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Voiced Over Recap

Wray is working with Jerry and Milo Ventimiglia on voice work for an action video game. The voice director Grace says that she wants Wray to do the voice of Marion, and says that his voice will be more effective for that part. Wray discovers that he's been recast as a wounded soldier shot in the rectum, and they want him to do pain and fear. He goes off-script to try it man it up, but Grace tells him not to. Wray complains that Marion's lines suck, and Grace tells him that his voice doesn't naturally convey strength. She gives him one last chance to do a manly voice, and Wray does a stereotyped black man's voice. The black director tells him that he's done.

As Wray goes to his car, Jack calls him and Wray claims that they didn't appreciate his racist voice. Jack tells him that he wants Wray in one of his movies. He tells Wray to come over, admitting that he's missed working with Wray. Once he hangs up, Bobbie texts to complain that Wray didn't tell her about his paid appearance that night. He has no idea what she's talking about. Milo comes out and tells Wray that he respects him walking out. Wray points out that they told him to leave and had a security guard escort him out. Milo tells Wray that he has an appearance at Jammer Comics that night and can't make it, and asks Wray to fill in with him and appear with some other voice actors.

Milo has recognized Wray's voice as Rigamorale from a cartoon, What's Up, Bitch?, and already told the shop owner that Wray would appear there. He has Wray do the Rigamorale voice for him, and Wray is glad to oblige. However, he refuses to do the comic shop. Bobbie texts back and says that she just heard that Wray isn't doing the appearance. Wray tells Milo that he's doing a movie with Jack, but figures that it's not a Spectrum movie. However, he has no idea what it is and tells Milo that he can't talk about it because it's in pre-pro. When Milo tells Wray that they'll pay him $5,000, Wray agrees and Bobbie texts to say that she's coming, too.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 16, 2017

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