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Unfinished Business

After cutting up Brock's body, Ash has a heart-to-heart with his dead father's spirit. Meanwhile, a possessed Pablo attacks Kelly and Brandy, while Ruby talks to Dalton.



By Gadfly on Mar 18, 2018

Ash cuts up Brock's body and drinks a beer, but his hand goes out of control and crushes the can. He finally gets his hand open and tells Brock's head that he knows his father when he sees him. Brock's ghost appears and says that something disturbed his grave and pulled him back. Ash says that it's good to see him, and explains that Ruby was using Brock's body to make Ash look bad in front of Brandy. Brock is happy to hear that he's a grandfather, and Ash says that Brandy is stubborn and hates h…

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