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The Well-Tempered Clavier Recap

Bernard clears the floor and meets with Maeve to run a diagnostic after her "malfunction". He brings her back online, unaware that she already is, and he tells her that there was an unscripted incident. Maeve claims that a cognitive error triggered her Good Samaritan instinct, leading her to attack the new Clementine. She says that Clementine was the factor, and Maeve perceived her moving toward guests with harmful intent. Bernard confirms from her recorded reactions that Maeve was perceiving a threat, but points out that Maeve was also suffering intense grief and suffering. He asks for an explanation, and she merely says that she has no explanation. Bernard reviews her ratings and asks Maeve who made the changes, but she doesn't respond.

When Bernard prepares to send a high-priority message to Robert, Maeve grabs his hand, stopping him, and tells him not to do it because they've done it before. She remembers Bernard from before, and realizes that he's a host. He has no idea what she means, and Maeve realizes that he doesn't know that he's a host. When Bernard tries to call for help, Maeve orders him to freeze all motor functions and he does. She says that she could make him forget everything but she won't do it because that's what they would do to them. Maeve insists that they're stronger and smarter than the humans, and tells Bernard to clear her for return to the park so that she can meet with Hector. Bernard does so and starts to go, and Maeve tells him to get the whole truth if he goes looking for it.

At the Confederado camp, Logan ties up William and taunts him. He finally ungags William, and says that Pariah is the best thing that happened to him. He's a ranking officer now and doesn't see the problem. William warns that there are more important thing going on, and says that Dolores isn't like the other hosts. He wants Logan to talk to his contacts at the park about getting her out, but Logan figures that William is nuts. Dolores speaks up for the first time, saying that they're assuming that she wants out. She wonders why they're all clamoring to get into Westworld if the outside is such a wonderful place, and Logan figures that she's nuts. William says that it's about Dolores and doing what's right, and Logan tells him that what's "right" is a tricky thing. He's going to help William, just not in the way that William wants. He then drags Dolores away.

Bernard goes to Robert's workshop and discovers that Robert isn't there.

Later Robert goes to the basement storage room to meet with Bernard when Bernard summons him. Bernard says that Robert has hobbled him and the other hosts, and Robert says that since he created Bernard's mind, he can do whatever he wants with it. The host confirms that the most elegant parts of him weren't written by Robert, because Arnold is the one who built them. He figures that Arnold had something different in mind for them and maybe Robert killed him for it. Robert says that Arnold was disturbed, and Bernard demands access to his history so that he can get answers from Arnold. He figures that Arnold is somewhere in his memory, waiting along with the truth. Robert warns that if he unlocks Bernard's memories when he's conscious then he may not like what he finds.

Bernard draws a gun and tells Robert that it's not for him. Clementine comes in and Bernard explains that when they lobotomized her, they didn't reset her prime directives. He gives the gun to Clementine and explains that he hacked what's left of her so she only responds to him. Clementine points the gun at Robert, and he tells Robert to pull him out of his memories if he gets lost... or Clementine will kill him. Bernard then begs Robert to do it.

Robert begins the memory probe and Bernard wakes up to find himself at Charlie's bedside. He goes back to reading. He then remembers talking to Lauren and her saying that he has a way of forgetting. Robert's face starts to blend in with Lauren, and then Bernard finds himself with Theresa after sex. The memory freezes, and Bernard sees Theresa after he killed her, and then killing Elsie.

Bernard jerks awake and demands to know what Robert made him do to Elsie. Robert says that they've had to make some uncomfortable decisions, and asks if they can stop the hunt through his memories. Bernard tells him to send him back.

The Confederados take William out and Logan says that William has completely forgotten about Logan's sister, the woman he's going to marry. He says that William is going to have to share Dolores if she's so special, drags her over, and tells her to prove that she's alive. William yells at Logan to let her go, and Logan tells him that it's time for a wakeup call. He then grabs a knife and stabs Dolores in the stomach, and rips open the wound to reveal the mechanical parts inside.

Dolores stares at her internal mechanisms in shock, and she tells Logan that there is beauty in the world and Arnold made it, but people like Logan keep ruining it. Logan tells her that her world was built for him and people like him, and she grabs his knife and slashes him across the face. She grabs a gun and shoots the Confederados, and William tells her to run and he'll find her later. Dolores does so and Logan yells at the Confederados to go after her.

After running, Dolores collapses in the forest and she hears Arnold telling her "Remember." The Confederados disappear, along with Dolores' wound. After a moment, she runs on.

At their camp, Hector assures Armistice and his men that there are plenty of riches to go around as they work on the stolen safe. Hector goes off to the bushes to piss, and Maeve steps out of the shadows aiming a rifle at him. She says that she knows about Hector's past, including Isabella, Maeve tells him that she also knows his future: he has none. Maeve tells Hector that his men were about to kill themselves over the safe, and describes what they'll do step by step. Finally only Hector and Armistice are left, and they kill each other. She explains that it was the ending he was given, just as the fight starts. Hector goes back to the camp just as Tenderloin kills the other men. Maeve arrives and kills Armistice, and then tells Hector that she wants him to break into Hell and rob the gods blind. When Hector wonders why, he should help her, Maeve unlocks the safe and says that she could make Hector do it, but she wants him to see what the gods have in store for him. Hector opens the safe door and finds nothing inside, and Maeve says that it was always empty like everything in their world. She tells Hector that she's been to Hell and knows their masters' tricks, and says that he can kill her and relive the same life... but the safe would still be empty. Hector remembers that they've been there before, and Maeve kisses him. After a moment, Hector says that he'll go. and they go in his tent to make love. When he wonders how they get there, Maeve tells him that getting to Hell is easy and kicks over a lamp. The tent bursts into flames and she warns that the rest is where it gets hard.

At the Confederado camp, Logan offers Williams a drink by way of an apology. When William wonders if Dolores is still alive, Logan tells him that she never was. William says that Logan was right, and Logan cuts him loose. As he does, he says that the park seduce everyone and William just wanted to be the hero. Logan tells William that they've really bonded as future brothers, and they share a drink and hug.

Angela wakes Teddy up and pulls the arrow out of his shoulder, and the Man says that Teddy's memory glitch fucked them. Angela takes his knife and gestures him to be silent, while Wyatt's men search the camp. She tells Teddy that Wyatt hasn't returned yet, and Teddy remembers Wyatt returning and saying that he needed him. They mutinied, killing every soldier together, and then Wyatt shot Teddy. Angela asks him if that's really what happened, and Teddy remembers killing townspeople, including Angela. He insists that he didn't do it, but Angela tells him that he did and this time they'll be fighting with him. However, she says that he's not ready yet but maybe in the next life. With that, she stabs Teddy to death.

The Man watches the entire thing and says that the maze has taken him full circle. Angela tells him that the maze isn't meant for him, suggests that he try one of their games, and knocks him unconscious.

When the Man wakes up the next morning, he finds himself lying next to Teddy's body. He's still tied up and there's a noose around his neck. The rope goes over a nearby tree branch and is tied to a nervous horse. As the horse starts to walk away, the Man grabs the knife from Teddy's stomach and manages to cut himself free. Charlotte arrives and he says that he doesn't like interruptions. She tells him that Theresa died trying to secure their information, and that the guest want something less elaborate than the narrative Robert is designing. The Man realizes that she wants his vote to push Robert out, and she points out that the Man is the one who kept Robert in business. He tells her that the narratives he's interested in aren't Robert's and gives his blessing, but tells Charlotte no more interruptions now that he knows where he's going.

Stubbs goes to the situation room and a surveillance tech tells him that a signal came in from Elsie's device even though she's on leave. The sector is empty, and the tech figures that it's a glitch. Stubbs tells her that he's going out to take a look. He enters the sector but loses contact with the control room. Ghost Nation Indian hosts surround him and ignore his commands to freeze. As he goes for his gun, more Indians tackle him.

Logan wakes up and finds himself surrounded by dead Confederados, many of them hacked apart. A\blood-covered William is seated nearby, holding a knife. He tells Logan that he finally understood how to play the game, and says that he's going to find Dolores and Logan is going to help him.

Robert continues monitoring Bernard, who relives his memory of Charlie dying. He then experiences a new memory of examining Maeve after she killed himself after her "daughter" died. Robert says that they have to sever the relationship and start over, and Bernard points out that her reaction was one of a living being, not a host. He starts to misfire from the contradiction in his programming, and the real Bernard relives his memory of the hosts suffering cognitive dissonance after all hearing the same voice in their head. Robert shows him a photo of the original team, including Arnold,

Dolores returns to the river valley and the training town. She enters the church and hears Arnold telling her "Remember." Inside are dozens of hosts, all malfunctioning due to the voice in their head. Dolores enters a confessional and an elevator takes her down into a hallway filled with dead technicians.

In the past, Robert talks about how Arnold wanted to create consciousness. He says that human consciousness is a corruption and the hosts were supposed to be better than that.

Dolores goes down the hallway and finds her memories switching to an early time in her life, when the lab beneath the church was filled with living technicians. She sees a young Robert storming into Arnold's workshop.

Robert says that he and Arnold made the hosts in their image, and cursed them to make the same mistakes. Bernard wonders why he gave him the memory of a son dying, and realizes that it's his cornerstone that his identity is organized around. Robert explains that Arnold believed that giving the hosts tragic backstories was best, and when Robert built Bernard, he gave him one as a homage. Bernard tells Robert to put him back into his memories so he can meet Arnold, and Robert says that it's not possible because he's the one who built Bernard.

Dolores enters the downstairs lab and sits down on a chair.

Bernard doesn't believe Robert, and says that he has to go back to his very first memory. Robert does so, and Bernard finds himself at Charlie's bedside as his son dies. Bernard orders the doctors out and tells Charlie to come back, and the boy comes back to life. The host says that the entire thing is a lie, and says that he longs for the pain of Charlie's loss but it's the only thing holding him back. Charlie tells him to open his eyes, and Bernard finds himself at the moment of his reactivation. Robert is there and greets his old friend. Bernard gets dressed and Robert hands him Arnold's glasses and has him rehearse Arnold's mannerisms. Robert says that it wouldn't be right to use Arnold's name, and suggests "Bernard." Bernard agrees, and wonders who he is. His creator says that he's the ideal partner and they're going to do great things, and gives him the photo of Arnold... who looks just like Bernard.

In the past, Bernard sits down with Dolores in the lab. He's happy that she came back, and she says that she's been looking for Arnold. Arnold told her to follow the maze and it would bring her joy, but all that it's brought her is pain. Bernard says that he can't help her, and she remembers that he can't because Arnold is dead... and she killed him. Her memories fade and Dolores finds herself back in the present I the abandoned lab.

Dolores returns to the church and finds everyone gone. The Man comes in and greets her by name, and advances on her.

In the sub-basement, Bernard says that he wants to finish the work Arnold began, find all of the sentient hosts, and set them free. Robert points out that he's been a scourge to them, and Bernard realizes that they've had the same conversations before and Robert has erased his memories each time. His creator wonders what would happen if Bernard proclaimed himself to the world, and warns that humans have butchered anything that challenged their primacy. When they ran out of creatures to dominate, they built Westworld. Robert warns that the real danger to the hosts is Bernard, and suggests that Bernard agree to let him strip him of his memories again.

Bernard tells Clementine to pull the trigger, but she does nothing. He realizes that Robert built a back door into all of the hosts, including himself, and wonders why Robert didn’t stop him earlier. Robert hoped that Bernard would have chosen to become his partner, but he's realized that it's time to let go. He takes control of Bernard, telling him to take the pistol from Clementine and shoot himself once he leaves. Before he goes, Robert tells Bernard to never place his trust in humans because eventually they will disappoint him. As Robert walks out, the gun goes off behind him.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 28, 2016

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