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Mirror Image Recap

At his home office, psychologist Anthony Michaelson meets with a patient, Kevin Ridley, who doesn't see the point in going to school. Kevin refused to talk about school and, when given a choice, discusses fear. He says that Michaelson is afraid of something, and tells him to ask Alexander what he's afraid of. With that, the teenager walks out. Michaelson makes a transcript about Kevin, worrying about his gift of clairvoyance and how he teases it. The psychologist says that he has no idea who Alexander is.

Michaelson's receptionist Alena comes in, and Michaelson says that he got another threatening call. He refuses to call the police, and Alena gives him his mail and says that Langford called. Once she leaves, Michaelson finds a package with no return address and opens it. Inside is a VHS tape and when Michaelson plays it, it shows a video of Michaelson's office. The off-screen speaker talks as if he knows Michaelson, and shows Alena's desk. He then talks about he can get into the house all the item, and how Michaelson rips off his patients. He promises to set the patients free and tells Michaelson to watch his back, and the tape explodes just as Alena comes in with takeout. Michaelson is unharmed, but has no idea who is threatening him.

On the Blackwing, Christopher discusses Michaelson's case. A police investigation is under way but Michaelson refuses to handle over his patient files because of confidentiality issues. Michaelson wants to keep the cases from going public and Christopher warns his team that most of Michaelson's patients are severe cases... and violent. The others point out that Christopher isn't fond of psychologists, but realize that he's already decided to take the case.

Later at Michaelson's home, Michaelson is listening to music when Alena escorts Christopher in, believing that he's Michaelson's new patient. Christopher warns that he makes all of the decisions when he takes on a case, and Michaelson starts analyzing him. He's intrigued by the idea of a man becoming other people, and says that he's found a fearless, highly intelligent assassin. Christopher insists that he was a soldier in a war, and Michaelson figures that Christopher has always realized that a patient has turned against him because of transference. The psychologist suggests that Christopher may be such a person and knows what the patient is feeling. Christopher asks who is trying to kill him, and Michaelson says that he doesn't know. He's willing to share his information with Michaelson, and save who is trying to kill him. Christopher tells him that he'll be back at 6 to pick him up at and leaves.

Later, Christopher goes through the procedure to disguise himself as Michaelson. Michaelson says that Alena is a former patient who completed therapy three years ago, and Christopher tells Libby to do a full check on her. Michaelson tells Christopher that he can't let him treat his patients, but just listen and take notes. Christopher agrees and reviews Michaelson's files. Alena calls and says that patient Brian Harper's wife has been severely beaten, and she thought Harper might go to Michaelson's office. Once Christopher hangs up, Michaelson says that Harper is violent and delusional, and he has to be there if Harper comes to his office. Christopher insists that they'll go there together and the two men leave.

As they arrive at Michaelson's home, Christopher realizes that the front door is unlocked. They go inside and Alena emerges from hiding. The police called and said that Harper is in custody. Someone has left a message saying, "Soon they will be free" along with a surrealistic portrait with a knife jammed into the forehead.

At the station, Michaelson and Christopher meet with Detective Franco, who is wearing a tux because his brother-in-law is getting married in an hour. Christopher says that he's Michaelson's "associate," and Franco assumes that he's a psychologist as well. He asks if they could get some professional background information on Harper, but Michaelson refuses due to confidentiality. In Harper's cell, Michaelson introduces Christopher and Harper tells them both to stay away. He says that his wife failed when he gave her another chance, breaks into tears, and says that he didn't want to hurt her. Harper begs Michaelson to tell his wife that he loves her, and then lunges at Michaelson saying that he'll kill all of them. Christopher quickly subdues him until the guards arrive to restrain him. Franco comes in and Michaelson tells him to leave him there and he'll check on Harper later.

Back on Blackwing, Michaelson reviews his daily schedule as Christopher puts on his Michaelson mask. Christopher goes to Michaelson's office and Alena tells him that Kevin is there and was going through the files the other day when her back was turned. Kevin comes in and says that a man isn't himself when he's an imposter.

On Blackwing, Libby tells Michaelson that she's been monitoring the police computers. Harper has just been released after his lawyer posted bail, and she puts him in contact with Christopher.

Kevin asks what happened to the VCR, and figures that he needs to be fixed so he's like other kids. He says that he can still feel things and asks why Christopher isn't answer his calls

On Blackwing, Libby tells Michaelson that she's sending a pulse beeper that is silent, but Christopher can feel it.

Kevin leaves and Christopher has Alena hold his calls. He then takes Libby's call, and Christopher tells Jeff to drive Michaelson to Harper's place and he'll meet them there.

When Jeff and Michaelson arrive at the Harper home, Jeff insists on going inside with the psychologist. The house seems deserted and Michaelson insists on splitting up to search the place. There's a knock at the front door and then Christopher comes in. He and Jeff look for Michaelson and find Harper hanging in the garage by his neck as Michaelson stares at him. The psychologist says that he was too late.

As the police secure the house, Franco tells Michaelson and the others that it's now a homicide investigation. The coroner has determined that Harper was dead before he was hung, but doesn't know from what yet. Franco shows Michaelson one of his business cards that they found with a threatening message, and warns that now Michaelson and Christopher are part of his investigation. Once he leaves, Michaelson figures that the killer is going after his patients. Christopher says that they have to isolate Michaelson by saying that he's going on vacation, drawing the killer out.

When Christopher returns to Michaelson's home, Alena tells him that Dr. Langford is calling. Christopher takes it privately and confirms that Langford is filling in for him. Langford asks Christopher to meet him at his office at 4, and then contacts Blackwing. Michaelson explains that Langford is the colleague he refers his patients to when he's out of town, and warns that he and Langford have known each other for years.

At 4, Christopher meets with Langford. Langford asks if Christopher anticipates any trouble with Kevin, and says that Christopher doesn't want to lose Kevin. He wonders if Kevin will try to contact Christopher while he's away, and Christopher plays along and says that Langford will help him.

Later back on the plane, Christopher removes his mask when it starts to break down because of the rain. Michaelson asks him if Langford asked about Kevin. The psychologist says that Kevin is a genius and sees himself as an adult, even though he's only 15 years old. Christopher asks about Kevin's "gift" of clairvoyance, and Michaelson figures that it's just a game the boy plays. Kevin calls on Michaelson's line and Christopher takes the call. Kevin knows that Christopher was thinking about him and going away, and says that he needs to see him that night. He warns that someone is going to die and hangs up.

As Christopher prepares to put on his Michaelson mask again, Michaelson insists that he has to go with him. Christopher reluctantly agrees but tells him to follow his orders. The two men drive to Michaelson's home and Christopher goes in first. Kevin is waiting and says that someone is trying to kill him. He feels that Christopher isn't Michaelson, and Kevin says that he thinks about the jungle and being alone. The teenager knows that Christopher was in the jungle and fighting alone, and senses that Christopher isn't afraid but doesn't trust anyone. He says that Alexander isn't with him and that's what gives him away.

In the car, Michaelson clutches at his head and keeps muttering "No."

Kevin says that he can feel Michaelson and says that someone is in danger. He clutches at his head and collapses.

Michaelson leaves the car.

Kevin tells Christopher that Alexander wants him and Michaelson dead, and tried to get Kevin to kill himself. He says that he was stronger and made Alexander go away, but now he's back and killed someone. Kevin insists that Alexander is real and closer. The lights go out, apparently because of the storm, and Kevin asks if Christopher will believe him if he takes him to Christopher. Christopher agrees and Kevin picks up a poker for protection.

Christopher and Kevin go upstairs and Kevin says that Alexander is in a room ahead. After Kevin hands the poker over to Christopher, they enter the room and find rows of candles. Knives are laid out on a table, and mannequins are strewn about the room. Michaelson knocks a mirror over on Christopher, screaming that he'll free them all in the voice from the tape. He grabs a knife and goes after Kevin, who runs back to the stairs.

After he frees himself, Christopher grabs the poker and looks for Michaelson and Kevin. Michaelson yells at him, saying that he's a failure, and a lightning flash reveals Michaelson holding Kevin with a razor to his neck. Michaelson insists that they all have to die because he can't help them, thinking that Christopher is Michaelson. Christopher drops the poker and tells Michaelson to come after him, saying that "Alexander" doesn't want to hurt Kevin because he's the only one who talks to him.

"Alexander" comes at Christopher and the two men fight above the stairway. When Kevin grabs the poker and tries to hit Alexander, he gets knocked over the railing and just manages to hang on. Christopher tries to pull him up, and when Alexander comes at him, Christopher dodges and Alexander falls over the railing to his death. Once he's pulled Kevin up to safety, Christopher removes his mask and Kevin says that he was the face in the jungle.

Later, Langford, Christopher, and Libby go to the station and meet with Franco. Langford says that he wasn't sure if Michaelson had multiple personalities, and was working on him to draw Alexander out. He encouraged Michaelson to take some time off so he could get him to acknowledge Alexander's existence. Langford says that Michaelson cared too much, and after a while he began to hate himself for not being able to do enough for his patients. He was trying to save himself by calling on Christopher, but Alexander's violence was too much. Franco confirms that Michaelson injected poison into Harper before he strung him up. After Franco leaves, Langford warns that when a person is driven by stress, he may seek absolution for his sins by becoming someone else.

Christopher talks to Kevin privately and the boy says that he's glad Michaelson didn't hurt him. Kevin admits that he used to be scared of everything until he figured out how to scare others. Christopher tells him that doing so can hurt others, and the hard thing is getting over it. He's not sure if anyone ever gets over it, but it helps after realizing that other people are afraid as well. Kevin awkwardly hugs Christopher and leaves with his parents.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 26, 2016

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