits that he was wrong and he's relieved to see that Ash has been an honorable man... because there's something important that he's kept from Ash. As he starts to say what it is, the Delta comes by and runs him over. Ash runs to his father and screams in rage.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 16, 2016

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