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Neighbors from Hell Recap

Rosie talks about her fear of her husband Mark kissing her and the whole world going black. She finds herself trapped in a coffin and screams, but no one can hear her. Then she finds herself in a field of flowers. Rosie tells Rudy that thanks to him, she conquered her phobia. Rudy assures her that she wasn't crazy, and Mark mentions that Rosie was locked in a cupboard as a kid. The psychiatrist assures her that her father's death triggered her phobia, and Rosie says that when he died and she closed the coffin, she was finally free. Rudy tells her that he's proud of all the work that she's done to overcome her phobia.

That night, Mark and Rosie return home and kiss. He says that he has a surprise for her and goes to get it. Rosie hears a grunting noise and goes to investigate, and finds herself confronting two coffins. A clown grabs Rosie, and the other clowns bring Mark in and place him in a coffin and shut the lid. They then grab Rosie, put her in the other coffin, and seal her in as well. The couple lies in their matching coffins, screaming, as the clowns draw a smiley face on the wall and leave.

The police take away Pedro's body as Ally watches from the window. Samuels comes in and tells her that they have a stand-your-ground law in Michigan, and she had the right to defend herself when she felt threatened. Ivy joins them and tells Ally that she got Oz to sleep, and she and Samuels tell her that she fired in self-defense. When Ally mentions the clowns, Samuels ignores her and says that Pedro was a person of interest and it's no surprise to him that he would be a threat to a woman with a young boy. He asks if it makes sense, just as the power comes up. Samuels takes the gun as evidence, and once he leaves Ally tells Ivy that Oz saw everything. She worries about how their son will get over it, and Ivy hopes that he can find a way to live with it. She asks Ally if she can.

A few days later, Ivy and Ally drive to the Butchery and find a crowd outside chanting about Pedro's death and demanding justice. Ivy tells Ally to get down and drives away, while reporter Beverly Hope does an on-the-scene broadcast about Pedro's death. She reports that the tension is increasing in the community and a three-fold increase in 911 calls. Now Ally is the focus of the community's outrage.

Ivy parks down the street and tells Ally that she has to go and manage their business. Ally wants to go home, and Ivy tells her to do so while she sneaks in the back, and she'll call later. once Ivy goes, All looks up and sees Kai standing outside the car. He tells her that she's brave and she didn't do anything wrong, and says that he'll take care of the protestors for her. Kai tells her to live her truth and have a nice day.

At home, Ally pours herself a glass of wine. Harrison and Meadow come over, wearing sombreros, and ask how it feels to exercise her white privilege with impunity. Disgusted, Harrison says that he gave her a gun to protect herself and she used it to commit murder. He says that they're wearing sombreros because that must be how Ally sees all Mexicans, and tell her that she's no progressive. Meadow yells that they want her out of their neighborhood, and they want Ally out of their community.

Later, Ally tells Ivy what happened and says that she doesn't feel safe. Ivy points out that she didn't feel safe before, either. The news runs a report about a young couple thought missing and found dead in their home in burial caskets. Beverly asks Samuels if the smiley ace indicates a connection between the couple's death and Chang's murder. Ivy turns off the TV, and a black Chemlawn truck drives by the house spraying gas.

The next day, Ivy goes to the kitchen and calls to Ally. There's no response, and Ivy looks outside. Ally is standing on the lawn, staring at the ground. Ivy goes out and finds dozens of dead birds. She calls the township and tells them what happened. They say that they didn't sanction any such truck and are looking into it, and Ally starts ranting about government mind control experiments. Winter comes in and Ivy says that she called her over, and Winter apologizes for freaking out and abandoning Ally during the blackout. Ally apologizes for snapping at her, and says that it was probably better that Winter wasn't there. Ivy figures that she's there for Oz, and assures Winter that she's not fired. Winter says that she saw someone that she thought was her replacement outside, and she let him in.

Ally goes to the front door and finds a naked man there. He says that their ad said they wanted it, and accuses them of luring men over and getting them amped up. Ivy grabs a candlestick and yells at him to get out, and the man grabs his clothes and runs. They check the classifieds and find the ad, and Ally figures that they both know who did it.

Later, Ally calls Rudy and tells him that the same people keep putting up the same ad with slightly different text no matter how often it's taken down. She insists that the Wiltons are doing it, and Rudy offers to help her get on the phone with the company to get the ad down. He says that she should file a police report because it's harassment, and Ally figure that everyone thinks that she's a racist. As he toys with some smiley face buttons, Rudy says that they're out of time but they should have an emergency session and possibly have her visit an inpatient facility. She's going to talk to the protestors, but Rudy warns her that it's a terrible idea. He tells her to be careful and hangs up.

Ally pulls up to the Butchery and the protestors surround her car. She yells that she's one of them, and finally screams at them when they don't move. Ally sees Kai in the crowd, and the protestors walk off leaving him behind. He tells Ally that he said that he would take care of her and he did, wishes her a nice day, and walks off.

When Ally and Ivy return home, they discover that Winter has bought Oz a guinea pig. Ally says that she's allergic to dander, but Winter says that the guinea pig is Oz's. She says that Meadow gave it to Oz as a peace offering. Oz hugs the guinea pig protectively and Ally tells him to say his goodbyes. He tells Ally that he wishes he could say his goodbyes to her and leaves, and Winter runs off. Ally tells Ivy that the Wiltons are psychopaths and insists on calling them. The Wiltons are at home with Samuels, and Harrison takes Ally's call. He says that he doesn't like her but does like Oz, and says that Oz needs some diversity in his life. Meadow takes the phone and says that Ally is a horrible racist, and hangs up.

The truck drives by again spraying chemicals and Ally runs in front of it and demands to know what chemicals its spraying. It drives by her, knocking her to the ground, and Ivy goes out to check on her wife and discovers that she's bleeding.

Kai has Meadow tell him what she's afraid of. When she talks about Sonja on The Real Housewives, Kai slaps her and says that she's wasting his time and it's a revolution. Meadow apologizes and Kai tells her to know her pain. He asks the same question again, and asks if she's afraid that she will die unloved and never penetrated by a man again. Meadow says that she is, and that the man she loves is turning against her. Kai says that he would because she's irritating, and Kai tells her to stop saying that she's "sorry" for anything. He says that from now on, everything is somebody else's fault, and she has to matter by making the world wrong.

The next night at the Butchery, Ally tells Ivy that she'll get the results of her blood test back in a month. Ivy tells her that tonight's about their family. They have dinner with Oz and Ally and Ivy kiss. Oz apologizes about what he said to Ally, and asks if they could find him a good home. Ally tells him that he can keep it and her son hugs her.

When the family returns home, Oz runs into the house to find the guinea pig. As Ally and Ivy kiss, Oz shows couple on them the smiley face pointed on the door and goes inside. They find the guinea pig in the microwave and it explodes as they come in. Ally goes to the Wilton house with Ivy and Oz in tow, and pounds on the door. The door is unlocked and there's no answer to her knock. She walks in and finds in the back with the bees. Ally punches Harrison and says that they've gone too far traumatizing Oz. Meadow says that she has no idea what she's talking about, and says that she's the one terrorizing them. When Ally says that they found a smiley face on their door, Harrison tells her that they've been marked by the killers. The Wiltons deny painting it, and Ally tells Meadow that if she comes to her house and bothers them again, she'll kill them both.

When they go back around the side of the Wiltons' house, Ivy says that Ally has lost her mind and they could lose everything. She says that Ally's behavior is affecting their child, just as Oz points out a smiley face painted on their garage. Ally figures that they painted it themselves and doesn't care if something happens to them. Ivy takes Oz inside, and Ally confirms that the paint is dry.

The truck pulls over and Ally runs over to confront the gas-masked m a as they spray chemicals on her lawn. She slaps one man in the chest and demands to speak to his supervisor, and rips off the mask to reveal a smiley face beneath. Shocked, Ally faints and the men continue spraying.

Kai talks to Harrison and has him relate his first homosexual experience. Harrison says that his biggest regret is that he married Meadow but doesn't want her to die. Kai insists on Harrison telling his true feelings, and Harrison finally admits that he wishes she was dead.

Ally calls Samuels over and insists that it's all connected and the Wiltons are responsible. Samuels asks Ivy if Ally has displayed any signs of psychosis, and Ally shows him the guinea pig's remains. He gets a text from his forensic team saying that the smiley face appears to be authentic, and they need to set up some surveillance. Oz starts cursing and Ivy and Ally run upstairs. He explains that he turned off the parental grounds and clicked on a link, and he can't turn the computer off. Oz refuses to show them what he clicked on, but they insist and find video of Ally in the tub with Winter washing her.

Shocked, Ivy walks out. When Ally goes after her, Ivy slaps her and asks if she had an affair. Ally insists that she didn't and points out that someone must have broken into their house and planted a candle. She suggests that Winter is working with the Wiltons, and Ivy screams at her that Ally is the one who betrayed her family. Samuels comes up and asks if there's a problem, and Ally tells him that it's none of his business. Ivy says that she's going and taking Oz with her. Ally assures him that it isn't his fault and she'll see him soon, while sirens pull up across the street.

Ally tells Oz to stay there, and goes across the street with Ivy. A blood-covered Harrison says that he didn't know what happened, and when he woke up he found himself covered in blood. When Harrison sees Ally, he says that she's the killer and demands to know where Meadow is. He charges at her, and the police tackle him. When Ally turns back to the house, she realizes that Oz is gone. He's in the Wilton house, and Ally and Oz run inside. He's staring at the wall, which is covered with blood and another smiley face.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 20, 2017

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