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If All the World's a Stage, Identity is Nothing But a Costume Recap

Riley visits with Kala, who is trying to replicate the blockers. Kala says that they're not exactly the same but close enough, but admits that she can't be sure. Riley offers to come to Bombay so that they can test them together. Kala asks Riley how Will is doing, and Riley admits that he's not doing well. She asks what it's like between Will and Riley, and Riley explains that it's much more intense than she visits with the others. She says that she can feel his grief, and the alternative is only bearable because the alternative is not.

Kala and Wolfgang visit each other but don't speak.

Riley comforts Will.

Wolfgang finally tells Kala that they need to talk. He admits that things have become difficult for him in Berlin, and figures that things would be easier for her if she didn't visit him. Kala explains that she doesn't resolve things with violent choices, and doesn't want to hurt Rajan. They kiss, and then Wolfgang tells her that he doesn't care about right or wrong, and he's coming to Bombay. Kala refuses, saying that she'll come to see him in Berlin. Wolfgang refuses, saying that it's too dangerous, She says that she'll tell Rajan what is happening to her because she owes him the truth.

Will relives his memories of his time with Michael, and Whispers visits Will to taunt him about Michael's death. When Will takes the drugs to block Whispers out, Whispers says that they're getting closer before the visit ends.

Sun tries on the wig she's using as a disguise to get into the gala, and looks at herself in the mirror.

Lito, Hernando, and Dani arrive in Hollywood and go to Kit Wrangler's office. Kit finally sees them.

The gala director tells the workers that they have to be ready for all tastes. He tells Sun to make him a sidecar, and Sun goes to the bar.

Kit tells Lito that he's old-school and he wasn't impressed with Lito's acting career. However, he watched the Sao Paolo speech and thought maybe LIto was his Jordi. Kit tells Lito to do the scene and break his heart. Sun visits Lito and asks for his help mixing the drink. Lito asks Kit for a moment tells Sun that he's busy, and runs the scene. Kit interrupts and tells him that he's fake.

The director tells Sun to make the sidecar.

Kit tells Lito that he wants truth. Lito visits with Sun and starts flair bartending. He makes the drink and the director tells him that it's perfect. Kit and his assistant Carmen wonder what's going on, and Sun visits in and talks about how she's always been alone, even as a child. When she's finished, Kit nods in satisfaction.

Capheus drops off his passengers and Jelo tells them to come to the rally.

Lito, Hernando, and Dani go to Kit's party at his mansion and Kit greets them. Dani sees Kit's Oscar for Best Documentary, tells them about the story of how he rammed it up his ass, and calls over Marc Jacobs to meet "their Jordi." Marc compliments Lito on his speech and how hot his kiss with Hernando was. Kit has Marc "work his magic" on Lito, removing his clothes and borrowing some clothing to dress him as Jordi from the movie. Kit shows Lito his reflation in the mirror and tells him that he is Jordi.

Capheus dresses for his speech and Lito visits with him. Lito assures him that it isn't really him, and they tell each other that they look good... and it isn't really either of them. Capheus goes out and everyone gathered cheers. Chiro assures him that his father would be proud of him, and they take SUVs to the rally.

Kit introduces Lito to actor Blake Huntington, Lito's co-star in Iberian Dreams. Lito and his lovers gush over Blake. Blake says that he watched Lito's speech and one of his movies, Hernando is impressed with Blake's knowledge of movies and literature, and Blake says that he'd be glad to fuck Lito... in character.

Capheus and his convoy arrive at the rally.

Lito goes out on the beach.

Capheus goes to the stage.

Hernando finds Lito, who says that he needs to get some air. He finally admits that he's worried that everyone will discover that he's a fraud. Hernando assures him that he's a great actor and art is about risk. He then strips down to his underwear and jumps into the ocean. Lito strips and goes after him. They then kiss on the beach as the waves roll over them.

Shiro tells Capheus that his life has been preparing him for that moment. Koman introduces Capheus as a man and a leader for them, and Capheus freezes. Jelo goes up and tells him to just drive the bus, and Capheus' clustermates except Will visit with him. Capheus takes the podium and talks about how the love between his mother and father was a bridge, not a wall, and prejudice drove them out of both their villages to the city. He says that Jelo is mixed blood as well but they've never talked about it because it never mattered to them. Capheus tells the crowd that he hopes that their children grow up with love as a bridge, not a wall.

As the crowd cheers, violence breaks out and someone throws a Molotov cocktail at the stage. The security guards take Capheus away and lead his family and friends off separately. Police move in to control the rioters, and Will finds himself there with Capheus. He realizes that it's a trap and one of the guards stabs Capheus. Sun and Will block the knife thrust\, but the guard manages to slash Capheus in the shoulder.

As the guard draws a gun, GIthu arrives and shoots him in the head from behind. He gets Capheus to a SUV, shoots the driver, and then gets Capheus in. Capheus drives off and Will collapses on his bed, sobbing. Riley tells him that Capheus needs him: they all need him. Will apologies to Capheus, who says that when his father was killed he went crazy, too. The other clustermates visit, and Will admits that he fucked up but it won't happen again. He tells Capheus that Githu won't hurt him... because the safety is on on his gun.

Githu chuckles and puts his gun away. When Capheus asks why he saved him even though he works for Mandiba, Githu tells him that Mandiba isn't from Kibera like them. The gang leader says that he has big plans, and tells Capheus to pull over and get out of his new car. Capheus does so and gets home to where his family is waiting. He worries that no one will vote for him after the riot, but Silas tells him that people know that Mandiba's men caused the violence. Everyone assures him that everyone felt there was a chance for a new future.

That night, Sun looks at a photo of her brother.

Will looks at his father's badge, and then he and Sun visit. She asks if he'll try to stop her going to the gala and killing her brother. Will wonders if she wants him to stop her, and says that every cop knows there are times when the only choice left is to defend oneself. He then shaves as Sun puts on her makeup. Riley returns, and she and Will kiss.

Joong-Ki arrives at the gala and goes inside. Sun is making drinks and sees him. The cluster links up and Will analyzes the security set-up. Nomi brings up the building schematics, and the cluster figures that they need to trick Joong-Ki into confessing. If they don't stop him then he'll keep coming after Sun as long as someone knows what he's done. Wolfgang says that one way or another they end it, and they all join hands as Kala says that they fight for it.

Written by Gadfly on May 26, 2017

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