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Unfinished Business Recap

Ash cuts up Brock's body and drinks a beer, but his hand goes out of control and crushes the can. He finally gets his hand open and tells Brock's head that he knows his father when he sees him. Brock's ghost appears and says that something disturbed his grave and pulled him back. Ash says that it's good to see him, and explains that Ruby was using Brock's body to make Ash look bad in front of Brandy. Brock is happy to hear that he's a grandfather, and Ash says that Brandy is stubborn and hates her. His father says that fatherhood isn't easy and shows him what he was going to tell Ash when he died.

Kelly drives to the house, grabs the Dagger, and goes inside. She finds Brock's body cut up and stacked in the living room, and Brandy arrives at the front door. She says that she forgot her phone, and explains that Ash cut open her grandfather. Brandy doesn't know where Ash is, and says that she's had enough of him and his friends. Kelly tells her that she needs her to stay close, and as they go to the truck Kelly says that Ash has his moments. She explains that evil killed her parents a well, and figures that Ash is at the hardware store. Pablo drives toward them on a motorcycle, crashes into the front of the truck, and slams through the windshield. Possessed, he grabs Brandy and Kelly puts the truck into reverse. She grabs the Dagger but Pablo knocks it out of her hand and bites her leg.

Pablo pulls Kelly out the windshield, and Kelly slams the truck forward to try and knock Pablo off. She backs up again, knocking Pablo off, and the two women lose sight of him. Kelly grabs the Dagger as Pablo pounds on the car door. Brandy and Kelly run into the trailer, and Kelly locks the door as Pablo pounds on the walls, Pablo is unable to break through the bulletproof windows, and Brandy's phone is dead while Kelly's is in the truck. The landline is dead, and Kelly says that they can't wait for Ash.

Ash and Brock go to the hardware store in 2012, and Brock explains that it's his memory of the place. They go in and Brock points out his past sel. A man comes in and addresses Brock if Ash is his son. The man says that Ash is targeted by a great evil, and shows him pages from the Necronomicon. The man is wearing a Knight of Sumerian ring, and Ash realizes that they're the lost pages. The Knight warns that the Dark One has taken human form is walking the world trying to find the pages, and he has to find As. Past-Brock says that Ash babbled about evil and it ruined his life, and tells the Knight to leave. He kicks the Knight into the cellar and he breaks his neck in the fall.

As Kelly checks her leg wound, Brandy peers out the window and Pablo peers back in. Kelly wants to Pablo, not kill him, and tells Brandy to look for duct tapes. When Brandy complains about Ash, Kelly says that Ash has done everything to protect her. Brandy points out that Ash accused her guidance counselor of being Ruby, and Kelly tells her that Ruby is the guidance counselor. She suddenly clutches at her leg in pain and Brandy bandages it with an old shirt. Kelly explains that Ash is their only hope of fighting evil, while Pablo continues pounding on the walls.

Past-Brock nails up the cellar door, and Ash tells Brock that the knight was the only way of ending his nightmare. After Past-Brock leaves, Ash realizes that the knight is still in the cellar. They leave the memory and Ash breaks into the cellar to get the pages. The body is gone, and Ash puts on his chainsaw and goes down. The lights don't work, and Ash turns on a flashlight to search.

Ash and his father search the cellar and the lights suddenly come on. They find the knight's corpse surrounded by Spam cans, and Brock complains that he ate his civil defense store. There are sigils written on the wall, and the lost pages are on a book.

At Prevett's old house, the Book opens by itself.

Ash suggests that Pablo might be able to decipher the writing.

Ruby returns and sees the Book open.

Rachel's face appears in one of the sigils.

Ruby looks at the Book as blood spreads across the page.

Tentacles reach out of the sigil and grab Ash, and Brock can't do anything because he's a ghost. The tentacles slam Ash into the ceiling and enter his mouth, but he manages to start the chainsaw on a nail and cut himself loose. Brock tells him that it's time to man up, and Ash says that it's time to go after Prevett. His father says that he used to go boating with Prevett and they went to Prevett's cabin. Brock starts to fade away and he realizes that his time is up. He tells Ash that he's going to be a good father, then says that he doesn't mean it as he disappears.

A woman speaks through the bloodstain, telling Ruby that the portal to the netherworld has been established and soon the Dark Ones will break free. The woman figures that the Knights are responsible and one has made contact with Ash. Ruby figures that the rift is at the cabin, and the woman begs Ash to free her so she can stand with her. Ruby tells her that she'll free her when she finds a suitable host and Ash is killed at the hands of his offspring.

Kelly continues moaning in pain and sends Brandy to find some painkillers. They hear Pablo inside the trailer and Kelly realizes that Pablo has possessed her leg.

At the cabin site, Ruby pulls the possessed Dalton free, tosses him on the ground, and casts a spell from the Book. She restores Dalton so that she can talk to him, and he realizes who she is. Ruby tells him that she thought she killed them all, and Dalton says that there are still enough of them to send her to Hell. She slams him against the car and asks him where the rift is, and Dalton tells her that he wouldn't tell her if he knew. However, he says that they found the Dagger. Ruby yanks out the branch in Dalton's chest and demands to know who has it. He pulls a gun and blows his head out so that he won't say anything.

Ash goes to Prevett's house and breaks in, and calls to Ruby to come out. There's no response, and he hears someone singing upstairs. Ash follows the voice and goes to the attic. The hitchhiker, Samantha, is there and motions to Ash to be quiet because the baby is sleeping in the crib. He goes over and sees what appears to be a normal baby sucking his thumb, until he sees the blood on the baby's mouth and the mobile of human body parts. Samantha motions to Ash to cut the baby's throat, and he puts on his hand and starts unscrewing the sink pipe that she's handcuffed to.

When the baby starts to wake up, Samantha sings to keep the baby asleep. However, Ash's hand gets stuck and together they have to yank off the sink. Body organs spray up the part, and the baby runs over and screams.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 18, 2018

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