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Delusion Recap

Unconscious, Ash dreams of his past with the Book. He wakes up and discovers that he's in an old, decrepit hospital room. There's a drawing of the Book's cover on the wall. Doctor Peacock appears out of nowhere and Ash has no idea who he is. Peacock reminds Ash that he's his shrink, and Ash says that he doesn't have his health care or his own surgery. He discovers that his right hand is covered in bandages, and Peacock says that he's been Ash's doctor ever since his psychotic break. He reminds Ash that he murdered four men in a cabin, and then he created a delusion about an evil Book to justify his actions. Peacock says that he wants to destroy Ash of his delusion and end the nightmare, and Ash grabs him by the throat and says that he's Baal. He figures that Baal wants to scramble his brain and stop him from sending him back. Before he can kill peacock, Peacock jabs him in the neck with a syringe and promises that he won't give up on him.

Ash wakes up from his nightmares and finds Peacock sitting next to him. Peacock admits that Ash is the only patient that has been able to resist him, and that the only reality is his. A nurse comes in and Ash realizes that she looks like Ruby. The nurse has no idea who he is, and Peacock says that Ruby, Pablo, and Kelly is all in Ash's head. He imagined them so that he wouldn't have to face what he did.

When Ash still doesn't believe him, and Peacock holds up a puppet: Ashy-Slashy. It appears on Ash's hand and starts talking to him. It insists that it's the part of Ash that wants to face the truth, and says that they should get rid of the Book. The bed shakes and the puppet says that there is no team. Peacock briefly appears as Baal, and Ash throws the puppet off of his hand and against the wall.

Ash falls out of the bed and crawls into the hallway. When he stands up, his hand goes through the wall and something pulls him in. Ash pulls his hand out and the hole disappears. The hall tilts and Ash ducks into another room as Peacock and the interns go by. Kelly is on the bed, another patient, and asks if Ash is a ghost. She says that she knows Ash is a murderer, and says that Ash has been there forever. Kelly say that she's been there for over six months, and shows Ash how she count: by breaking her fingers.

The cell door opens, revealing Pablo dressed as an orderly. Ash begs him to get him out, but Pablo slams him to the floor and handcuffs him while Kelly laughs hysterically. Peacock comes in and says that Ash must face his delusions, and Pablo tasers Ash.

Peacock takes Ash to the operating theater and performs electroshock on him. It has no effect on him, and Peacock says that they need to break his delusion for good by destroying the book. He turns on the electroshock device and tells Ash to kill the book, becoming his henchman. Chet appears on the next table, and says that he died 30 years ago when Ash killed Cheryl. Peacock shocks both of them, turning the electricity up to maximum. Chat is killed and the orderlies take his corpse away as Peacock shocks Ash.

Later, Ash sits in the general ward and stares at the TV. Ruby is feeding a patient, and Ash goes over and tries to talk to her. She tells him to shut up, calling him a murdering pervert, and Ash turns back to find Kelly there. Ruby disappears, and Kelly says that they locked them up because they know the truth. Ash tells her to follow his lead, then grabs a chair and wrecks the TV. The other patients go berserk as well, and the orderlies run in and start beating Ash. Ash hesitates to hit Pablo, and both orderlies attack him.

Back in his room, Ashy confronts Ash. Ash reveals that he grabbed a key card from the orderly when they beat him. Ash offers Ashy a female doll if he helps him, and they both share a laugh. They leave the room and let Kelly out, and sneak up on Pablo standing guard. Kelly tosses some pebbles down the hall and Pablo goes to investigate. Ash tries to open the door with the key but it doesn't work and the alarm goes off. Pablo comes back and Kelly slaughters him, insisting that he was a dragon. She says that Pablo was Reg and her name is Amanda, and she had to slay Reg just like she and Ash talked about. Kelly goes berserk and starts clawing at Ash.

The orderlies arrives and Kelly falls to the ground, dead. Ash insists that he didn't do it, but Ashy spits out Kelly's tongue and says that Ash is a murderer. The orderlies charge forward and tase Ash unconscious.

Later, Peacock makes a straitjacketed Ash watch video of him killing Kelly and Pablo. Ash insists that it isn't him, but Peacock says that he's transferring him to another facility with cruder treatment measures. When Ash insists that it isn't him, Peacock says that he's arranged a farewell visitor. Linda comes in and wonders what they've done to Ash, and he says that she's part of his imagination. She doesn't disappear, and say that she's been visiting him for the last 30 years. Ash goes to the window and sees his car pull up outside. His friends from the cabin get out, and Ash tells Linda that he has to go away for a long time and won't ever see her again. When she wonders why, Ash says that the man killing Pablo and Kelly is him.

Peacock comes in and Ash says that he killed them all. The psychiatrist tells Ash that he has to listen to him, and says that he has to destroy the delusion by destroying the Book. Ash says that he must destroy it, and Peacock releases him and tells him to do it.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 13, 2016

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