Strange Case Recap

At the pawnshop, Gold carefully repairs a pocket watch. He finally picks up a pair of scissors and cuts his hair, and goes into the back room where the Evil Queen is waiting. Gold refuses to tell her why he changed her appearance, and Hyde warns him that it won't change who he really is. Wen Gold tells them to get out, Hyde orders Gold to give him a cameo necklace. When he advances on Gold to take it, Gold drops him to his knees with a spell but can't kill him. The Queen and Hyde laugh, and the Queen says that Gold can't kill him just as Regina can't kill her. Hyde sees the necklace and takes it, saying that it has great meaning to him. He tells Gold that he's taking it because that's how their deal works, and warns that the stories will play themselves out whether Gold likes it or not. Gold asks the Queen what he's talking about, and she says that they have a deal not to hurt Belle... but Hyde and Gold don't.

At the apartment, David makes pancakes for Emma and she figures that it's about Hook. David finally admits that it is, and figures that they won't see Emma as much once Hook moves in. Henry comes down to take Mary Margaret to her first day back at school. Regina and Jekyll arrive and David tells his wife that they'll take care of it without Mary Margaret. Once she and henry leave, Jekyll explains that Hyde escaped and he left a cameo with a picture of a woman he cared about to taunt him. Emma says that they need to go back to the lab to finish the potion and Hyde.

The Past

Jekyll is in his apartment and thanks Mary for arranging a meeting with her father Dr. Lydgate. Once Lydgate arrives, Jekyll explains that he is working a potion to separate a man's higher qualities from the primitive beast within him. Lydgate wonders if it will make things worse, and Mary points out that Jekyll's patients can't get any worse. Her father says that he can't offer Medical Academy membership to Jekyll because his work is dangerous, and leaves.

Once Mary goes with her father, Jekyll smashes the potion in the fireplace. Rumplestiltskin appears and says that he's there to help because he has a vested interest in Jekyll's work. He suggests that Jekyll needs the serum to get in touch with his beast, and conjures the potion to work. Rumplestiltskin then says that they should get Mary to notice Jekyll, and asks how far Jekyll is willing to go to get what he wants. Jekyll drinks the potion and then screams in pain.


On the Jelly Roger, Hook packs to move in with Emma, and gives a magical conch to Belle so that she can contact him as necessary. Gold comes aboard and says that he's there to protect both of them from Hyde. When Belle wonders what he did to Hyde, Gold refuses to answer. He casts a spell and says that the Jolly Roger is now warded so that Hyde can't board... and Belle can't leave. Gold walks off, leaving her trapped, and says that one day she'll thank him for it.

Mary Margaret arrives at the school and Violet kisses Henry on the cheek. After they leave, a woman, Shirin, bumps into Mary Margaret. She explains that she's Mary Margaret's teaching aide, and Mary Margaret realizes that she's from the Land of Untold Stories. Mary Margaret explains how she ended up as a teacher in Storybrooke, and they go to their class.

At Jekyll's lab, Emma hears from Hook and tells the others what happened. Jekyll says that he's hit an impasse, and Emma suggests that Regina convince Gold to help again, while she and David track down the Queen and Hyde. Meanwhile, Leroy and Doc stay to guard Hyde and get him a mutton sandwich.

The Past

Hyde and Rumplestiltskin go to the Lydgate home and Rumplestiltskin warns Hyde that he's the parts of Jekyll that he wanted to hide from the world. In the ballroom, Hyde sees Mary and joins her and Lydgate. He says that he's on behalf of Jekyll and flirts with Mary. Lydgate quickly dismisses her to get drinks and Hyde points out Lydgate's young female lab assistant. He threatens to tell Lydgate's wife and Mary.


Leroy returns with the sandwich and the Queen and Hyde come in behind them. She puts Leroy and Doc asleep and explains that the necklace had a beckoning spell on it so that they could find Jekyll.

At the school, Mary Margaret begins her first lesson but her students are less than enthused.

Regina goes to the pawnshop and explains that Jekyll needs Gold's help to complete his potion.

The Past

The next morning, Rumplestiltskin wakes up Jekyll and tells him to check his pockets. An Academy pin is there and Rumplestiltskin says that Hyde was very persuasive. However, he warns that Mary has many suitors and suggests that Jekyll tell her by drinking more of the potion and letting Hyde tell her. Jekyll wonders what Rumplestiltskin wants, and Rumplestiltskin says that he needs the serum. He needs Jekyll to take the serum again to make sure that it works.


Regina and Gold return and discovers that Hyde tore up the lab. Gold says that Jekyll is the one who unleashed Hyde, and he's smarter and faster. Jekyll says that he hid a little extra in case and Regina takes it. She tells Gold to cast his magic on the potion without touching it, and Gold takes out Jekyll's heart. Regina realizes that Gold made a deal with the Queen, and he says that he plans to make sure the serum is only used on Hyde. He has Regina pour the serum on the Blade, and Gold says that one day Regina will realize that she can't rid herself of her dark side, and then teleports away.

Mary Margaret and Shirin review the students' papers and Mary Margaret realizes that they haven't forgotten anything she taught them before. Shirin points out that she's not the person she once was, and says that the princess was the only one who could save her people. The princess never embraced the person she was and their kingdom was lost. Shirin doesn't say what kingdom it was, and tells Mary Margaret that she needs to lead by example by embracing who she really is: Snow White.

Jekyll visits Belle and Hook on the Jolly Roger and explains that Gold took his completed serum. Hook goes to find Emma, and Jekyll says that her sentiment won't bring back Mary... who Hyde destroyed.

The Past

Mary is walking home through the park when Hyde calls to her from the shadows. He steps out and she wonders why Jekyll has never mentioned him. Hyde says that he's there on Jekyll's behalf and tells Mary that Jekyll has great feelings for her. Mary doesn't think that she could ever be involved with Jekyll romantically, and explains that she needs someone who will give in to her desire rather than dismiss them as contaminant. She figures that Hyde understands what she means, and that she sees a man unencumbered by fear of social obligation. Hyde says that he doesn't know why he's free of it all, and Mary kisses him.


David and Emma are walking through the forest, and Hyde steps out. Emma and David attack her but Hyde easily tosses David aside and runs. He comes to Gold, who stabs him in the chest with his Blade. Hyde pulls out the Blade and says that Jekyll can't beat him because he's predictable. He takes out the real vial and Gold realizes that he switched it. Hyde smashes it and says that he wants to show Gold the end of their story and make him suffer. He then uses the Blade to order Gold to take them to Belle. Gold has no choice but to obey.

Mary Margaret takes the students outside, pins their assignments to a tree, and has Shirin bring her a bow. She then shoots the papers with an arrow and asks who wants to give it a try, and all of the students raise their hands.

Gold teleports Hyde to the Jelly Roger, and Hyde says that he won't hurt Belle. He tells Gold that he's not the monster Gold needs to worry about.

The Past

Jekyll wakes up and finds Mary in bed with him. She looks at him, startled, and wonders where Hyde is. Jekyll says that he is Hyde, and she realizes that he took the serum. Mary says that she will never love Jekyll because he's weak and mad, and Jekyll grabs her. They struggle and Mary falls out of the window to her death. Sobbing, Jekyll drinks the potion again while holding Mary's necklace that he pulled from her neck as she fell. Hyde appears and sees Mary's corpse below, as Lydgate knocks at the door. He and his man break in and Hyde fights his way past them.


Belle makes tea and apologizes to Jekyll for whatever Hyde did to Mary. He talks about how Mary would have been his if she had resisted Hyde, and belle realizes what he's said. She reaches for the conch shell to call Hook, but Jekyll knocks it out of her hand and it smashes on the floor. When Jekyll reaches for a knife, Belle stabs him in the shoulder with the broken shell and runs out. She's unable to escape due to the spell, and Gold says that he can't. Hyde tells him that the real villain is on the ship.

Jekyll comes out and says that he finally has his chance to make Gold pay. Meanwhile, Hyde says that Mary didn't have anything to do with it, either. Hook arrives and knocks Jekyll out, and he attacks the pirate. The two men fight and Hook knocks Jekyll back onto a harpoon. Hyde starts to order Gold again... but then dies as Jekyll dies. Gold takes the Blade as Regina arrives. He says that Hyde destroyed the serum and they've discovered the one way to kill a doppelganger: by killing the original. Regina realizes that the only way to kill the Queen is to kill herself.

The others arrive and David covers over Hyde and Jekyll's corpses. Emma asks if Regina is okay, and Regina says that she has to die to stop the Queen. She talks about how Jekyll was the evil one even though he separated himself from the darkness, and figures that it can grow back in her. Emma assures her that she's stronger, but Regina asks Emma to promise to kill her if there's no other option. Meanwhile, Gold approaches Belle and apologizes for trapping her. He says that he wanted a fresh start, but Belle points out that he destroyed two lives and wonders why he went to Jekyll in the first place.

The Past

Hyde goes to Jekyll's lab, and Rumplestiltskin appears and taunts him. Crying, Hyde insists that he could never hurt Mary and it was Jekyll that killed her, and Rumplestiltskin realizes that he loved Mary. Furious, he chokes Hyde and says that now it's all failure. However, he figures that Hyde's fate is worse than death because he'll have to share a life with the weakness in him. Hyde wonders why he did it, but Rumplestiltskin refuses to explain.


Gold says that he sought out Jekyll after Belle became his maid. He thought his feelings for her would make him weak, and he hoped Jekyll's serum would relieve him of those failings. Belle points out that Gold imprisoned her, and insists that she doesn't need his protection at the cost she keeps paying. She tells him that she always sees him for who he is, and Gold starts to walk away. However, he turns and tells Bell that she will need him to protect their child. He says that necessity will bring her back to him and leaves.

At the school, Mary Margaret is grading papers when Shirin comes in. Mary Margaret gives her an apple and asks if the princess in Shirin's land ever fixed things. Shirin claims that she doesn't know and walks out. As she walks out, she tells the Oracle to come out. The Oracle steps out and confirms that they don't know who Shirin really is. The girl says that Aladdin isn't there, calls Shirin "Jasmine," and promises that she won't leave Shirin's side until they find her.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 17, 2016