The Price

At Camelot six weeks earlier, Regina tries to impersonate the Savior when Arthur explains how they must free Merlin and fulfill the prophecy. However, one of the knights knows Regina as the Evil Queen and swears revenge. In the present, Hook tries to free Emma from the Darkness, while a Fury comes to take Robin to the Underworld as the price for the magic Regina did in Camelot.


By Gadfly on Oct 5, 2015

The dwarves drive the stone statue of Sneezy to the town border to see what happens if they break the new curse. They finally settle on Dopey going across. However, before he can, David and the others arrive and tell them to stop. Leroy refuses, saying that they're not going to stay in Storybrooke if they have to deal with Emma as a villain. Regina invites them to cross the line and Leroy tells Dopey to do it. He goes across and nothing happens at first. Then a wave of leaves sweeps out of the g…

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