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Orientation (Part One) Recap

A man, Enoch, walks out of a house and goes to the pool in back. He dives in and swims, and then goes inside and looks at himself in the mirror. Enoch removes his human skin suit and takes a shower. Later, he puts on a suit and drives to a hangar and meets with a driver who camouflages the waiting van. Armed soldiers are waiting inside, and Enoch joins them and gets a piece of equipment. The squad goes to a diner, shuts off the power, and then goes in while two soldiers stand watch. One says that they haven't done it for a while and his wife has no idea what's going on.

The soldiers bring out everyone sitting at the counter, in a bag. They load them in the van and drive back to the hangar. Coulson and the others unfreeze and see a giant stone pillar in front of them. It collapses into liquid as they watch, teleporting them away.

Later, Coulson walks among a group of men floating immobilized in a control room. Everything goes back to normal time, and one man is sucked out through the hull. As the hull seals automatically, the others collapses to the floor and the crew survive. Coulson introduces himself and says that he's confused. One man, Virgil, addresses Coulson by name and says that he's come to save them. He asks why he's there to save them, and something roars in the distance. The other man Jones leads them to the door, and something grabs him and yanks him into the darkness. Virgil tells Coulson to get back and Coulson asks him what's going on. Virgil explains that the creatures are Vrellnexians, which they call "Roaches". the level has been sealed up ever since the Roaches breached in. Virgil explains that he's part of the greeting party, and he's one of the "true believers".

Mack comes in and knocks Virgil unconscious, and then apologizes for knocking the man out when he was explaining things. Looking around, Mack wonders where everyone else is.

Elena appears in a room and a woman wearing a gas mask attacks her. They fight until the woman says that she's Jemma, and points to the corpses on the floor nearby. She thought they suffocated and grabbed the mask, and checks the bodies. The bodies have been dead for a long time but their fluid has been drained, preserving them. Mack and Coulson brings Virgil in and seal the door, and Elena hugs Mack. Coulson wonders who locked the dead people in.

In the control room, a masked figure floats in through the breach and heads into the ship.

Melinda materializes in an engine room with a pipe through her leg. She grabs the belt from a nearby corpse and uses it to pull the pipe free.

Mack complains that Coulson doesn't have his mechanical hand with him. he says that they should be prepared for anything after all that they've been through, and tells Coulson that he's packing it in once they get through their current situation. Jemma confirms that the dead people are humanoid and have no IDs, and Coulson says that Fury's black box didn't reference S.H.I.E.L.D. bases in space. He finds a metal object in Virgil's pocket, as well as a postcard from Earth.

Melinda manages to pull the pipe loose, and something bangs on the sealed door into the compartment. She pulls the pipe out of the wall and limps off to hide.

Virgil wakes up and says that they can't linger there. He recognizes Mack and says that he knows all of them. Virgil explains that he's been studying them for years, and always believed, even though they tried to take it away from him. He says that they're not there to save him but humanity. As Virgil starts to explain, something drags him into the shadows. The agents run into the hallway and a roach comes after them. They come to a dead end and the roach leaps at them... and Daisy blasts it to pieces with her powers.

Melinda sees the masked figure enter the compartment, dragging Jones' body. The figure removes his mask and searches it, and finds a disk on his wrist. He draws a knife and cuts it off, and then leaves. Melinda goes out and the figure comes back, grabs her, and says that he's been looking for her. She attacks him and the two fight. The man, Deke, manages to slap a device on her stomach which floats her into the air. Deke shoves her into the wall and says that he wasn't trying to hurt her Melinda kicks him, and Deke gags her and says that the less he knows the better.

Daisy wonders if where they are has anything to do with the deal he made with Ghost Rider. Elena suggests that they're in the Framework, but the others don't want to hear it. As Mack checks a gun that Elena found, Daisy points out to Jemma that Fitz isn't there. Jemma figures that Fitz is somewhere trying to work out the problem and get them back. They discuss whether to split up, but they all stick together and start searching.

Deke ties Melinda and sets flares off, saying that the smell repels the roaches. He takes out a knife and warns that it will hurt like hell, and then checks her wrist. There's no disk there, and Deke tells her that no one can go anywhere without a Metric. He cuts open her wrist and puts one of the disks in the cut.

Elena scouts ahead and confirms that there's nothing waiting. Coulson and Jemma examine their surrounding and figure that the ship they're in is old. Mack comes back to tell them that Elena found something: a flare that goes out as they arrive. They enter the nearby compartment and find more corpses. There's fresh blood on the floor, and Daisy sees a panel of computers. The controls are in English, and the schematics show that they're tracking debris fields called "frozen oceans". Jemma realizes that they're collecting water from asteroids, and that the ship must be close enough to Earth that people can travel there. If they can collect asteroids then they must have a spaceship trawler, and a communications system to reach Earth.

Daisy starts checking the computers, and gets a warning saying "Human Access Denied". there's more text in an alien script, and a handprint. A group of Kree aliens come in, and one of them shrugs off Mack's punch. Another one triggers a device, knocking all of the agents out.

When Daisy wakes up, she finds herself in a cell with Coulson and Jemma. The aliens are discussing whether to leave the violators with the floor chief. When Daisy asks what happened to their friends, one of the Kree says that they knew the rules and broke them, and they'll do whatever they want with Mack and Elena.

Mack and Elena are hung up in a refrigerated chamber, and two Kree troopers come in. One of them punches Mack in the stomach, and Mack talks to Elena in Spanish. The trooper hits him again.

Jemma suggests that the Kree have been abducting humans to the outpost for years. As Daisy prepares to blast her way out, the door opens to reveal Deke and Melinda with a Kree guard. Deke whispers to Coulson to play along and then greets him as "buddy", saying that Melinda came running to him begging for help. He asks where Virgil is, and Coulson says that he's dead. Deke immediately says that Virgil got what he wants, and claims that Coulson and others are transfers dragged up from Processing to steal Metrics. He tells the Kree guard that he has to get them back to Transfer and is glad to make it worth his while. After a moment, the guard nods in agreement and Deke leads the agents out.

The Kree continue beating Mack, and Elena tells him to stop provoking them. The leader says that Mack is holding up well for a human and might be well fitted for fighting in the Crater. He suggests that Mack would make a great gift for Kasius, and the other Kree says that it good get them some points. The Kree then go over to Elena and spray her arms with frozen nitrogen, and say that she'll pay the price for Mack.

As they walk along, Coulson confirms that Melinda. Deke says that Virgil wanted to hide some people, and he was hired to supply the metrics and swap them out. Since the agents don't have tokens, they can't cover the price of his services. When Daisy says that they need to find their friends, Deke warns that they'll be dead. Coulson asks where the spacecraft is, and Deke warns that Virgil was the only pilot he knows. They hear screaming, and Melinda grabs the grav device and straps it to Deke, pinning him to the wall. Melinda and Jemma go to get the spaceship, and Daisy tells Coulson to stay and question Deke while she rescues Mack and Elena. Coulson agrees and starts questioning Deke, who says that the Kress want submission like always.

Melinda and Jemma descend through the layers of the outpost, and they realize that it's a staging ground for an invasion. They spot a door marked "trawler" and go inside.

Daisy follows Elena's screams.

Coulson frees Deke and asks if the Kree are planning an attack on humans. Deke wonders why they'd bother.

Daisy comes in, takes out one Kree, and frees Mack. he attacks the remaining Kree, but Elena kicks him in the face.

Jemma and Melinda enter the trawler and Jemma realizes that the metal object they found on Virgil is the key. She starts up the trawler and Melinda pilots the vessel out into the asteroid field.

Deke tells Coulson that human built the bunker, and realizes that Coulson isn't from Processing. When Coulson says that he's Wisconsin, Deke asks if he's high.

Mack and the Kree continue fighting, and Mack finally kills him. Daisy knocks down the other Kree and brings an icicle down on him, killing him. She uses his hand to activate the console and contacts the trawler.

Jemma tries to work out how to send a signal, and says that she recognizes some of the constellations so they're in their own galaxy.,

Coulson asks how long ago the bunker was built, and Deke says that it was built at least 90 years ago. He explains that he was born there.

Mack points out that the machines appear to have been redesigned, and Chloe confirms that the computer is showing their coordinates in latitude and longitude. Mack gets an idea and checks the postcard.

Deke asks Coulson what year he was taken, and Coulson realizes that they traveled through time as well as space.

Once they clear the debris field, Melinda points out what lies ahead: the ruins of the planet Earth.

Mack checks the back of the ancient postcard and finds the words "Working on it--Fitz."

Jemma realizes that they're already at Earth.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 2, 2017

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