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The Chicago Way

The team travel to Chicago, 1927, to prevent a timequake and find Damian and the mysterious speedster responsible... and they've teamed up with Malcolm Merlyn. As the villains try to regain the amulet the Legends took from them, Mick is plagued by hallucinations of an old friend. Meanwhile, Martin reveals the existence of his daughter to Jax.

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By Gadfly on Dec 9, 2016

In Chicago 1927, Al Capone and three of his men walk down a street to the docks. Damien and Eobard are waiting for them, and Capone demands to know who they are. The two villains offer their services to improve Capone's operation, but Capone has his men draw their guns. Eobard disarms them at superspeed and Damien says that they want to help. The villains warn that new enemies are coming to Chicago and the three of them can help Capone... and Malcolm Merlyn steps out of the shadows to join his t…

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