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The Trial of Nathan Wuornos Recap

At the school, Dwight arrives and Tony explains that Nathan got Kira killed. Nathan asks to talk to Dwight in private, but Tony demands to know if his fiancé is dead. Once Nathan confirms that he's fine, McHugh tells Dwight that Nathan left the power plant with Kira and won't say what he went. Tony asks how many more will die if the plant goes out again, and says that Kira's electricity Trouble was the only thing protecting them. He says that Nathan will get them all killed, and reminds Nathan that he's supposed to banish those that threaten the group. Audrey says that Dwight has to hear Nathan out, but Tony warns that Dwight can't let Nathan off because he's his friend.

Once they're alone, Nathan tells Dwight that Kira is alive but her leg is pinned by a cave-in. She's using her Trouble to power a light to keep the darkness away. They found William's aether and he didn't want to give away its location. Dwight agrees that the aether has to be kept a secret, and Nathan explains that Charlotte said she could create a cure using the aether. He warns that Kira has been awake for 24 hours, and if she goes to sleep then she dies. Nathan suggests that Dwight banish him, but Audrey--knowing what "banishing" means--offers to go with him. Charlotte comes in and warns that Tony is riling the townspeople up to go after Nathan. Dwight refuses to go, risking that the people will come after Nathan. Audrey gets an idea and says that they have to give the townspeople justice... by putting Nathan on trial to stall for time. Nathan agrees and Dwight says that he likes it for another reason.

In the gym, Dwight tells the townspeople that he wants them to conduct the trial because they are all strong… and can't rely on him in case he dies. Tony agrees and Dwight asks if they can all be deliberative and fair. They agree and Dwight tells them to work with Vince and Dave to come up with the trial format. Tony thanks Dwight and they go to work. Vince comes over and wonders if the trial is stalling tactic or the rebirth of democracy. Dwight says that it can be both and tells them to keep the process legit while he rescues Kira.

In Halifax, Hailie has Duke pull over so she can try to phase again. Duke refuses and she reminds him that he was trying to save her life. Hailie tries to phase through a gate without success, and Duke says that she needs to focus on what she is trying to pass through. Hailie concentrates to become one with the gate, and phases through it.

Vince and Dave go to the principal's office and announce over the loudspeaker that everyone will vote on Nathan's guilt or innocence per Athenian law. Tony will speak for Kira and Nathan will speak for himself. If Nathan is found guilty then he will be banished. They want to take a recess, but Tony takes the microphone and says that in Athenian law, the prosecutor sets the punishment. He asks the Teagues if they were trying to rig things, and Vince asks which sentence he seeks. Tony says that banishment isn't enough, and the only safe course is to execute him. Dave shuts off the microphone and Tony reminds them that Audrey and Nathan both have a long history of harming the town. He points out that Nathan stopped Duke from leaving town, and refuses to say where he got the information. Once Tony leaves, Nathan figures that Tony has an informant who wants Nathan dead.

Audrey wants the Teagues to stop the trial, but the brothers warn that they can't toss out the rules. Nathan agrees and Dave suggests that they find a loophole in the rules. The Teagues go to the library and Nathan tells Audrey that he needs her to solve the darkness trial so that Kira is alive when Dwight finds her. If they save Kira then they save Nathan.

Charlotte and Dwight go to the house where Kira is trapped. The doors around them slam shut and Charlotte says that it's a poltergeist Trouble. Dwight figures that Charlotte sent Nathan to get the aether, and she explains that she only told Nathan about the chance of a cure because she thought she was going to die.

In Halifax, Hailie phases back through the gate. Duke admits that Hailie's mother died when she lost concentration while phasing. Hailie asks if he has a Trouble, and Duke insists that he's just a normal guy. The girl discovers that her heel got caught in the gate when she phased through, and Duke gives her a handkerchief to cover her bleeding foot.

Audrey tells Peggy that the darkness killed her husband Rolf. Peggy says that she will vote for Nathan to die, and Audrey tries to identify the man that Rolf saw emerge from the darkness. The older woman yells at her to go away, and Audrey says that she wants the chance to save Peggy and her children. After a moment, Peggy says that Rolf was with another man, Faber Haskins, and he may have seen the darkness Troubled as well. Audrey remembers that she arrested Faber twice for aggravated assault.

In the principal's office, the Teagues argue about what to do with Tony if he divulges something else. Nathan says that he wants to hear his record if Tony is going to make it personal. Tony comes in and overhears them, and Nathan says that he stands behind what he's done. Angry, Tony says that Nathan will die for what he did to Kira and to the town.

In the tunnel, Kira tries to stay awake and hold the darkness way.

Charlotte tells Dwight about how the barn would wipe out all of the Troubled to protect against a far greater evil. Her people don't know about the evil except that it lives in the void and feeds on aether and Troubles. If it ever escaped, it would unleash widespread destruction... and killed Charlotte's husband. Charlotte doesn't know if they're in danger from the greater evil.

Tony gets on the loudspeaker and says that Nathan was the one who wanted duke to unleash the new Troubles. He also had Mara in captivity but refused to turn her over to the Guard. Nathan is listening in a classroom, and Audrey angrily storms in and insists that Tony is lying. Nathan says that Tony's facts are true but his interpretation is off. Tony continues, saying that Nathan has had a key role in everything bad that happened to Haven. He says that Kira knew dark secrets about Nathan, who killed her to keep her silent. Audrey has been unable to find Faber, and Nathan says that Faber and his crew might be in the basement. She checks her gun and heads for the basement.

In the basement, Audrey finds Faber and his men fighting. They shove one man into a room and close it, and Audrey orders them to open it. Inside are piles of human bones, and Faber insists that he's been protecting the public. He says that he saw one bearded man wearing a yellow bandanna survive the darkness, and now he's throwing people into the dark to see which one survives. Faber is holding a man, Grayson, prisoner as a suspect. Audrey says that Grayson is hearing-impaired and has a different Trouble. Grayson signs that he's controlling the fear, and Audrey tells him not to. Faber tells her to leave or they'll rape her, figuring she can't stop them all. Grayson signs to Audrey to step back, and he unleashes a deafening scream. Audrey handcuffs Faber and McHugh and his men come down to arrest them. He says that Nathan sent him in case of trouble, and he's going to take Faber and his men to the Sandman to keep them asleep. Audrey agrees, and Grayson thanks her for saving his life. She asks him to wait in the hallway outside the gym because she needs her help.

In Halifax, Hailie tells Duke that they're going to a restaurant. She guides him to a bank instead and says that she wants to practice on thicker walls. Duke figures that she wants to steal the money that she owes, and reminds Duke that the men will kill her if she doesn't get the money. Duke agrees as long as she doesn't use her Trouble again, and Hailie promises before phasing into the wall.

Audrey goes back to the classroom and tells Nathan that she's going to have Grayson use his Trouble to rive everyone out. Nathan reminds her that Grayson's Trouble is painful enough to activate other people's Troubles, but Audrey doesn't care. He points out that he's willing to face his fate, and that he feels that he wants to defend the person who fell in love with Audrey. Nathan asks her not to use Grayson, and says that he isn't going to attack Tony. He tells Audrey that Kira told him that her marriage to Tony would have been a huge mistake. Audrey says that if true, Tony can't speak for Kira as the prosecutor. Nathan kisses her and tell her to focus on solving the darkness Trouble while he sees to his defense.

Charlotte and Dwight enter the old house and prepare to go down. Dwight wonders what has changed, just as the door and windows slam shut because of the poltergeist Trouble. He lights a glow stick but drops the pack and their rope down into the shaft getting to it.

Audrey tells Grayson that she might need him to set off his Trouble again, and Grayson agrees. Until then, Audrey asks him to help find the man Faber described. Tony comes out and the townspeople applaud him, and Audrey spots a yellow bandanna in his back pocket. She tells Grayson that he has no beard, and Grayson points out an older photo of Tony on the wall: with a beard.

Vince takes Nathan to the gymnasium and explains that he wants to make his defense in person. Meanwhile, Audrey approaches Tony and asks when he shaved. She says that a bearded man was seen three days ago walking out of the darkness. Tony says that he got lucky, and insists that it isn't his Trouble. She says that they know Kira broke off the engagement on the day the darkness started, and tony insists that it wasn't a breakup. The darkness in the room grows and Audrey tells Tony that he needs to stop it or they'll all die. Tony insists that Kira didn't leave him.

Dwight tries to kick down the door without success. Charlotte tells him that the research she did when she was posing as a CDC doctor makes her think there's a cure, and Nathan was the one who kept pushing her. She says that it's not impossible to find a cure.

Nathan says over the loudspeaker that he was Troubled since a kid, and so was his father. Helping the Troubled has been the family business for a long time.

Audrey tells Tony that he can't face the dark, emotional truth because he fears it might kill him. She says that Tony has to accept that Kira broke up with him and he's responsible, but Tony refuses.

Nathan concedes that Tony is right about how he's been involved with the Troubles, because it's his job to help people.

Audrey has the people in the dormitory gather closer together and use all of the lights that they can.

Nathan says that sometimes things have gone right with him.

Audrey leads the children to the door.

Nathan says that it's more important for him to keep going. First he's going to face the darkness and have hope no matter what because it can come out of the darkest places. Tony hears him as Audrey comes back to get more people out. She begs Tony to face his darkness.

Charlotte tells Dwight that she thought they were going to make it, and they say goodbye as the glow stick goes out. After a few seconds, they realize that they're still alive.

The lights in the dormitory come back up and the others leave. Tony admits to Audrey that Kira left him because he couldn't deal with negative feelings. He tells Audrey that he has to face his darkness just like Nathan said.

Charlotte and Dwight find Kira and set up a lever to free her. The aether drifts through the air and Charlotte warns that there isn't enough. Kira directs her attention to a crack in the wall. On the other side is a vast cavern filled with the aether spheres.

Hailie finally comes out with the money just as a security guard comes over. The bank alarm goes off and the guard draws his gun. When Hailie tries to run, he shoots her in the shoulder and Duke grabs the gun and tears it apart. The guard runs off and Duke's eyes turn black. He tells Hailie to run and then goes after her.

At the school, Tony says that he fell asleep in his room and the file with Nathan's information was there when he woke up.

As Dave and Vince count the votes, Audrey comes back and tells Nathan that there's no sign of Dwight. She congratulates Nathan on his speech and wonders where Grayson is. As Vince starts to announce the verdict, Dwight and Charlotte bring Kira in. Kira smiles at Tony, and Dwight whispers to Nathan about the aether.

Hailie phases through a gate into a storage yard. Duke yanks the gate chain apart and corners her inside of a cargo container. He says that he doesn't want to hurt her and tires to control himself, but then lunges at her. Hailie phases through the wall and slams the container door shut, locking it. Duke collapses as his eyes revert to normal.

Dwight and Charlotte have a meal together and Charlotte says that they have to concentrate the aether into a workable form. She'll need another being from her world and warns that they need Audrey more than ever.

Audrey goes looking for Grayson and finds him sitting in a dark classroom. She approaches him and discovers that he's staring off into space. The Sandman is standing behind her and renders her unconscious with a touch.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 16, 2015

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