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AKA Freak Accident Recap

Jessica is drinking at a bar, remembering her past at the IGH facility. She smashes the glass and orders another, and tells the bartender that she plans to sit there and drink until she comes up with a better plan. Jessica calls Trish, and Griffin answers the phone. He asks if she's back in jail already, and tells Jessica that he just got Trish to sleep. Jessica tells him not to wait her up and he hangs up.

As Jessica leaves, a young trader tells her that she has a nice ass. They go to the bathroom and have sex, telling the man not to talk. When she crushes the stall metal, he says that she's a freak and she tells him that he had to talk. Jessica orders him out and as he goes, her phone rings. It's Malcolm, who says that Koslov leased the clinic. Jessica has him check the file Jessica left, and tells him to take the day off. Malcolm admits that he needs the work but Jessica tells him to stay out of it and hangs up. As Malcolm goes through the file, a woman named Anne texts him, asking if he's up.

The next day, Jessica takes a taxi to the suburbs and a gated house. She jumps over the wall and sees two men in suits coming out. Once they pass, Jessica goes to the front door and a man--Leland--comes out. He asks if she's a patient, and invites her in, saying that Rina will be grateful. Koslov's family is sitting shiva, and Leland says that Koslov died in a freak car accident and the minyan will begin shortly Jessica sees Rina crying, and remembers the past.

At a funeral, Dorothy tells Jessica that it's all right to cry and any normal person would cry.

Jessica hears a man in a wheelchair missing his legs, talking about how Koslov kept him alive when he came back from the war. As Jessica walks around, a man notes her presence.

Trish and Griffin go to a cafe and Trish tells him that she's on edge because of Dorothy. Dorothy joins them and Griffin quickly excuses himself. Once he leaves, Dorothy asks Trish if they're taking it to the next level. Trish says that she needs a favor: she's looking for a current phone number or address for Max. Her mother says that Trish never wanted to talk about him again, and figures that it's about the IGH business. Dorothy warns that Max is a major donor at Metro-General, and knows that Trish has been riding a fad with her show. Will watches from down the street, while Dorothy tells Trish that she has to marry Griffin. She figures that Trish is lying to Griffin about her story, but gives her Max's phone number and advises Trish to turn back.

Jeri is sitting her car when Pryce calls her. She stares off into space even when the light changes, until the drivers behind her honk and get her attention. Jeri ignore Pryce's car and parks nearby, and Pryce calls again. She ignores the call again and a prostitute comes over and knocks on the window. Jeri rolls it down and the prostitute confirms that he's not a cop and then asks if she wants a buddy. Jeri says that she does and the two of them drive off together.

Jessica goes to Koslov's office and searches the place. She finds a photo of him surrounded by shoulders, including Will. The ex-soldier , Isaiah, wheels in and asks if Jessica was a patient. She plays along and then knocks Jessica down and asks who she works for. Jessica gets up and he tries to subdue her, but Jessica tosses him out of the chair. She says that she's one of Koslov's experiments, and figures that one of Koslov's got out. Isaiah says that it wasn't an animal, and she demands to know who it is. He says that it was Will and Koslov tried to rehab him. Instead, Will stole drugs, left, and then killed Koslov. Jessica says that Koslov tortured defenseless people but Isaiah insists that Koslov was a good man. Leland comes in and Jessica leaves. Outside she calls Trish and leaves a message for her to call.

Dorothy and Trish leave the cafe and Trish discovers that Jessica called. Dorothy suggests that she call Jessica, but Trish refuses and Dorothy figures that she doesn't want Jessica to know about her investigation. Meanwhile, Will watches and takes a hit of the drugs before glancing at the gun on his car seat.

Back at her apartment, Jessica takes a shower and then checks her phone. She goes over to her family's ashes and after a moment, puts them on a shelf. Jessica then looks up Will Simpson's record and tries to find a connection between him and Whizzer. She doesn't find one and gets Whizzer's apartment keys from the backpack that he left. Two NYPD cops, Ruth Sunday and Eddy Costa, arrive and introduce themselves. They say that they're there about Whizzer's accident, and ask why she didn't stick around for a statement. Jessica says that he wanted to hire her but she didn't have time. She insists that she was booked, and Ruth says that he was killed by a powered person. However, they don't have enough to arrest Jessica.

Jessica takes the detectives to Oscar's apartment and tells him to tell them what he saw. Oscar says that he got there at the tail end of the accident, and claims that he didn't see Jessica. Jessica calls him an asshole and walks off, and says that she has a job to do and will come down to the station when they have something on her.

Malcolm is sleeping with Annette, and wakes up when his phone rings. It's Trish, who says that she needs his help with an investigation. He says that he'll help, and Trish asks him not to tell Jessica.

Jessica goes to Whizzer's apartment and looks around. She hears someone moving in the dark and finds a habitat tube running along the ceiling. There are pictures of Whizzer and his pet mongoose Emil, and it runs into the bathroom. Jessica quickly closes the door, trapping it inside, and she finds his tablet. He recorded a video saying that he doesn't know how much time he has and he was normal once. When he was 18, Whizzer jumped off the roof and ended up in the hospital, and they changed him. Jessica hears the police outside and goes out the window before they can come in the door.

Jeri hires more prostitutes, takes them back to her apartment, hands out drugs, and dances while she strips. One of them comes over and kisses her, and Jeri asks if she believes in bad people getting what they deserve. The prostitute that she knows too many bad people who are doing fine, and Jeri says that she doesn't want to think. The other prostitutes join them and caress Jeri.

Malcolm meets Trish at a production site, gives him her gym card, and tells him to pretend that he's a PA. Trish tells him that he's going to hear some things that she doesn't want to talk about again, and she doesn't want anyone to get hurt. They enter the site and Trish approaches Max Tatum. He says that he has a few more setups to do, and Trish says that she'll wait in his trailer.

When Jessica comes back to her office, she sees Oscar in the hallway and figures that he doesn't feel bad for lying. He says that he and Vido saw a man die, and doesn't know what killed Robert. Jessica figures that he hates powers, and Oscar says that he's in a custody battle over Vido and isn't going to risk it for her. She goes into her office and watches Whizzer's video, and wonders who he's talking to. Jessica checks his browser history and discovers that he listened to Trish Talk, and finds a video saying that he'd tell the real story to her. Jessica calls Trish and leaves a message saying that she's the connection and is in danger from Will.

At the production site, Trish is looking at herself in the mirror when Max comes in. She says that she needs access to Metro-General for her show. Trish says that she's doing a story about a woman missing 20 days from when she stayed. Malcolm is in the next room recording the whole thing on video, and Max tells Trish that he's not going to let her do a story that will ruin the hospital. Trish threatens to go public with what happened between them if Max doesn't help, pointing out that she was a child and he was 40. Max insists that he was used and tells Trish that she's a b-list personality who has to threaten people to get what she wants. He orders her off his set, and Trish tells him that he has 48 hours before leaving. Once Max leaves as well, Malcolm emerges from hiding and goes.

Jessica goes to Trish's apartment and knocks on the door. Griffin opens the door and asks if she's seen Jessica, and says that her phone keeps going to voice mail. He says that Trish and Dorothy had brunch, and Jessica is surprised that they got together. Griffin figure that it has something to do with Trish's story, and admits that he's gone through her files. He admit that he dared her to follow the IGH story, and Jessica tells him to go home and let her handle it. Once Griffin leaves, Jessica goes through Trish's files and finds one with her name on it. There's a certificate of death and photos of the crash.

With nowhere else to go, Jessica calls Dorothy and asks her what happened at brunch. Dorothy refuses, saying that she's living in the present, and hangs up.

As Max goes to his car, Malcolm approaches him and tells him to admit what he did to Trish. When Max claims that Trish crawled into his bed, Malcolm punches him and walks off.

Trish is outside the trailers crying. She checks her phone and discovers that Griffin has called her repeatedly, and tosses the phone back in her purse. Trish hears someone moving in the darkness and goes to investigate., drawing her gun. Will is waiting for her, and when he walks forward, Trish shoots him in the leg. Undeterred, Will keeps coming.

Jessica breaks into Dorothy's apartment and easily avoids her swing with a poker. Dorothy tells Jessica to tell her what she talked to Trish about, and says that Trish trusted her rather than Jessica. Jessica keeps coming, and Dorothy says that she tried to talk Trish out of the IGH investigation. She admits that she trusts Max more than Jessica, and says that he's in Brooklyn directing a movie.

Trish wakes up to someone knocking on her door. One of the prostitutes answers the door and finds Pryce there. She calls Jeri over, and Pryce says that they told him Jeri took the day off. He says that filed a complaint against Jessica, and Jeri tells him that she'll deal with it the next day. Pryce wonders if she's fallen off the rails already, and realizes that something happened to her. Jeri tells him to walk away, and Pryce says that he always protects her clients and hopes that she can say the same. Once he leaves, Jeri pays the prostitutes and tells them to get out. As she cleans up the place, she spills wine on the carpet and sits down, crying.

Jessica goes to the movie set and finds Trish's car but no sign of Trish. She looks around and finds Trish's purse, and calls to her friend. Looking further, Jessica finds a bloodstain on the ground. There's more blood leading to a soundstage, and Jessica goes inside. Will and Trish are arguing, and Jessica finds them on a set. Will is shot and tied up. Trish insists that she has it under control, and admits that she shot Will. Will says that she's going to get herself dead, and admits that he didn't kill Koslov or Whizzer. He explains that he's there to protect Trish from IGH and needs the drugs to protect Trish. Will says that he was locked in an old IGH clinic and someone other than Koslov was experimenting on him. Jessica figures that Will is telling the truth, and Will says that all he sees a murderer. But it takes a monster to stop a monster, and that's what coming for Trish.

The lights go off and Will tells Trish to run. Jessica frees him and Will runs off. Before he can go, Trish gives him her gun. Jessica and Trish run and they hear gunshots behind them. Someone leaps over them and runs out, Jessica realizes that the killer wasn't after Trish. They find Will lying dead on the floor, his head twisted 1870 degrees.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 18, 2018

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