Family of Rogues

Lisa Snart, aka Golden Glider, comes to the team for help when her brother Captain Cold is kidnapped. However, the Flash soon discovers that the villain is working for his father Lewis, who has some mysterious hold over him. Meanwhile, Caitlin and Jay work together to build a speed cannon so that Jay can return to Earth-2, and Joe tells Iris the truth about her mother.


By Gadfly on Oct 21, 2015

Barry is working at the police lab when iris calls and asks for his help. He hears gunshots in the background and she says that she's trapped in the Baldwin Tower. The crooks move in on her, and Iris goes to a window. Barry tells her to jump. When she hesitated, Barry asks if she trusts him and she says that she does. Iris braces herself and then leaps out... and Flash runs up the side of the building, catches her, and takes her to the street. He then goes up after the two crooks and knocks them…

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Episode Discussion

JuanArango posted 3 years ago

pentar definitely has got a point here, but I think captain Cold will no longer be one of the bad guys :)

pentar posted 3 years ago

So Barry can react fast enough to catch a bullet fired at him, but is not fast enough to react to Captain Cold raising his ice gun, pulling the trigger, and waiting for the ice crystals to freeze him? I detest Captain Cold as a bad guy in this series, the Flash should have zero problems stopping him.

JuanArango posted 3 years ago

Yes, very fun episode, glad the rating s are very good so it will stay with us for some time :D

GSwarthout posted 3 years ago

Fun episode. I liked the interplay between Cisco and Lisa.

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