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Trapped Inside Recap

Ash, Ruby, Kelly, Linda and Lacey take the ailing Pablo to the Williams' house, and Ruby tells Ash that the Necronomicon is manifesting inside of Pablo's body. Pablo goes into convulsions and drops to his knees, his eyes turning black. He slides back and forth across the ground, fire emerging from his mouth, and then stops after a moment. After a moment, Pablo jerks up and vomits black goo.

At the sheriff's station, the townspeople come in and riot, demanding to know how Thomas could have had Ash and let him go. As they demand justice, Thomas sees Baal in the back of the crowd. Baal steps forward, smiling, and stands next to Thomas. He says that he sympathizes with how Thomas wants to shoot them all in the head. Thomas imagines taking out his gun and shooting the head protestor Audrey dead. When he wonders who Baal is, Baal says that he can be anyone Thomas wants him to be. The sheriff says that he just wants his family back, and Baal asks him what he's going to do about the one they both want dead.

Inside the Williams house, Ruby warns Pablo that he's becoming one with the Book. She warns that once the Book manifests, there won't be any Pablo. Ash objects and Ruby warns that the Book is the only way they can banish Baal. Ruby tells him that Baal will never manifest because he'll jump back, but Ash has a pet tracker and plans to shove it down Baal's throat and cut up whichever body he occupies. The sorceress says that if they let the convergence go on a little longer then she can isolate the right passage to cast Baal back. Pablo starts vomiting bile again and Ash has Ruby and Kelly take him up to his room. He then tells Linda that he'll find Thomas and make sure that he's okay.

As Ash promises that they're safe, the townspeople throw rocks through the window and yell at Ash to leave. Thomas is there, along with Baal wearing Audrey's body. Linda starts to go out to confront her husband, but a man smashes through the window and Kelly clubs him unconscious. Linda tells Lacey to wait for her upstairs, just as Thomas orders Ash to surrender over his bullhorn. When Linda asks why Thomas id doing what he did after he saw what happened, Thomas says that all he knows is that they're coming in if Ash doesn't come out. Kelly fires over the heads of the crowd, driving them back.

Ruby draws a ring of salt around Pablo, and Pablo tells Lacey that everything will be fine. She then uses an incantation to accelerate the convergence.

Kelly continues firing over the crowd, but some of them try to break in upstairs. Ash goes up to investigate and hears Ruby chanting. Inside the bedroom, Pablo moans in pain as the convergence accelerates. Out in the hall, Ash hears a door close and goes to investigate. One passage moves up Pablo's body and when Ruby tries to remove it, sparks drive her back. Pablo's body levitates into the air and the Deadite forces moves out of the forest toward the house. Meanwhile, Pablo manages to tear the brujah's amulet off his neck and drops to the floor.

Ash approaches the room, which belonged to his sister Cheryl, and finds someone in the room. It's Chet, who turns and claims that he's doing nothing. They both hear the Deadites approaching, as does everyone else inside and outside the house. The force slams through the front door and enters the bedroom as Chet and Ash get out.

Outside, Baal realizes that they have the Book.

In Cheryl's bedroom, the photo of her starts dripping blood. The blood flows across the floor, puddling onto Cheryl's dress.

In the hallway, Chet claims that he came to warn Ash. Ash doesn't believe it, and demands an explanation. Cheryl calls to him by name from behind the bedroom door, and the knob starts to turn. Cheryl comes out and says that she's scared, and that she doesn't know how she got there. She asks where Brock is, and recognizes Chet. Ash says that Cheryl died 30 years ago, and then she turns into a demon and throws first Ash and then Chet down the hallway. Chet lands in Cheryl's bedroom, and the Deadite goes inside and slams the door behind her.

Baal in Audrey's body tells everyone to go in and kill everyone in their way. The townspeople open fire, and Kelly tells Linda that they have to keep them at bay as long as possible. The two women return fire.

The Deadite barricades the door and then tells Chet that it's just the two of them. It puts on a tape, shoves him on the bed, and bites him in the throat. As she starts to take off his pants, Ash breaks through the door and the Deadite leaps on him. They fight and it throws him into the bedroom, and by the time he recovers, the Deadite has disappeared. It whispers from the shadows, taunting Ash, and Chet comes out. Ash tells him to stay out of the way and then goes downstairs after the Deadite.

Kelly runs out of bullets ad goes to get some more ammo. She runs into Ash, who says that his dead sister is on the loose. Kelly tells him to deal with it while she deals with the neighbors, and goes upstairs to Ash's bedroom. Ruby says that the incantation is working but they can't control when the spell manifests. Kelly tells Pablo that he's still a ghostbeater and he calls the shots, and Pablo says that he's got it. Ruby tells her to put the necklace back on Pablo when they find the spell to hold the convergence, and Pablo braces himself. The spell starts to emerge from his chest.

Ash searches the downstairs and blood drips from the walls. The Deadite smashes through the wall, grabbing Ash, and throws away his shotgun. She turns on his shotgun and starts to drag it toward Ash's face.

The spell emerges on Pablo's chest and a burst of energy from it throws everyone back. However, Ruby starts bleeding from her side. She says that it's an old wound and she can't heal herself anymore because her Spawn stole her immortality.

Ash manages to pull the Deadite through the wall and tosses her over the table ahead. As she slips out, Chet comes in and Ash almost shoots him. The Deadite grabs him from behind, and Ash says that Chet is the only one who has ever stood by him and never betrayed him. Chet starts to say something, but the Deadite rams her hand through Chet's chest and rips out his beating heart. Ash shoots the Deadite, knocking her back into the living room where Linda is. The Deadite leaps back up and Ash shoots it, knocking it out through the front door.

The townspeople all draw their guns on Ash, who says that he kills demons and not people. He says that he'll prove it and waits for the Deadite to get back up. After a moment it gets up, looking like Cheryl. When it realizes the townspeople aren't falling for her ruse, she turns on Ash and snarls, and he shoots it back onto the street, and tells everyone to wait for it. The Deadite grabs a bedpost from a man and kills him, and the townspeople open fire on it. Undeterred, it says that they'll kill them all. Ash steps forward and starts up his chainsaw, and shoots her into the trunk, slams the lid on her, and then cuts the Deadites head off.

Everyone stares and then applauds, and Linda comes out and warns Ash. Before he can react, Thomas grabs him from behind. Baal steps up in Audrey's body and extends one fingernail, and then says that it'd be easier to work together. He takes Ash's shotgun and knocks him out with it.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 6, 2016

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