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The Fixer Recap

In DC, columnist Arthur Six meets with Judge Vossberg and threatens to print a "psycho scandal" about him unless Vossberg declares a mistrial. Vossberg warns that he can't do it without exposing himself, and draws a gun on Arthur. Arthur calmly walks into his apartment and advises Vossberg to think it over. Arthur's bodyguard Doyle is training a gun on Vossberg, who finally lowers his gun. As Arthur tells Doyle to bring him a Scotch, Vossberg shoots himself and Arthur tells Doyle to bring him the Scotch and get rid of the body later.

Jim picks up his briefing from a news vender and goes to a nearby construction site to play it. He's informed that Arthur gains information from his position that he used to intimidate, blackmail, and bribe some of the most powerful people in the U.S. Senator Tom Oxenford is Arthur's main enemy and has initiated Congressional hearings to indict Arthur. The IMF must find and neutralize Arthur's secret files and make sure that he's indicted.

At Jim's apartment, Jim shows the others video of the Marblegate Apartments where Arthur has a penthouse apartment. Shannon will open up a flower shop in the lobby, and Grant has obtained blueprints and system charts for the building security. They can tap in and monitor everything in Arthur's apartments, once Grant gains access to the master control room. Max will go in as a security guard, and Jim informs them that Arthur's safe in the foyer runs on nylon runners and is controlled from a central control box. He figures that the files aren't there but they have to make sure. Doyle is the only person Arthur tests, and was accused of murdering his wife in a fit of rage. Arthur intervened and kept Doyle out of prison, and they have to break Doyle's loyalty. Arthur is holding a charity benefit, the Patriots Ball, at his penthouse and will be broadcasting his show from there at the same time. The broadcast takes place the night before the Congressional committee votes on the indictment.

Later, Shannon has Max and Grant--posing as a repairman--check the AC vents by her shop. Max lets Grant in, while Arthur and Doyle come in and go up to the penthouse. Grant goes to work on the wiring, inserting a remote control unit. Shannon goes to the staff-only room where Jim and Nicholas are working, and Grant radios to say that they're wired in. Jim accesses the penthouse cameras and then calls Arthur and says that he's from Hartford, CT, needs help with a police matter and says that he's acquainted with Tom. He explains that Tom owes him some favors, and Arthur tells Jim to meet him at the Lincoln Memorial in one hour. The columnist tells Doyle to check with their man in Hartford, and Grant intercepts the call. Nicholas offers to help and faxes a fake file on Jim to Arthur. The file arrives and Arthur goes to meet Jim.

Max and Grant see Arthur leave, and Max takes Grant to the penthouse foyer. Meanwhile, Arthur meets Jim and says that he knows about Jim's drunk-driving incident where he killed three teenagers and crippled himself. The columnist demands proof that Jim can influence Tom, and tells Jim to call him when he has it.

At the penthouse, Grant sets up a large American flag and Doyle asks if Arthur ordered it. Grant says that he doesn't know and Doyle finally tells him to put it up. Doyle then notices Shannon arranging flowers and flirts with her. He invites her to the Patriot Ball. Meanwhile, Grant uses the flag as cover to check out Arthur's foyer safe. He uses a laser to bring the safe down on the runners so that he can access it.

Arthur comes and Max tries to stall him, suggesting that they check the security arrangements. He goes up with Arthur to the penthouse.

Grant opens the safe and discovers that it's empty. He puts in an envelope and an electrical shock knocks him back. Nicholas and Jim see him on the monitors, just as Arthur and Max come in. Shannon and Doyle comes over, and Shannon confirms that Grant is alive. Doyle discovers that Grant was accessing the safe, and Arthur slaps Grant awake. Grant says that he was putting something in, and Arthur check the envelope's contents. He abruptly tells Doyle to get Grant out, and Doyle orders Max to do it.

Doyle follow Arthur to his office, and Arthur shows him the contents. It's a copy of Vossberg's diary incriminating Arthur. Meanwhile, Grant tells the team what happened.

Reporters question Tom about whether he has enough evidence to indict Arthur. Jim figures that it's time to talk with Tom, and says that it's time to turn up the heat on Arthur to find the hidden file.

That evening, Arthur and Doyle go to Arthur's favorite club. Arthur tells Doyle to let one of his contacts call, and says that friends are expendable. As Arthur takes a call, Shannon comes in and Doyle sees her. He goes over and she says that she came to take him up on his invitation. Doyle gives her the invitation and she figures he's entitled to at least a drink. He begs off to return with Arthur, and Shannon gives him her car and leaves. Arthur notices the exchange and warns that women always want something.

Nicholas comes over and says that he hired Grant to plant the envelope. He tells Arthur that he has lots of photos and threatens to go to the committee, and demands $500,000 to keep silent. Doyle objects but Arthur asks when Nicholas wants the money. Nicholas tells him to meet him at an underground parking garage at 10:30 the next morning, and Arthur says that Doyle will handle the transaction. Once Nicholas leaves, Arthur tells Doyle that he'll meet Nicholas with the payoff and then kill him.

The next day, Shannon gets Nicholas into a Kevlar vest with blood packs. He then goes to the parking garage and meets Doyle. Max hides in the shadows and takes photos as Doyle shoots Nicholas in the chest. As he prepares to finish him off with a head shot, Max yells a warning and Doyle runs off. Max then confirms that Nicholas is okay and they leave.

Jim meets Tom and gives him the fake name that he's using. It's the name of Tom's best friend, who died trying to save his life on a secret mission. Tom is surprised that Jim knows about it, and Jim says that Tom has to do what he says without question.

Grant creates an Arthur mask.

Jim meets with Arthur again and says that he's convinced Tom to come to the Ball that night. He asks what Arthur has in mind, and Arthur tells him that they'll see once he knows that Jim can do what he's said.

Grant gives Nicholas a ring with a drugged needle. Arthur returns to his office and the team realizes that he has the files they sent to him earlier. The columnist shreds them and boots up his computers. Grant zooms in and realize that Arthur is wiping the disk as well. They figure the information is hidden somewhere in the office, and Jim warns that the Ball is the last chance to get the information before the committee vote.

That night, Max is there as a guard while Grant hides on top of the elevator to the penthouse. Arthur and Doyle make their entrance, and Jim comes in. The columnist approaches him and Jim assures him that Tom will be on his way.

Grant goes to the roof and enters Arthur's office via the skylight. As Tom and his wife come in, Nicholas puts on the Arthur mask as Arthur goes to make up for his show. Jim greets Tom, and Arthur sees the two of them together. Shannon arrives and Doyle offers to give her the tour. She excuses herself to say hello to a few friends. Jim comes over and tells Doyle that Shannon is an investigator on Tom's staff. Doyle sees Shannon talking to Tom and goes over to her, while Arthur goes to make up.

Doyle grabs Shannon and leads her to Arthur's office. Grant quickly climbs back up to the skylight, and Doyle slaps Shannon. He says that she played him for a fool just like his wife did, and shoves her onto a couch. Shannon tells Doyle that Arthur is selling him out but Doyle doesn't believe her.

Nicholas-as-Arthur enters Arthur's office and tells Doyle to get Shannon out. He refuses to discuss what Shannon said, and Doyle takes Shannon out. Grant comes back down and starts searching for Arthur's files. He finds a microchip unit hidden in the desk where Arthur keeps his information.

Shannon tells Doyle that he's seen Arthur sells out others, and shows him the photos of him shooting Nicholas. She explains that Arthur sent them to the committee, and Arthur targeted Doyle as a fall guy days ago. Doyle angrily says that Arthur isn't doing it to him and goes after Nicholas-as-Arthur as the agent goes out on the balcony. The bodyguard demands answers, and Nicholas-as-Arthur suggests that Doyle plead the Fifth and will get out in half the time if he's indicted. He then knocks Doyle out with the ring and Max arrives to unload Doyle's gun. Nicholas removes the mask and goes back to the ball.

Grant sets the computer to erase Arthur's files and then climbs out the skylight.

Arthur comes down from makeup, and Arthur says that they have to talk. He warns that Shannon has told Tom that Doyle will testify, and they've promised Doyle immunity and a big payoff. Jim helpfully tells Arthur where Doyle went and Arthur goes after his bodyguard.

Grant returns to the elevator.

Arthur enters his office and finds his files deleting.

Doyle wakes up and a waiting Max tells him that he fainted. Dazed, Doyle goes out and sees Nicholas--the man he killed--with Jim. Arthur's announcer begins the broadcast, and Grant interrupts with the camera footage of Arthur in his office. Doyle storms in and shows Arthur the photos, and says that he'll tell everything. Tom and the other guests watch the broadcast, and Jim and Nicholas join Max and Shannon. The four of them leave as Doyle draws a gun on Arthur. He shoots but discovers that the gun is unloaded, and Arthur realizes that no one is talking at the party. He looks out the window and sees everyone watching the broadcast. Tom comes in with the guards and says that Arthur has just convicted himself on national television.

Grant joins the others in the lobby and they leave.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 13, 2018

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