The Price Recap

The dwarves drive the stone statue of Sneezy to the town border to see what happens if they break the new curse. They finally settle on Dopey going across. However, before he can, David and the others arrive and tell them to stop. Leroy refuses, saying that they're not going to stay in Storybrooke if they have to deal with Emma as a villain. Regina invites them to cross the line and Leroy tells Dopey to do it. He goes across and nothing happens at first. Then a wave of leaves sweeps out of the ground and encircles him, turning him into a tree.

Camelot, Six Weeks Ago

The group enters the castle and Arthur introduces Queen Guinevere. She explains that they've been awaiting their arrival since Merlin's prophecy, and they will throw a ball in their honor. Meanwhile, Zelena complains that they've manacled her again. When she threatens to tell Arthur that Emma is the Dark One Regina silences her with a gesture. Meanwhile, Hook asks to start the quest to find Merlin. Arthur says that they know exactly where he is.

Arthur leads them to the courtyard and explains that Merlin is trapped in the tree growing there. Arthur is confident that they can get him out, and Percival wonders why they're so eager to free Merlin. David says that the Dark One threatens Storybrooke, and Arthur sympathizes. He asks which of them is the Savior, and Regina finally says that she is. Emma has no choice but to play along because Regina uses the Dagger to silence her.


At the pawn shop, Hook comes in and asks Belle why true love's kiss didn't work to bring Gold back. Belle explains that when Gold chose power over love, the Darkness regained its grip on him. Hook figures that it won't be a problem with Emma, and Belle warns that he can't deal with the Dark One now that it's his love.

On the dock, Henry recites Emma's name three times and Emma appears to him. She says that how she gave into the Dark One is complicated and refuses to explain, and assures Henry that everyone else failed her in Camelot. Regina arrives and orders Emma away, and Emma says that they lost their memories because of the curse. She says that she built the curse without the one thing they need to break it: a Savior. Henry assures Regina that she can do it, but Emma says that she knows Regina doesn't have it in her. As Regina and Henry go, Emma says that there's a problem heading for Storybrooke that only a Savior can solve... and there isn't one.

As Leroy and Happy head down the street, Camelot and his knights ride down the street. They easily disarm the dwarves and Arthur orders them to kneel before a king. He then demands to know where he is and how he got there.

Once Regina and the others bring Arthur to the mayor's office, they explain about the curse. Mary Margaret admits that they lied and Emma is the Dark One, and they admit that Emma has the dagger. Robin arrives and reports that some of Arthur's subjects have been spotted in the forest. Once the men leave, Regina tells Mary Margaret that the knights aren't the problem Emma warned about.


Regina and Emma go to Merlin's tower and Emma complains about Regina's impersonation. When she objects, Regina uses the Dagger to silence her and explains that Emma would have had to use dark magic to free Merlin. She insists that she's going to get Merlin out so Emma won't have to use dark magic again. Emma thanks her and they continue their search.


Robin and his men gather the Camelot residents and set up a camp for them. Regina tells him what Emma said that no one believes she can protect the town. Robin assures her that everyone knows how far she can come, and Regina says that she needs to prove she's worthy of forgiveness and trust.

Guinevere finds Arthur setting up a tent and the couple embraces. She realizes that Excalibur is gone, and Arthur says that it was missing when he arrived. David overhears them and assures the couple that they'll find it. Meanwhile, a black demon figures flies down, grabs Robin, and flies away with him.

Hook finds Emma's Volkswagen, and she appears to him. She teleports them to her new home and leads Hook inside, and says that they can still be together. Hook notices a door beneath the stairs and starts to approach it, and Emma returns with a drink. The pirate kisses her but true love's kiss doesn't break the Dark One's hold. Emma says that it's who she is now and wonders why no one can accept it, and Hook demands to know what happened in Camelot. She tells him that she's tired of talking and asks if he wants to stay, and Hook says that it isn't who he is as he walks out.

David and the others follow the demon through the forest. Regina teleports after it and forces the demon to drop Robin, and then fireballs it. It knocks her aside, grabs Robin and flies off, and Mary Margaret insists that she has to go to the hospital. Regina figures that they don't believe in her, and Mary Margaret promises that they won't let anything happen to her.


Regina and Robin are looking at the tree when Percival brings Regina an amulet to wear to the ball. Robin puts it on her and after Percival leaves, Robin says that he's looking forward to a dance with the Savior.

That night, David and Mary Margaret leave Neal with Doc. Regina says that she'll watch the baby because she isn't going to the dance. She finally admits that she doesn't know how to dance, and Mary Margaret figures that there's more. Mary Margaret offers to teach her and says that she has to wear a dress. She conjures a dress and they advise her to go with something a bit less evil. Regina conjures a white dress and David leads her. They're unaware that Percival is watching them through the necklace.

Later, Mary Margaret helps Emma prepare for the ball. She talks about how her first ball, and how she wanted to share her daughter's first ball. They go to the ball and are presented to the guests, and Hook compliments Emma. Regina comes in next and is presented as the Savior, and smiles as the guests applaud.


Regina goes to the pawnshop and complains to the comatose Gold that he's the reason no one believes in her. She promises to prove them all wrong, and Belle comes in and says that she found something. It's a book that identifies the demon as a Fury, sent from the Underworld to collect the unpaid price of magic. The Fury comes when the price of magic is a life, and the portal back only opens when the moon reaches its zenith. Belle says that to save Robin, someone has to give their life in his place.


As the guests dance, belle stands to the side and examines the jar containing Gold's rose. Leroy comes over and says that the rose represents hope. Touched, Belle invites him to dance.

As David and Mary Margaret dance, they notice Harry looking at a girl. David goes over and suggests that Henry ask the girl to dance and use his intrigue as a mysterious stranger. Henry goes over to the girl, Violet, and offers her a drink. Violet says that they have balls every night in Camelot, and Henry takes out a MP3 player that Regina gave him. He talks about how he saved everyone from an alternate dimension and shares some music with Violet.

As they dance, Robin and Regina kiss. Percival cuts in and Regina notices Violet talking to Henry. The knight asks who Regina really is, and talks about how the Evil Queen destroyed his village when he was a boy. The Evil Queen saw the boy and smiled at him. Percival says that he's told no one else who she is, and then draws his sword. Robin jumps him and struggles for the sword, while Hook stops Emma from using dark magic. David grabs a sword and kills Percival as he stabs Robin.


Regina go to Emma's new house and says that they need to talk. She refuses to sacrifice someone else for Robin, and is sure that the good Emma is still inside. Emma insists that it's just her, and Regina tells her to call off the Fury. Regina believes that Emma summoned the Regina, and Emma says that she didn't summon it. She tells Regina that she saved Robin in Camelot and now she needs to do what has to be done.


Regina tries to save Robin with magic but fails. Percival's sword was enchanted to kill her, and her magic can't heal Robin. She suggests that Emma do it, but Hook warns that they can't let her unleash dark magic. Regina asks her rather than use the Dagger, and Emma agrees to try. As she casts a spell, the Dark One's power appears to her only as Rumplestiltskin. He tells her that she has to take a price for the magic, and Regina is the one who has to pay it. Emma refuses to accept it and casts the spell, healing Robin. She kisses Hook and insists that she's fine, and then goes to lie down. Outside, Rumpelstiltskin says that she liked out and points out the darkness spreading through her body.


As the moon reaches its zenith, the Fury drops Robin off at the river. As a boat comes from the Underworld, Hook and the others arrive. The Fury easily drives them off, and Regina runs forward and tells it to take her life instead. Mary Margaret says that she's with her, and David, Leroy, and Arthur all join hands with Regina as well. The Fury is blasted back and the boat departs, and Regina runs to Robin. He wakes up and says that she found a few believers, and the other says that her standing up to the monster proved that Regina could save Storybrooke.

At the diner, Hook is drinking alone while the others celebrate. The dwarves bring in the Sneaky statue, and Belle joins Hook at the bar. He admits that his kiss failed, and insists that it's not over. Meanwhile, Violet is examining the jukebox and Henry joins her. He puts a coin in and plays their song rom the ball, and Violet says that it sounds familiar. They introduce themselves and shake hands.

At their booth, David tells Mary Margaret that they'll get Emma back. She warns him that if they win, Emma loses.

Emma stands across the street listening to the music. She approaches the diner but then turns and walks away.


Arthur apologizes for Percival, and Regina admits that she is the Evil Queen. The king assures her that what she was doesn't matter: only what she is now. Arthur figures that since she saved Robin, she must be the Savior. Arthur then goes to the Round Table, and Guinevere comes in and says that the strangers frighten her. Arthur figures that without their help, he'll never get the Dagger and restore Excalibur.


At her home, Emma sits in the kitchen and strokes the Dagger. Rumplestiltskin appears to her and says that he's back because there is work to be done. He unlocks the cellar door and says that one thing has always held the Dark One back: the pull of the family they were desperate to protect and the friendships they had.

At the diner, Regina restores Sneezy. Hook and Belle share a drink.

Rumpelstiltskin says that the love that refuses to give up on them has always held them back. Emma descends into the cellar and Rumplestiltskin says that she can change it. Excalibur is embedded din the stone, and Rumplestiltskin says that she can make the sword whole and snuff out the light forever. Emma places the Dagger next to Excalibur and then starts to pull Excalibur forth. There's a burst of light and she's blasted back. Rumplestiltskin says that she'll have to pay the price to get the sword.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 5, 2015

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