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I'll Be Your Mirror Recap

Mary Margaret sits over David's sleeping body and wonders if it's their new normal from now on. In the next room, Regina says that it's her fault and goes to stop the Queen. She tells Emma that she's the only one who can hurt her, but Emma refuses to let her sacrifice herself. Emma warns that her vision has shown that she's dead, and she needs Regina to be there for Henry. Mary Margaret gives Henry a note to give to David and then goes to kiss him. She hesitates and then looks at the nearby mirror, and realizes that the Queen is watching them through it. With that, Mary Margaret shatters the mirror.

In the forest, the Queen smiles.

David and Mary Margaret go about their new lives, making breakfast for each other and leaving notes, video, and flowers for each other as they alternate between which one sleeps.

At the vault, Regina looks at herself in the mirror and then draws a curtain over it. Emma comes in and says that she's been unable to contact the Dragon. Regina suggests that they trap the Queen in the world behind the mirror. They'll dangle out something the Queen cares about to lure her in, and Henry comes in and says that it's him. he figures that the Queen won't hurt her, and explains that Mary Margaret is making him go to the fall formal with Violet. She's stood him up twice and Henry wonders if she likes him anymore. Emma tells him not to compromise himself for anyone, and they take off to confront the Queen.

Later on the beach, Henry stands alone and the Queen comes to see him. She says that one day he'll understand what it means to make hard choices, and reminds him of how he used to be afraid of the seagulls. Henry says that he's not scare of her anymore and is teleported away, and Emma and Regina step out. The Queen says that neither one of them were ever really Henry's mother, and Regina holds up the mirror. Nothing happens, and the Regina reveals that she switched mirrors and holds the real one. She then uses it on Emma and Regina, transporting them to the world within the mirror, and shatters the glass.

Emma wakes up next to a mirror. When she touches it, she sees Storybrooke through a traffic mirror. There are hundreds of mirrors throughout the land, and Emma looks around for Regina. Each one she touches reveals someone from Storybrooke, but the people on the other side can't see Emma. Regina finds Emma and says that they're trapped in a world of one-way mirrors. They have no magic there and no way to communicate with home, and Emma says that Regina has people who care about her. They realize that Henry is the way out.

The Queen goes to the apartment and changes form to Regina's appearance. She claims that "her" spell worked, and says that she's finally free. Henry hugs her and Hook asks about Emma, and the Queen says that Emma is driving to New York to find the Dragon. She casts a spell generating a voice mail to Hook, impersonating Emma's voice and confirming her story. Mary Margaret says that the Queen was worst part of Regina and that she's proud of Regina, and the Queen says that Henry has to get dressed for a dance. She picks out a tie for him and assures him that she's going to make sure that everything works out for him.

Belle discovers that the pawnshop is closed, and goes to see Zelena at her farmhouse. She wants Zelena to help her again, and Belle refuses to leave until Zelena helps. Belle points out that the two of them are both alike because they both know what it's like to care about someone who lets them down. She asks Zelena to get them out of Storybrooke, and Zelena says that she can't help her without the sorcerer's wand. Gold has it under lock and key, but Belle sys that she knows who can get it.

Later at the diner, Belle and Zelena meet with Aladdin and Jasmine. Belle asks Aladdin to steal the wand, and Jasmine warns that it's a suicide mission that has nothing to do with Aladdin. Zelena points out that the Shears are in Storybrooke because of Aladdin, and now Gold has them. Aladdin takes offense, and Belle figures that if there's any part of him that's still a hero then he'll help.

The Queen visits Gold, who immediately realizes who she is despite her disguise. He isn't interested in her advances, and Queen demands the Hammer of Hephaestus. Gold points out that the Hammer's magic is only useful to those who have none, and Regina says that she's going to give it to Henry. He reminds her that villains don't get happy endings, and the Queen says that she wants a beginning. Gold asks what she has to offer them, and the Queen asks if they're on the same time. He gives her the hammer and reminds her that Cora said that love is weakness. The Queen says that it can also be a weapon, and she's going to use it on her son.

On the beach, Hook calls Emma and leaves a voice mail for her to call, insisting that something doesn't feel right. He finds broken glass and Emma's discarded phone, and the Queen appears. She blasts him back, knocking him out.

Regina and Emma try to find someone they know, and Regina says that they have to be at the right mirror at the right time. Emma remembers that Henry is taking Violet to Granny's before the dance.

At the diner, Henry sits alone and waits. He finally goes to the back and looks at a mirror in the wall to check his hair. Emma and Regina see him, and they pound on the glass to try and get his attention. Henry sees the mirror shaking, but the Queen comes back disguised as Regina. She asks what's wrong, and Henry says that he doesn't think he's good enough for Violet. The Queen dismisses Violet as a commoner, and insists that Henry is royalty no matter what world he lives in. She says that someday they might go back to her castle and he'll be king, and tells Henry that being royal is about a strength of character and conviction. The Queen gives him a white rose and tells him to act like a prince... and stop slouching.

Violet is sitting at the table when Henry returns. He gives her the rose and the Queen watches as Henry says tells her to keep her eyes on him and slides. Henry says that the woman watching them is the Queen, not Regina, and he has to find out what happened to Regina. He asks Violet to come up with a reason for them to leave, and Violet asks him to accompany her to look at the dress she really wanted in a dress-shop window. They leave to find Henry's mothers and the Queen smiles in satisfaction.

Regina tells Emma that she fought the worst parts of herself for years and lost, and Henry doesn't stand a chance. The Dragon steps out and explains that the Queen banished him there when he refused to help her. He says that everything is about the balance between light and dark, and he lost his daughter a long time ago because of his ignorance. They ask him for help, and the Dragon says that he has found a back door.

Aladdin breaks into the pawnshop and sees Gold spinning gold thread in the back. Gold senses something and comes out, and Aladdin hides. After looking around for a moment, Gold goes back to his room. Aladdin finds the sorcerer's wand in a drawer and takes it.

The Dragon leads Regina and Emma to where Sidney made his home. Emma says that she was looking for the Dragon, and he admits that her parents' curse is beyond his power. He points out that there's another mirror that Sidney was building to find a way home, but figures that if they work together then they can rebuild it. The women start placing the broken pieces in the frame.

Henry goes to the vault and calls to his mothers via the mirror. He figures that they've been trapped on the other side and asks them to say something. The Queen comes in, wearing her true form, and Henry says that Violet is somewhere safe. She reminds him of his fears when he was growing up and how she made him face them. The Queen insists that all she wants is for Henry to be king and have everything he wants. Henry insists that he'll never join her. She says that she may not be a hero but she is a leader. The Queen takes a heart out of a container and says that leaders do what is necessary.

The Dragon says that Henry is better off with her, and they realize that he's the Queen.

In the vault, the Queen reveals that she's holding the Dragon's heart. The mirror clears briefly, showing Emma and Regina. The Queen gestures and the Dragon moans in pain and then transforms into a giant dragon. She orders the fDragon to kill them, and he flies into the air and unleashes a burst of flame.

The Queen tells Henry that she has a choice and gives him the Hammer, and says that he can save his mothers by smashing the Dragon's heart. Henry warns that darkening his heart won't make him hers, but the Queen says that he'll be closer to understanding what she really is. When he points out that if Regina dies then the Queen will as well, the Queen says that she's certain he'll make the right choice.

Regina suggests that they get the Dragon to blast the mirror then they can get out. She admits that she's afraid to raise Henry alone, and the Queen reminds her of what a horrible mother she could have been. Emma says that they do it together and Regina agrees. They draw the Dragon's fire and he flies down at them.

Henry tells the Queen that if she's his mother then don't make him do it. She says that her own mother proved that sometimes a child just needs a little push.

Emma and Regina pound on the mirror as the Dragon moves in, and the Queen tells Henry to do it. He raises the Hammer... and smashes the mirror. The women duck out of the way and the Dragon's fire hits the mirror. Henry grabs the mirror and the flame comes through the mirror, freeing Regina and Emma. The Queen complains that Regina made Henry soft, and Henry says that he's strong because his mothers taught him that family makes someone stronger... and the Queen will never have because she's always alone. Hook grabs the Queen from behind and tells her to leave, and she tells Henry that she only wants best for him before teleporting away.

Aladdin meets with Jasmine and she says that she's proud of him for being a hero. She admits that she hasn't been great at helping people, and Aladdin reveals that he stole a lamp from Gold's shop as well. He admits that the Genie has moved on, but whoever is inside might be able to take them to Agrabah.

At the farmhouse, Zelana prepares to use the wand. Gold arrives and teleports the wand to his hand, and puts a gold bracelet on Belle's hand. He says that no matter where she goes, he'll find her. Belle says that he's scared, pointing out that she almost won. The next time she'll run far enough that he'll never see his child. Gold reminds her that he takes children, not the other way around. When Zelena taunts him, he magically chokes Zelena... and Gold has a heart attack. She reminds Gold of their deal when she saved her life. He says that he's good at finding a loophole and teleports away.

Mary Margaret puts Neal to bed, lies down next to David, and starts to write a note. She finally says that she can't do it anymore and kisses him, transferring the curse. David greets his son and realizes that Mary Margaret didn't leave him a note. He says that he misses her as well and strokes her cheek.

Violet returns to the diner in I response to Henry's message. He has decorated the place with balloons and apologizes for missing their date. Henry wonders why she's been distant lately, and Violet says that she's having a hard time adjusting to school because she feels out of place. Henry assures her that she doesn't need a label and invites her to dance. Violet accepts and they dance together in the darkness. Outside, Emma and Regina watch and Emma figures that Henry will be okay with or without her. Regina realizes that they've already raised Henry.

Gold looks at the sonogram of his son. The Queen enters the pawnshop and says that their job as parents is to make their children strong. She's sure that Henry will realize it someday. Gold asks her how far she's willing to go to get her new beginning, and the Queen says that she'll do anything. He says that perhaps they can both get their happy ending and kisses her. When she says that they're on the team, Gold says that they are... for now. He then tells her that Zelena has become a bit of a problem and he wants the Queen to kill her.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 14, 2016

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