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Ash discovers that he's been committed for the murders at the cabin, and a strangely familiar-looking psychiatrist says that the only way he can cure Ash is for Ash to admit that he's a murderer... and to destroy he Necronomicon.

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By Gadfly on Nov 13, 2016

Unconscious, Ash dreams of his past with the Book. He wakes up and discovers that he's in an old, decrepit hospital room. There's a drawing of the Book's cover on the wall. Doctor Peacock appears out of nowhere and Ash has no idea who he is. Peacock reminds Ash that he's his shrink, and Ash says that he doesn't have his health care or his own surgery. He discovers that his right hand is covered in bandages, and Peacock says that he's been Ash's doctor ever since his psychotic break. He reminds A…

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