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Family of Rogues Recap

Barry is working at the police lab when iris calls and asks for his help. He hears gunshots in the background and she says that she's trapped in the Baldwin Tower. The crooks move in on her, and Iris goes to a window. Barry tells her to jump. When she hesitated, Barry asks if she trusts him and she says that she does. Iris braces herself and then leaps out... and Flash runs up the side of the building, catches her, and takes her to the street. He then goes up after the two crooks and knocks them out, and asks what she's thinking. Iris explains that she got a tip on an illegal real estate scam, and thanks Flash for coming.

The next day at S.T.A.R. Labs, the team looks at the dimensional breach in the basement. Martin comes in and Caitlin warns him that he's in no condition to be out and about. Jay says that it's way home to earth-2, but Cisco notes that everything he puts through bounces back. Barry figures that it takes a speedster to go through, runs away, and then runs back at the portal... and gets bounced back. Martin says that speed isn't the issue and Jay suggests that they stabilize the hallway, using the passage as a speed cannon. As they consider their options, Martin says that they'll taking a break for the day.

Joe goes to a bar and his ex-wife Francine notices that he's wearing his wedding ring. He points out that widowers don’t take their rings off, gives her an envelope with money, and tells her to leave town. Francine refuses to leave Iris, and insists that she's ready. Joe doesn't believe her and says that Iris is fine without her, and Francine admits that she's done a wonderful job. However, she insists that Iris needs a mother. Angry, Joe tells her that she has 48 hours to leave Central City and walks out.

At the grand reopening of Jitters. Barry almost bumps into Patty. He suggests that she stay for the celebration, but Patty says that she has work and leaves. Barry joins his friends and Caitlin worries that Martin isn't fine. She calls to check on him, and Lisa Snart "accidentally" bumps into Cisco. She says that she needs his help, and admits that she needs Flash's help because Len has been kidnapped.

Later, the team brings Lisa to S.T.A.R. Labs and Flash arrives. She explains that the three of them were robbing the racetrack when Len was kidnapped. Someone hit Lisa from behind, and when she woke up, Mick had left with the cash and the kidnappers were gone. Lisa reminds Flash that he owes Len for saving his family, and Cisco agree. He explains that he used some military technology to track the cold gun via ultraviolet cold signatures. Cisco picks up the gun's thermal reading at a street corner eight minutes ago, and Flash runs off to investigate.

Flash arrives at an office and sees Captain Cold. He says that he's fine and Flash explains that he's there to rescue him. Captain Cold says that he doesn't need his help, and freezes Flash in place when an older man walks in. He sees Flash trapped and congratulates his son... Captain Cold. As the two men leave, Cisco and Caitlin pick up the reduced temperature readings on the suit. They activate the thermal-threading in the suit to thaw Flash out.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Flash demands answers from Lisa. She insists that Len would never do that, and Cisco confirms that the man was Lewis Snart, a multiple offender. Caitlin wonders why they should trust her, and Lisa shows them a scar on her neck. She explains that Lewis beat her and walks off. Cisco says that he has it and goes after her into the workshop. Lisa explains that Lewis beat her for the first time when she was 7. He said he was trying to teach his children lessons, but the lessons never stopped. Len raised her and if it wasn't for him, she would have turned out a lot worse. Her brother protected her, and Lisa says that now it's her turn to protect him. If Len is with Lewis then Len is in serious trouble, and Lisa asks Cisco to help.

The next day at Picture News, Joe visits Iris. Linda Park comes over and congratulates Iris on her expose making the front story. Joe says that what he had to say can wait and leaves.

Barry tracks Len to his favorite bar, and asks why he's working with Lewis. Len says that things are complicated with family, and tells Barry not to help people who don't want to be safe. He assures Barry that he'll make sure no one dies per their deal, and Barry warns that Lewis won't honor the deal. Unimpressed, Len says that he'll reveal Barry's secret identity, and Barry says that he doesn't care. He then gets up, leaving Barry with the check

Joe calls Barry and summons him to the West home, and explains that Francine is alive. He says that Francine did so many things wrong, but now he worries that he did the wrong thing. Barry figures that Joe was protecting Iris, and says that he has to trust Iris to handle the truth.

Later that night, Lewis tells Len and his tech guy David Rutenberg the plan for how they will break in. Len suggests an alternative that won't get the guards killed, but Lewis doesn't care. Rutenberg warns that the Draycon System protecting the vault will keep them out, and Lewis wonders if Len will use his cold gun on the power source. Len says that he has a better way to get past the laser grid, and Rutenberg tells him to shut up. Lewis triggers a device and Rutenberg screams in pain before his head explodes. Angry, Lewis says that no one talks to his son that way.

The next day, someone finds Rutenberg's corpse and Barry is called to the crime scene with Joe and Patty. She shows them the decapitated corpse and doesn't recognize the weapon, and Barry figures that the head was blown up. He finds traces of thermite, while Joe checks Rutenberg's background and discovers that Lewis is one of his known associates. Barry talks to Joe privately and figures that Lewis killed Rutenberg. He figures that Lewis put a bomb in someone that he cares about: Lisa.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Jay is checking the breach when Caitlin brings him some fast food. He complains about his loss of superspeed, and Caitlin wonders what he'll do when he goes back to his Earth. Jay says that two years ago he was a scientist doing important work, but there's nothing like the rush of saving dozens of lives. Caitlin says that being a superhero is about helping, not speed, and suggests that Jay has just as much to contribute as a scientist as a superhero. Jay asks for her help building his "speed cannon," and Caitlin agrees. However, Cisco calls her up to the main lab. When she arrives, they check Lisa and confirm that there are traces of thermite on her skin.

Joe calls Iris home and explains that when he was a beat cop, he went to the home of a little girl who said that her mother had taken pills. The girl was Iris, and Francine was the mother. Iris was standing in front of an open flame, and Joe admits that Francine was a drug addict. He got Francine into another rehab, but she disappeared a couple of days later. Joe didn't want Iris to think that she was abandoned, so he told her that Francine had died. He tells his daughter that Francine is alive and wants to see her. Francine was never the perfect mother that Joe described. Joe breaks into tears and Iris assures him that she understands.

Flash arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs and tries to use an electromagnet to hold the bomb steady. Cisco stops them, warning that the bomb will explode when exposed to magnetic friction and then open air. They stepaside to discuss the matter, and Flash figures that he can infiltrate Lewis' crew because they'll need a tech guy now that Rutenberg is dead.

Later, Barry comes to see Len, who insists that he doesn't need saving. Barry says that he knows about the bomb in Lisa, and says that his team is working on a way to remove it. Lewis comes in before Len can answer, and Barry says that Len brought him in as the new tech guy. He talks about his experience with Draycon security systems, and Len reluctantly plays along. Lewis agrees to take him along, and says that they're breaking in immediately.

The trio breaks into the building posing as janitors. The guards scan the fake badges but they don't pass. When Lewis starts to reach for his gun, Barry bluffs their way through and the guards let them through. They take the elevator up and find two armed guards in the hallway. Lewis takes out the gun and when Len complains about his Plan B, his father says that Lisa turned out to be a disappointment, too. While Lewis' back is turned, Barry superspeeds the guards away and tells Lewis that the guards are gone.

The three men go to the vault and Barry has them keep a lookout while he runs the keypad combinations at superspeed. He finally gets the right password and opens the vault, and Lewis shoots him. Len looks at Barry's apparent corpse and mutters an apology. Once Len and Lewis enter the vault, Barry opens his hand to reveal the bullet that he caught at invisible superspeed.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco prepares to use a suction gun to suck the micro-bomb out into the vacuum chamber. However, he warns that the gun uses compressed air. Lisa tells Cisco that she trusts him.

Lewis and Len approach the laser grid and Len freezes the beams. Once he's done, Lewis cracks the door lock and Len warns that they have two minutes before the system defrosts. He gets the door open, revealing the diamonds inside.

Lisa jokes with Cisco and says that she likes it when he smiles. He puts the gun barrel to her neck and prepares to pull the trigger... and Barry calls. He dons his costume and says that they need the bomb out immediately because the heist is going down.

The alarms go off as Lewis bags the diamonds. Flash arrives and asks what kind of man puts a bomb in his own daughter. Lewis holds up the detonator and tells Len to shoot the speedster. When Len hesitates, Lisa tells Cisco to do it. Cisco pulls the trigger and extracts the micro-bomb safely, and tells Flash that it's out. Flash tells Len that Lisa's safe, and Len shoots his father in the chest. He looks down on his dying father and says that he doesn't hate Flash as much as he hates Lewis. Flash takes the cold gun and asks why Len killed his father when Lisa was safe. Len says that Lewis broke Lisa's heart, so it was only fair that he broke his.

Later, Barry meets Len at Iron Heights. Barry smiles and says that he finally figured out Len's secret: he'd do anything to protect Lisa. When Len threatens to reveal his secret, Barry says that what happened just proved that there's good in Len, and there's a part of him that wants to be more than a criminal. Len isn't impressed, and Barry says that he'll have a lot of time to consider it. Len says that he'll be seeing him soon and walks away. Joe is waiting, and Barry tells him that he figures Len can change... but they should transfer him to the metahuman wing just in case. As they go, Joe thanks Barry for his advice and says that he told Iris. She's going to sit down with Francine.

Later, Barry is getting coffee at Jitters and runs into Patty. She gives him his number so they won't keep running into each other, and then realizes that he wasn't hitting on her. Patty quickly covers over the faux pas and claims that it's for official business.

Lisa meets Cisco to say goodbye, and thanks him for his help. She admits that she has trouble trusting people, and admits that Cisco might be her first real friend. Cisco half-jokingly asks if any of what she said is true, and Lisa kisses him before leaving on her motorcycle.

Everyone meets at S.T.A.R. Labs and Caitlin shows them the completed speed cannon. Martin tosses a tablet in and it doesn't bounce back. Jay realizes that it's time to go back to his world so he can deal with Zoom. Caitlin nervously points out that they still need his help against the breachers, and Barry agrees. Jay agrees to stay until they take care of Zoom. Once he leaves, Martin says that he's feeling better... and then bursts into blue flames as the Firestorm matrix takes hold. It fades away and Martin collapses, and Caitlin says that they have to stabilize him.

Later after everyone has left, the breach opens and a figure emerges: Harrison.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 21, 2015

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