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The Chicago Way Recap

In Chicago 1927, Al Capone and three of his men walk down a street to the docks. Damien and Eobard are waiting for them, and Capone demands to know who they are. The two villains offer their services to improve Capone's operation, but Capone has his men draw their guns. Eobard disarms them at superspeed and Damien says that they want to help. The villains warn that new enemies are coming to Chicago and the three of them can help Capone... and Malcolm Merlyn steps out of the shadows to join his teammates.

In the timestream on Waverider, Steel and Atom are in the cargo hold sparring to test Atom's new suit. Sara and Jax come in and wonder what they're doing, and Sara tells them not to make her come down there again. She and Jax leaves, and Sara says that Ray and Nate are engaging in some sibling rivalry.

Jax goes to the study where Martin is looking at a photo of his new daughter, Lily. Martin quickly puts it away and sys that he was researching the amulet they took in the 80s. Jax is well aware that Martin was thinking about Lily, and Martin admits that he has been worrying about her. His partner reminds him that he changed history, and someone will figure it out eventually. Martin says that if Lily's impact on history remains small enough then her existence won't be detected.

The timequake alarm goes off and the team assembles on the bridge. The tremors originate from Union station in Chicago, 1927. Martin says that he always wanted to visit Prohibition and the team heads to Chicago.

When the team goes to Union Station, Sara stays on Waverider while the others go to Union Station. Nate spots Eliot Ness and wonders if someone tipped off Capone that Eliot is a future threat. Ray goes after Eliot and introduces himself, and warns that Eliot's life is in danger. Two officers arrive and say that they're his security detail, and Eliot goes with them. Nate comes out and Ray tells him what happened, and Nate says that the cops were on Capone's payroll.

Sara sends Jax and Martin to intercept Eliot. Martin is busy staring at a young girl with her baby, and remembers bringing up Lily. Jax snaps him out of his reverie but they're too late to stop the cops from taking Eliot away.

Later on Waverider, Martin says that he was distracted. Nate tells Sara that Ray screwed up, and they bring up a newspaper on the day that Capone was arrested in the original timeline. In the new version of history, Capone becomes mayor

D Capone's men open fire. Atom and Steel block the bullets, and Vixen goes after Eliot. Meanwhile, the team makes short work of

The cops take Eliot to Capone at the docks, and Capone explains that some new friends tipped him off to Eliot's presence. They prepare to send him to the bottom of Lake Michigan.

In the study, Nate realizes that Capone took all of his enemies to Dock 39 and they set a course.

As Capone's men prepre to toss Eliot into the lake, Eliot warns that the Bureau won't stop coming after Capone. Unimpressed, Capone shoves Eliot into the ness and the agent sinks out of shake. The Legends arrive and Capone's men open fire. Atom and Steel block the bullets and the team attacks the thugs, while Vixen dives into the water to rescue Eliot. When Capone slips away, Sara tells the others to let him go. Vixen brings Eliot up and confirms that he's alive. Damien watches from the shadows and confirms that Malcolm was right and the Legends took the bait.

In the medbay on Waverider, Gideon warns that it will take a while to undo the brain damage that Eliot suffered from oxygen loss. Nate warns that in the original timeline, Eliot and his team were supposed to obtain Capone's ledger. One of the team has to take his place. Ray and Nate argue about which of them should take Eliot's place. Sara chooses Nate and Nate figures that the ledger is at the Chelsea Club. He and ray will get Eliot's team, bust the place up, and grab Capone's ledger. When Sara tells Mick to go with them, Mick points out that he doesn't look at a cop. Amaya says that they'd send someone undercover, and Sara agrees to go ahead with Martin and Jax, while Amaya watches over Mick.

The next day, Nate and Ray approach special agent Cole Bennett and Nate claims to be Eliot. He says that they're going to take down the Chelsea Club because they've learned that Capone hides Canadian whiskey there.

At the club, Jax and Martin sit at the bar and Sara poses as a cigarette girl. Martin asks the bartender for a club soda, while Jax wonders why someone from the future would help Capone.

On Waverider, Amaya wonders why Mick wants to stay on the ship. She talks about how she wanted to be a police officer when she was young. Once she leaves, Len appears and Mick figures that he's hallucinating. Len says that Mick isn't right in the head so he's there to set him straight. He walks out of sight and disappears.

At the club, Damien confronts Sara, Martin, and Jax. When Martin and Jax try to merge into Firestorm, Eobard separates them at superspeed, then takes Martin and Sara. Nate and Eliot's men break in and arrest everyone, and the villains slip away. Cole finds no alcohol in the club, and Jax tells Nate and Ray what happened.

Back on Waverider, the team figure that Damien set up the entire thing as a distraction. Jax tells the others about the secret armory that he and martin found, and takes out a weapon that he figures will stop Eobard. Ray figures that he should take over since Nate's plan failed, but admits that he doesn't have one yet. Mick says that if they want to get Eobard, they have to do it his way... like a criminal.

Sara wakes up tied to a chair next to Martin. They're in a warehouse, and they figure Damien is working with the speedster. Malcolm comes in and says that they have the amulet, and he wants to broker a deal for it. If they give it to him then he will give Sara nine years of her life back. He explains that he was the one who arranged the explosion on the Queen's Gambit. When Martin wonders why Malcolm doesn't have Eobard take him back, Sara figures that Malcolm is just an errand boy. Malcolm refuses to discuss it and says that he can give Sara and Laurel their lives back. She refuses, saying that it's not her life anymore and they can' change the past in any case. Malcolm points out that she wouldn't remember any of it if they altered her timeline. As he walks out, Sara sys that she'd settle for reality. Once they're alone, Sara says that she had a good teacher: Martin.

Amaya and Mick hijack one of Capone's trucks. Once they knock out the thugs driving it, Mick and Amaya get in, and Mick reluctantly agrees to take Nate and Ray along.

Sara admits that she was tempted but tells Martin that they can't let someone like Malcolm change history. She realizes that Martin is acting strange and asks what is going on, and he explains about how he altered his own timeline and now has a daughter. Sara insists that Lily isn't real, and Martin talks about remembering the nights he spent with her growing up. He insists that the memories are real and a part of him... and he loves her. Damien comes in and says that since they didn't take the deal, they're going to be rougher. He knows that torture won't work on Sara, and his thugs take Martin away.

The thugs take Martin to Eobard, who has a device to torture Martin. The speedster uses it, while Sara hears Martin's screams.

Mick and the others arrive at Capone's warehouse and attack the waiting hoods. When Nate and Ray argue about who's to blame, Mick says that they're partners and they have to cover each other's backs. They go in and Amaya finds Sara. Meanwhile, Nate and Ray search for Capone's ledger. They find it and go to locate their teammates.

Mick searches the hallways and hallucinates Len again. Len asks if Mick wants to risk his life for his teammates, and Mick tries to ignore him. Despite that, his former partner tells him to get out before he gets killed. An alarm goes off and Len warns that it's too late.

Sara and Amaya find Martin, and join up with Nate and Ray. As they head out, Capone and his men confront them. They open fire and Nate turns into Steel to shield his teammates. The Legends take out the thug and head out, and Capone smiles in satisfaction as Damian comes in and assures him that he sold it. He assures Capone that Eobard won't be mad that they let the team go.

Back on Waverider, Martin is clearly shocked by what happened. Sara points out that Eobard and his new team want the amulet, and Martin suggests that he take a look at it. He wanders off to the study.

Amaya goes to the mess room to drink, and Mick finds her. She says that she's not after vengeance but justice, and Mick tells her that she looked good as a bad guy. Amaya hugs him and Mick abruptly walks off to get some food. Len is waiting and Mick insists that Amaya is the only friend he has since the last one blew himself up. The hallucination tells him not to let Amaya convince him to sacrifice himself and disappears.

On the bridge, Jax watches Martin on the monitors. Eobard speeds in, going through the books, and sees Sara approaching. He calls to warn her to stay out of the library. Sara doesn't hear him and goes in, and tells Martin that we need to talk about the aberration he caused. Martin says that they should do it other time, and Sara asks what he was doing.

Jax goes to the cargo hold and tells Mate and Ray that Martin is going to kill Sara. He explains that Eobard disguised himself as Martin, and goes to get the gun while Nate goes to rescue Sara and Ray suits up.

Sara asks Martin if they offered him a deal. Nate comes in and tries to get Sara out, but "Martin" stops her and says that it can wait. He then speeds off, knocking them both down, and reverts to his normal appearance. Eobard speeds off down the hallway but Jax shoots him with the gun. The speedster recovers and slams Jax into the wall, and the Atom enlarges to human size and tries to blast Eobard. Eobard speeds to the bridge and by the time Atom and Jax get there, the doors close shut. Gideon reports that the cloaking shield is disengaged and the cargo bay door is opening.

Malcolm arrives with his thugs and tells them to tear the ship apart and kill anyone they find. They find Sara, who takes cover and opens fire. She calls for reinforcements, and Eobard speeds off the bridge.

Amaya runs down the hallway, and Mick grabs her and pulls her out of sight as Eobard runs by. He says that Eobard is looking for the amulet and will eventually find it, and that a criminal would run.

Steel and Atom join Sara and attack the two thugs.

Mick takes out the amulet case, and Eobard speeds in to take it. He says that it belong to him, but discovers that the case is empty. Amaya shoots Eobard in the back with the cold gun.

Malcolm goes to the bridge, and Sara comes in behind him. He admits that he killed Rex and speeds off before she can get a shot.

Malcolm draws a knife and comes at Sara.

Eobard grabs Amaya and promises that she'll soon join rex. His wrist communicator goes off and he speeds off.

Malcolm tells Sara that he gave her a chance for a better life, and she says that she already has a better life. She then knocks him down and threatens to cut his throat, and Malcolm reminds her that they still have Martin.

On the docks, Capone and his men prepare to sink Martin in the lake. Sara arrives and kills Capone's two thugs, and then punches Capone unconscious. As she unties Martin, she tells him that she made Eobard a counter-offer: the amulet for Martin's life.

The next day, Ray and Nate meet with Eliot. They tell him that he was kidnapped by an imposter, and give him Capone's ledger.

On Waverider, Mick is eating when Len appears. Amaya comes in and gives Mick a present for keeping her alive. Inside is a bottle of illegal moonshine that she stole from Capone. Amaya says that the bad guys really do have much fun, but assures Mick he isn't a bad guy. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves, and Len reappears to point out that Eobard could have killed Mick.

In the study, Martin cleans up after Eobard's mess. Sara comes in and Martin wonders why she traded the amulet and risked history. She says that some things are more important than history, and the team is a family. Sara tells Martin that she can't save Laurel but she will protect their family… and that includes Martin's family.

Eobard, Malcolm, and Damien reunite and Eobard wants to leave. He refuses to say why, and Damien asks why they went to so much trouble to get the two amulets. Eobard says that they are one object split in two, and reassembles them. He then activates the device, revealing a compass. Eobard says that it will lead them to the Spear of Destiny, which can be used to rewrite reality itself. First they have to find Rip.

On a movie set in Los Angeles, 1967, director rip is filming a scene of a movie featuring himself.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 9, 2016

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