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Ashes, Ashes Recap

In her penthouse, Alexandra listens to classical music on a gramophone. The record skips, and Alexandra moves it and examines the scratch. After a moment she stops the turntable.

Matt tells Stick that he didn't have to kill Sowande, and Stick says that he couldn't take a chance and that the Iron Fist is the key to what the Hand seeks. Danny insists that he's a weapon, not a key, and wonders what he could open. Stick says that he's heard stories of the Iron Fist's chi being used as more than just a weapon. Danny doesn't believe it, but Matt points out that it matters what the Hand thinks. He and Stick move in on Danny and say that they need to keep the Iron Fist away from the Hand. Danny insists that they all need each other, and the Hand works by dividing people. Matt says that he could tell from Sowande's heartbeat that he wasn't lying, Stick figures that they need Danny, and he can't let Alexandra to get hold of Danny. Danny warns that the Hand is hunting their families and friends, and they want Danny on the sidelines because he's the only one who can destroy him.

Luke suggests that they hide Danny, and Jessica wonders how they do it. Danny say that he's leaving to finish the job, and Matt tells him that he's not going to lose a city. Matt says that Danny can't leave the room and shoves him back, and Danny prepares to fight. Jessica and Luke move in, and Danny attacks Matt. Matt punches him back, and Luke joins in. Jessica steps in and knocks them apart, and Danny summons the Iron Fist. He punches Luke and the recoil knocks everyone down. When Danny tries to leave, Matt grabs his leg and Jessica punches him unconscious.

As Luke and Jessica take the unconscious Danny to another hideout, Luke apologizes for not keeping in touch with her. Once there, Stick ties Danny up and warns that they have an hour until Danny wakes up and can summon the Fist. Matt explains that he was at Midland Circle a year ago when it was under construction, and found a hole hundreds of feet deep. He didn't sense anything at the bottom of the hole, and he sensed that the whole was gone once the building was finished. Luke and Jessica wonder why they're just hearing about it, and Matt says that he was Elektra. He admits that he screwed up not telling them, and points out that they all have secrets. Jessica insists that her past is none of his business and it's not trying to kill them. Luke figures that they need more answers and going back to Midland is their only plan. Jessica suggests that John designed Midland and they should check his files. She and Matt go to check it out while Luke watches Danny.

Matt goes back to his apartment and finds Elektra on the couch. She's awake, and says that she likes it back with him.

Earlier, Elektra wakes up and discovers that Matt's costume is gone. She finds a card from her funeral and the address of the cemetery where she was buried.

As Stick cleans up Sowande's head, Luke comes in and says that Danny is still unconscious. Stick asks him where he found Sowande, and Luke explains that Sowande was hiring kids out of Harlem as a cleanup crew. When Luke describes the bodies, Stick says that it was the last of the Chaste and tells Luke that he'll get rid of the body. Luke agrees that the less he knows, the better.

Jessica goes to Matt's apartment and he talks about how he used to have a partner but refuses to provide details. He discovers that Elektra took the funeral card and then leaves with Jessica.

Alexandra shows the other fingers Sowande's head and says that Stick delivered it to one of Sowande's warehouses. Gao says that they could have prevented the loss, and Alexandra says that they pretend to mourn Sowande's death. She points out that they've all tried to assassinate each other, but they need to show unity now. Mutakami points out that they were unified until Alexandra created Black Sky. The fingers demand to know where Black Sky is, and Alexandra finally explains that she's keeping her isolated because they might try to kill them if she senses their disloyalty. Gao insists that their goals are in alignment, and says that they must honor Sowande by fighting for life. She tells Mutakami and Bakuto that she will continue to follow Alexandra until they get what they need from New York.

Matt and Jessica go to the Raymonds' brownstone and she explains that John said the Hand was going to take down the city before he killed himself. Jessica figures that John was going to target Midland with his explosives, and they knock at the door. Lexi answers it and says that her mother isn't there. Matt says that they think there's more to John's death, and Lexi agrees to answer their question and lets them in.

Alexandra is taking more pills when Gao comes in. She warns Alexandra that her position as leader is a burden as much as a blessing. Gao insists that they find the Fist without Black Sky, and points out that Alexandra has failed with Black Sky. Alexandra insists that Black Sky is essential to their plan, but Gao points out that since Elektra's resurrection the only thing they are close to is death. When Alexandra insists that they need Black, Sky, Gao points out that she tried to assassinate Alexandra in the past but now she may be Alexandra's only ally against the two men. She advises Alexandra to consider her proposal and they can move that night. Gao walks out, passes Mutakami in the hallway, and says that he's right.

Danny wakes up and is unable to break free. Luke tells him that Matt and Jessica are digging up info on Midland, and insists that Midland is suspect. Danny warns that the city is at stake, and the two of them belong out on the front lines. Luke tells him not to fight the people on his side, and Danny promises that he'll escape one he refocuses his chi.

Stick is meditating nearby, and Luke tells Danny what Stick is doing. Danny talks about how he plunged his heart into the molten heart of the Dragon of K'un-Lun, and Luke tells him about how he's been shot at with rocket launchers and shotguns. Danny asks him how he's involved with Jessica, and Luke says that they had a moment but went their different paths.

Matt asks Lexi where John's office is, and figures that her father abandoned them. Jessica says that she understands because he had a "friend" whose father was a boxer who died and the friend thought that his father had abandoned him, until he learned the truth. Lexi isn't impressed, and Matt nods to Jessica in thanks.

Elektra goes to her grave, and Alexandra arrives and says that there Daredevil let the original Elektra die. She warns that Daredevil will try to turn her away from the Hand, and Elektra assures her that will never happen. Alexandr4a tells her that she's dying, and she needs a substance first discovered at K'un-Lun. She used the last of it to bring Elektra back to life because she knew Elektra would be their salvation. Alexandra saw Elektra and realized that she was tired of being alone. Elektra figures that they'll both die if they don't find more of the substance, Alexandra tells her that they'll both die. She says that Elektra needs to make sure that doesn't happen, and then after it's over the two of them will serve life.

Stick hears Danny's heartbeat slowing down, and figures that he's recharging his chi. Danny says that winning the war is their duty, and Stick warns that wining will take something more than fighting. Ge admits that he's just making things up because that's what survivors do.

Lexi tells Matt and Jessica that her father was boring. Then he changed and stopped eating, and didn't do anything like he used to. Matt asks if she plays the piano, and goes over to play. Jessica says that they should go, but Matt tells her to give him a second and then notices that one hammer is ruffling something on the string. They open up the piano and find the plans to Midland. Matt promises that they're on her side but they need a minute. Once she leaves, Jessica discovers that the plans are for something below the building at the bottom of the hole.

Stick warns Luke not to let his guard down with Danny. He tells Luke that prison is never behind someone no matter how many punches he pulls. Luke wonders what he means, and Stick tells him that he could do more damage if he let himself go. Stick says that he was in prison when he was 10, before he went to war with the Hand. Then the Chaste found him and taught him how to fight, giving him a purpose and a family. Behind them, Danny starts to summon the Fist.

As Matt and Jessica return, they figure that John wanted to collapse Midland on top of whatever is at the bottom of the hole. Matt wonders how Jessica know about her father, and she says that she looked into his backstory and figures that they need to trust each other.

Stick lights incense and says that the Hand needs the Fist to win their war. Luke collapses from breathing the smoke, and Stick tells him that they have a third choice besides running or fighting. Matt hears him collapse and runs. Meanwhile, Stick prepares to kill Danny and says that the Hand made Danny their weapon. Elektra arrives and attacks Stick. They fight and Elektra runs one of her swords through Stick's leg. He puts his sword to her throat, and she parries it and knocks him back. When Stick tries to kill Danny, Elektra blocks his sword, kicks him back, and prepares to kill him.

Matt runs in and tells Elektra that she doesn't belong to the Hand. She says that it's good to see Matt and then kills Stick. Elektra knocks Matt back and Jessica grab her, but Elektra kicks her unconscious. Luke recovers and blocks Elektra's sword strikes with his arms, but she knocks him unconscious. Elektra then cuts Danny free, looks at Matt for a moment, and then leaps out the window with her prize.

Alexandra is dining alone when Mutakami comes in and offers her a bottle of wine. He says that he needed to make amends, and talks about how he wanted to stay with Elders of K'un-Lun and only use their discoveries for good. Mutakami admits that he didn't want to leave with Alexandra, and Alexandra says that they were meant to fight the war together. He says that he wanted her last meal to be a good one. Elektra drags Danny in, and Alexandra tells Mutakami that she always wins.

The fingers gather and tell Danny that he's with them for good. She tells him that they fight to return to K'un-Lun, and Danny only saw what he wanted to see. Alexandra figures that they can return there together, and Danny insists that they're not the same. She tells him that in the end, he'll serve her, and has Danny taken away.

Once they're alone, Alexandra says that they can proceed as planned. Mutakami points out that very little has gone as planned, and they lost Sowande to get the Fist. Gao says that they must look to the future, and they must get the substance before Danny's allies come for him. Alexandra tells them to kill all three of them, and points out that she kept their organization running. Elektra stabs her in the back and tells the fingers that they work for her now and cuts off Alexandra's head.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 25, 2017

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