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Trace Decay Recap

Robert brings Bernard back online and the host panics as he realizes that Theresa is gone. Sobbing, he realizes that he killed her, and Robert tells him that his anguish and guilty is a thing of beauty. He says that Bernard should feel proud of the emotion he has, which he developed since Robert built him. Bernard insists that he loved Theresa, and wonders why Robert made him kill her. Robert says that one man's life is a small price to pay for the knowledge he seeks, and Theresa and those behind her would have destroyed Bernard and everything that the created together. Furious, Bernard refuses to help him and vows to raze Westworld to the ground, and Robert freezes him and says that Arnold felt the same way… and couldn't stop him either. he tells Bernard that needs him to be his true self: smart, resourceful, capable of covering his tracks. Bernard has no choice but to comply, and Robert tells him to eliminate anything that can link them to Theresa's death.

Bernard returns to the complex and deletes all of the records. Robert then deletes all of his memories of his relationship with Theresa and what he did to her.

At the Mariposa, Maeve discovers that there is a new Clementine. She talks briefly to Maeve and wonders if something is wrong. Maeve doesn't answer and Clementine goes to her room with a guest. She looks around at the other hosts going about their business, and remembers her previous role and her "daughter". Later at the complex, she tells Felix and Sylvester that she can't tell which set of memories are real. Felix says that she recalls all of her memories perfectly. Maeve wonders what happened to the girl, but when Felix offers to check, she tells him not to do it because it doesn't matter. They're all a story created to keep her there, but now she's going to get out and will now she's not a puppet living a lie. Sylvester tells her to go, but Maeve knows about the explosive charge planted in the spine of every host that detonate if they leave the park. Felix warns her that even if they remove it, she'd need allies and Maeve agrees. She tells them that she'll need administrative privileges to get them, and they'll give it to her so she can create her own story.

William and Dolores ride to the river and Dolores says that she feels like she's close to home. They dismount and Dolores walks along the river until she comes to a group of dead Confederados killed by the Ghost Nation. They find one host barely alive and William hesitantly gives Dolores some water to give to the Confederado. The Confedrado confirms that he was part of the ambush aimed at them, and a new recruit in Pariah told them that a man and a woman double-crossed them and would be on the train. William realizes that it was Logan, and Dolores insists on helping the Confederado. Her lover says that he's too far gone to help, but Dolores refuses to let him suffer.

Dolores goes to the river to get more water, and sees her own corpse in the water. She turns and discovers that William and the Confederados have disappeared. When she looks again, her corpse has disappeared and William has reappeared. Dolores goes back but the Confederado has died.

The field techs find Theresa's corpse in the same ravine where they found the Woodcutter. Stubbs shows it to Charlotte and Robert, and reports that she apparently slipped and fell. There were no guests or hosts in the vicinity when it occurred, and Stubbs has no idea why Theresa was there. They did find a laser transmitter near her body, loaded with proprietary data, and Stubbs suggests that Theresa was trying to transmit the data from a higher altitude when she fell to her death. The transmission was never sent, and Stubbs speculates that Theresa tried to send the data personally when the Woodcutter failed. Charlotte points out that it all seems very unlike Theresa, and says that she wanted to delay the new narrative. Robert suggests that the Clementine demonstration was a hoax and Theresa was responsible, and says that someone altered the host's code. He says that the QA team will have to be reined in until a new more principled team can be brought in, and says that he can automate many of the park's safety protocols to make up for the limited resources. Robert will need Bernard to do it, and asks if Bernard will be reinstated as Head of Behavior now that Theresa's activities have been revealed. Charlotte has no choice but to agree.

As Maeve examines the administration tablet, Sylvester returns and says that something is up and there's an investigation going on. Maeve gives them the tablet and says that she's learned what she needed, and Sylvester warns that the codes that stop her from leaving are burned into her cerebral cortex. She says that her coding is quote old, and it's like two minds are arguing with each other, and that there are things in her that she designed to do but are just out of her reach. Maeve asks who Arnold is, and Sylvester says that she needs a trip to Behavior to access any of her dormant programming. She tells them to take her there and no one will notice during the window in shift change. Maeve will write down the changes that they need to make, and after that she'll be someone else's problem

Felix and Sylvester walk out into the hall to discuss the situation privately. Sylvester says that when they do the next system update, it will put Maeve out and then they wipe everything and destroy her. Felix refuses, insisting that Maeve is wake, but Sylvester says that he's getting them out of what Felix got them into.

The Man and Teddy continue riding and Teddy warns that Wyatt could attack at any time. When the Man says that Teddy only remembers what Robert lets him, Teddy insists that he knows what he needs to. His traveling companion says that Teddy is there to always be the loser, and Teddy has a brief memory of the Man telling him the same thing before at Dolores' ranch. They come to a massacre and dismount, and find one woman still alive: Angela. The Man is surprised to see her since he figured that they retired her. Angela says that Wyatt's men killed everyone else, and Teddy says that Wyatt did the same thing when he was with him.

As Teddy cuts Angela free, the Man hears something moving in the brush. A huge behemoth of a man, wearing a mask with ram horns, comes out of the woods and knocks him down. Teddy shoots the Behemoth but the bullets have no effect. The Man stabs the Behemoth in the back and then garrotes him with a rope. As he drags him back, Teddy remembers the Man dragging Dolores into the barn. After a moment, Teddy shakes it off and staves in the Behemoth's head with his own bone axe. The Man figures that Wyatt is close by, and Teddy tells him that he did remember something and punches him unconscious.

Sylvester and Felix take Maeve on a gurney to Behavior, and she secretly directs them to the proper station. She programs the necessary changes and Felix warns that they'll have to shut her system down. Maeve wishes Sylvester good luck and lies down, and Felix initiates the shutdown. Once she shuts down, Sylvester tells Felix to wipe Maeve and be done with it. Felix hesitates over the reformat button.

Lee is reviewing his new cannibal narrative with one of the hosts when Charlotte comes in. He offers his condolences on what happened to Theresa, but says that rumor has it that Theresa wasn't as loyal as she seemed. Charlotte insists that Theresa did everything at Delos' behest, and slipped and fell while helping the board with something important. She refuses to say what, and Lee tells her that Robert has asked him to personally create a villain for his new narrative. Charlotte tells him that Robert dug up some old town on the fringes of the park and has no intention of entrusting Lee with a key character, and Wyatt is the key villain. However, she tells Lee that he's ready for a new job working for her but says that she'll show him rather than tell. Charlotte leaves and after a moment, Lee goes after her.

Sylvester tells Felix that it wasn't going to end any other way, and reminds him that he saved him. Maeve sets up and thanks Sylvester, and she says that Felix did precisely what she asked him. She was well aware of what Sylvester had planned, and says that she and Felix changed more than just her ability to leave the park. Maeve grabs a scalpel and cuts Sylvester's throat, and he collapses, dead. A shocked Felix says that Maeve promised that she wouldn’t hurt anyone, but she just smiles in satisfaction and tells Felix to wait until she starts practicing her other new talents. She then gives Felix a skin fuser and says that they might still need Sylvester, and Felix fuses the wound to cover the damage. Maeve tells him that it's time to recruit her army.

Sweetwater starts up and Maeve walks down the street to the Mariposa. Once she gets there, she checks the time. Clementine notices and asks if she's expecting someone, and Maeve says that an old flame is coming to town. When the bartender says that Maeve has run up her tab, she takes control of him and says that she is fine and deserves a token of gratitude. After a moment, the bartender gets her a double courtesy of the house. A girl and her mother walk by outside, and Maeve remembers defending her daughter in their home as the Man came in. He ignored her bullets and stabbed her in the stomach.

Maeve clutches instinctively at her stomach, and then orders Clementine to distract a new batch of guests. Clementine takes the other girls over to comply, and Maeve tells the bartender to go in the back. Once he leaves, Hector and his men ride into town just as Maeve was expecting. Foss confronts them as before and the shootout begins as scheduled. Maeve goes out and tells Sheriff Pickett to ignore the shooting, and Armistice shoots him in the back as he casually walks away. Maeve gestures Hector inside and has the Marshals shoot each other. Hector pours himself as his men take the Mariposa safe, and Maeve smiles in satisfaction.

Robert meets with Bernard and thanks him for dealing with the situation. Bernard wonders about Charlotte, and Robert says that they can keep her at bay. When Bernard asks if something else is troubling him, Robert wonders what he really feels. The host says that he knows how he's coding, but wonders if the things he experienced was real. Robert says that every host needs a back story, and his imagined suffering makes Bernard lifelike. Bernard wonders what the difference is between his pain and Robert's, and Robert says that the same question consumed Arnold and drove him mad. He tells Bernard that there is no threshold and they can't define consciousness because it doesn't exist. Humans live in loops as tight as the hosts do, and assures Bernard that he's not missing anything again. Before Robert reprograms Bernard, Bernard asks if Robert has made him hurt anyone else before. Robert assures him he hasn't, but Bernard has a brief flash of killing Elise. Robert erases Bernard's memories and tell him that it's best not to dwell on them or he might be drawn into them as his fellows hosts have.

Dolores leads William to another stretch of the river and says that she's home. An empty town is there, and Dolores walks into it. She remembers coming there in her previous role, and the hosts dancing in the streets. When one of them starts to wander off, the technician guiding them--Maeve--puts her back with her partner. Lawrence's daughter comes up to Dolores and asks if she's found what she's looking for, Before Dolores can answer, shots ring out as Wyatt and his men arrive in town and gun down the townspeople. One of the shooters is Dolores, and puts a gun to her head.

William finds Dolores preparing to shoot herself, and pulls the revolver away. She snaps back to reality and realizes that the town is gone except for one church steeple. Dolores wonders when they are, and wonders if any of it is real. William assures her that he's real, and Dolores says that she can't tell anymore. He says that she's trapped in bad memories, and Dolores says that Arnold wants her to remember. William says that Arnold isn't there and he is, and he's getting Dolores out.

That night, Dolores tells William that she was sure Arnold would meet her there. He figures that she's starting to break down the further she is from Sweetwater, Logan and a group of Confederados ride up, Logan wearing a Confederado uniform. He says that he's been looking for William for days, and William and Dolores are both fucked.

Charlotte takes Lee to a hangar filled with deactivated hosts. She leads him to the Peter Abernathy host and uploads 35 years of data. Only a host's empty brain can contain it. Charlotte tells Lee to give Peter a semblance of a personality and getting him out of the park on the train.

Bernard is returning to his office when Stubbs approaches him and says that he thought the decision to remove him was shortsighted. He says that he knew Bernard and Theresa was involved, but Bernard has no memory of his relationship with Theresa because of Robert's memory-wipe. Stubbs asks if Bernard has heard from Elsie, and Bernard suggests that she's just enjoying her time off before moving on.

Teddy and Angela make camp for the night after Teddy ties up the Man. When the Man wakes up, Angela tells Teddy that Wyatt's men said that the world belonged to something yet to come. Teddy tells the Man that his conviction is to save Dolores or die trying. He wonders what the Man's conviction is, and punches him. Teddy says that he remembers the Man raping Dolores, and demand to know where she is. The Man says that Teddy is an idiot and he just hands Dolores over to men like him. Teddy punches him again and promises to kill him slowly, and the Man says that he can't because the park rules hold him back. He tells Teddy that he's a titan of industry and a family man. His wife killed herself when she realized what kind of man the Man was in the Park, and her daughter knew. So the Man came back to the park and played his own story, picking out a homesteader woman and her daughter.

At the Mariposa, Maeve tells Clementine that the house is hers because she's finally getting out. She walks out to a waiting wagon,

The Man says that he wanted to do something truly evil to see what he's made of.

Clementine follows Maeve and tries to get her back. A man comes out and fires his gun into the air, and Maeve remembers hearing similar shots in the past.

Maeve lies on the floor, the Man's knife in her stomach. He then draws his gun and shoots her daughter.

The Man says that he killed Maeve and her daughter to see what he felt. But Maeve refused to die, drew the knife out of her stomach, and cuts his throat with it.

Maeve draws a knife and cuts Clementine's throat, reliving the moment.

Teddy says that the Man is an animal, and the Man says that an animal would have felt something. He didn't feel anything, and then he saw something miraculous. Maeve was truly alive for a moment, consumed with grief for her dead daughter. That was when the maze revealed itself to him. The Man tells Teddy that the maze has to do with everything. Even if he goes to the outer edges of Robert's game, Teddy can't kill him or leave a lasting mark. He insists that there's a deeper gam--Arnold--and that game cuts deep.

Maeve sees the marshals coming and goes through the crowd, whispering to one host. He draws his gun and opens fire on the marshals, and she runs off.

A field tech reports to Stubbs that they're having a behavioral problem with Maeve. She authorizes a tach team to recover Maeve.

Maeve goes to her apartment and remembers her daughter dying, and being taken to the complex.

Robert and Bernard examine her when she won't respond to verbal commands, and Robert finally manages to gain control of her. He says that he'll take her suffering from her, but Maeve begs them to leave her the pain because it's all that she has left of her daughter. Ignoring her pleas, Robert erases her memory, and he says that they'll give her a fresh life and a new role. Maeve grabs a scalpel and stabs herself in the throat.

The cleanup techs enter Maeve's apartment and report that they've located her. She feigns shutdown and lets them take her.

The Man tells Teddy that he left his world behind for the park, and the maze is all that matters now. Once they beat him, it will give his life and Teddy's meaning to giving their choices consequence… even if it kills them. Angela tells Teddy to kill the Man, insisting that he's worse than Wyatt's men. Teddy draws his gun and puts it to the Man's head, but can't pull the trigger. Angela says that maybe she can help him, and stabs Teddy in the chest with an arrow. She says that it's time for Teddy to come back to the fold as Wyatt's men emerge from the shadows.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 21, 2016

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