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The Trial of Nathan Wuornos

Nathan is innocent of Kira's death, but he can't reveal her location without giving away the aether cache. While Charlotte and Dwight go to rescue the woman, Nathan stands trial to buy them the time that they need. Meanwhile, the darkness closes in as Audrey discovers the Troubled person responsible for the deaths.

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By Gadfly on Oct 16, 2015

At the school, Dwight arrives and Tony explains that Nathan got Kira killed. Nathan asks to talk to Dwight in private, but Tony demands to know if his fiancé is dead. Once Nathan confirms that he's fine, McHugh tells Dwight that Nathan left the power plant with Kira and won't say what he went. Tony asks how many more will die if the plant goes out again, and says that Kira's electricity Trouble was the only thing protecting them. He says that Nathan will get them all killed, and reminds Nathan t…

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cobraa posted 5 years ago

this was an ok episode, it could have been better.

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